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During this election cycle you’ll be hearing a lot about Obamacare. Republicans have come up with ideas to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. You might even hear a mention or two about that.

But a story out of my adopted hometown — Sacramento, California — illustrates the state of our healthcare system, and maybe our values.

Derrick Deanda witnessed a highway accident, a van involved in a rollover. He came alongside the crash right as it happened. He saw people trapped inside the van, a man with three kids. One of the kids was an infant.

Mr. Deanda did not wait for first responders to arrive. He became the first responder. He broke the van’s window and freed the man and the children trapped inside, before paramedics arrived. Thankfully, everybody got out alive and in good shape. Mr. Deanda suffered a small cut, but was otherwise unharmed.

Now, when paramedics arrived, they checked Mr. Deanda’s pulse, and gave him a bottle of water. And that’s where this story should stop, other than thanking him for being a stand-up guy. But the story doesn’t end there.

A few weeks later, Mr. Deanda opened the mail and discovered a bill for $143, which he can’t afford to pay. Paramedics say that the Good Samaritan became a patient when the paramedic checked his pulse and gave him water.

So now you know. This is what has become of our society, and our values, after eight years of Obama. A bill for rescuing a family?

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