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“Since it is awkward to try to blame guns for this attack, given that Turkey practically has banned its citizens from owning firearms, the Drive-Bys and the rest of the Obama administration are scrambling to come up with somebody to blame here.”

“It’s practically impossible for law-abiding people to get guns in Turkey. So this attack just kind of illustrates what will happen if gun control, if they eliminate the Second Amendment here, it’s not gonna stop acts of terror. It’s not gonna stop acts of crime. It isn’t going to stop anything like this, and the Democrats and the media, they all know that. It’s just misdirection.” 

“White people deserve to be hit, deserve to be the victims of crime and acts of terror because they have for so long been the unfair, unjust, immoral majority throughout most of the nations that are imbued with Western civilization. If you think that’s an exaggeration, it isn’t. That is exactly how the Democrat Party of today and the American left looks at things.” 

“Obama and Kerry say this attack in Istanbul is a sign ISIS is losing. You know, if ISIS is losing, I would hate to see what happens when they’re winning. I’d hate to see what that looks like.” 

“These Muslim countries don’t spend any time on vigils, lighting candles, singing songs, laying wreaths of flowers. They don’t spend days and days trying to figure out the motive. They didn’t convene any on-the-spot seminar saying, ‘Why do they hate us?’ ‘Cause they already know why this happened. They already know who did it. They already know why, and everybody’s up and back to their business.” 

“All this polling data out there? The way it’s being analyzed for you, it’s designed to depress you again and make you think this election is already over. But it isn’t, folks. Not by a long shot.” 

“Whenever the establishment and the left don’t get their way, when they lose an election, when they lose something that’s very dear and close to them, it’s the end of the world, and there’s no stopping it, and nobody pays attention to the rebound. Nobody stops to explain to people that panic is the order of the day in each and every day. It’s generally ginned up, and it’s all part of the daily soap opera script that’s written by the establishment to keep everybody unsettled and off guard.”  

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult in this country to be upbeat and positive, even for people naturally inclined that way, because the daily bombardment that you get from what is called the news media is designed to poke every positive belief people have and blow it up.” 

“Are we celebrating Independence Day or a new Dependence Day, dependence on government for our health, our wealth, our income, there won’t be any wealth, our well-being? Independence or dependence? The answer, my friends, is written in the polls. Thirty-five to 45% of Americans want dependence.” 

“I don’t know if people have come to grips with yet is just how serious ISIS is, just how serious militant Islamists are about Sharia. There is no compromise. There is no halfway There is no mutual cohabitation plan. It’s either all or nothing. And if you resist, then they’re gonna hit you. And that’s the world in which we live today.”    

“Hillary Clinton, especially against Trump, she’s supposed to look like Mother Teresa.  She is supposed to look like a goddess, in their view.” 

“The Quinnipiac poll shows Trump and Hillary in a dead heat, but it also shows that Hillary, she’s not loved. She’s not respected. And it’s the same thing in the NBC poll. The Democrats are devastated privately by this, because the only thing that will make them comfortable is a cakewalk, and they thought they had one. They thought they had a cakewalk here.”  

“Democrats think that nobody does better in standing up for America than them because they think everybody hates America like they do.” 

“Liberals believe that a majority of Americans want to get rid of the Second Amendment. They believe that a majority of Americans want to get rid of guns. Folks, they do. They lie to themselves about — and they easily do it — about American public opinion.” 

“Democrats think Trump is somebody with no redeeming qualities at all. And they think everybody agrees with them and thus Hillary ought to just be smoking Trump in all these internal categories. And she’s not even close.” 

“If there’s anybody who can turn a speech in front of garbage into a positive, it’s Donald Trump.” 

“I think Trump still enjoys a little insulation from the standard, ordinary boilerplate ways of analyzing and judging candidates and candidate performance, because Trump is not from that world. He’s an outsider.” 

“My friends, I know you have a copy of the Declaration of Independence somewhere around the house in an old history book (newer ones may well omit it), an encyclopedia, or one of those artificially aged ‘parchments’ we all got in school years ago. I suggest that each of you take the time this weekend to read through the text of the Declaration, one of the most noble and beautiful political documents in human history.” 

“America was the first nation in history that enshrined, in its founding documents, the role of government as subservient to the people. That had never been stated, and it had never been created, because it was never the case. The people were always subservient. The people were always dependent. The people were always afraid. Tyranny, bondage (if you want to call it that), statism, authoritarianism, was always the natural order.” 

“Sometimes I like to illustrate what I think is absurd behavior by being absurd, as you well know.” 

“At the EIB Network, every day is an adult Christmas, and every day is the Fourth of July because every day celebrates American independence, American freedom and liberty.  We’re happy to do that with you along for the ride.  Hope you really have a wonderful Independence Day weekend, my friends.”

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