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RUSH: So last night, minding my own business, bothering nobody, I get an email from my cousin’s son.  So what would that be?  Cousin once removed, nephew once removed, I don’t know what it is.  Stephen III, I’ve told you, he’s a concert pianist and composer.  In fact, he did the music for Dinesh D’Souza’s new and upcoming movie on Hillary. 

He said, “I am seriously considering deleting every social media account I’ve got and just maintaining a professional website for business purposes.”  He’s a Millennial.  He says: “Another reason why social media is the absolute worst, becoming a wasteland,” he sent me a link to a Facebook account, Facebook page, which I sent to Koko so you can watch.  You can go to RushLimbaugh.com.  Koko, go ahead and link it now. 

I’m gonna take a break, I’m gonna come back and tell you what this is.  And you’ll understand why he’s just losing faith in the overall intelligence of average, ordinary Americans.  It’s self-explanatory when you hear it, when we get back.



So the email.  This is what my cousin once removed found on Fakebook that’s just causing him maybe to abandon it.  You go to the link. We put it at RushLimbaugh.com.  What you’ll find is there’s some guy with a Mohawk claiming that he has rigged his truck to get 56% better gas mileage by using two jars of water with some baking soda that causes his engine to waste less energy.  The title of this post is, “Oil Companies Don’t Want You to See This.”  Every generation has these.  I remember growing up. 

I remember all the charlatans out there telling me how, “Oh, yeah, they’ve got the ability to get a hundred miles a gallon!  They just don’t want you to have it. The oil companies are conspiring with the manufacturers, but it’s there! It’s there! You know what? The automobile companies, every time somebody comes along, they buy it up and they put it in a drawer! They buy the patent; they buy invention. Sometimes, they even kill the inventor!” 

Every generation.

The difference here is the commentators.  My cousin once removed was petrified by things he saw.  Everybody agreed with it. Everybody’s thinking this guy has actually found a way — using water and baking soda — to improve his gas mileage 56%.  Even some African-Americans are commenting that if they rigged this up and put it in the trunk and the cops saw it, they would shoot them!  And that triggered a whole new thread of anti-cop hatred.  

“The comments are the worst part, though, and mostly consist of minorities claiming they can’t drive around with two jars in the trunk that look like that because the cops will shoot ’em or the cops and Fox News will throw ’em in jail for terrorism.  Others lament that this guy is gonna get assassinated by the oil companies!  A couple of skeptics with what appears to be some engineering knowledge totally debunking this, are met with 20-plus people cussing them out.  

“Aside from all the cool kids having left the platform like they did MySpace and Twitter, I don’t see how this kind of disinformation can be stopped.”  His point is that the lowest common denominator has taken over these social media places, and it’s just filth.  It’s a sewer.  It’s made up of people that don’t know diddly-squat.  I don’t think that’s anything new.  I actually think what social media is doing is illustrating what’s always been there.  

I think social media is, by its very existence, providing a platform or forum for this kind of behavior and thinking.  It’s always been there.  It just never had an outlet. They never had a way. They could write letters to the editor, but nobody ever saw it.  The editors never published it because it was insane.  But now, this stuff is everywhere.  And I think… It is depressing for people who think they live in a country that’s made up of mostly smart, educated, involved people.  

Social media is showing that, no, it’s really scary out there.  It is really, really scary.  And stuff like this — and, by the way, the poster is part of an Anonymous group.  Actually it’s a… The post is part of a group actually called 4chan, which is also known as Anonymous.  These are the people that hacked the Ferguson Police Department website then posted the names and addresses of the Ferguson police and their families on there. 

That’s the same group that is responsible for this “demonstrating” that the auto manufacturers and the oil companies are defrauding everybody, and all you need are a couple of jars with distilled water and baking soda and you can get 56% better gas mileage.  And I see… It’s amazing. As you get older, you see these things, you’ve seen them all your life, and you watch people who see it for the first time react to it; it just takes you back.  

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