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The Obama Regime has come up with a plan to stop American millennials from being “radicalized” by groups like ISIS. According to the Daily Mail, the Department of Homeland Security just released new guidelines.

DHS puts the onus on us. They say we are responsible for making radical Islam an “us-versus-them” fight. And we need to stop doing that.

A crucial step in reforming our behavior is to stop using “religiously charged” words. For instance, we should ban the words “jihad” and “Sharia law.” And we need to stop using the terms “Muslim American” and “the Muslim world” to describe Muslim Americans, and the Muslim world. Instead, you people should say “American Muslims” and “Muslim communities.”

To implement these ideas, Obama is asking Congress for $100 million, which we don’t have. They’ll use the money to hire experts, and create social media programs and new technology to keep young millennials from being radicalized by terrorists.

The DHS report, with the new word bans, was released days before the Islamic terror attack in Orlando.

Wait. The Obama Regime doesn’t approve of those words.

I should have said: The DHS report was released just days before the latest gun violence in Orlando. The shooter was a misguided youth. The gun violence was really caused by the NRA and by you Americans using “us-versus-them” words. That’s, the coming DHS-approved version of describing radical Islamic terrorism! 

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