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RUSH: Audio sound bite number eight.  The Drive-Bys have to tell us, they have to let us know how cosmopolitan they are. They have to share with us the worldliness that they bring to their jobs.  In so doing, they convey how they and they alone are qualified to analyze these events that happened across the globe, whereas you and I, mere plebes, haven’t the slightest idea. And part and parcel of being able to explain what’s going on in a way that you never could, is having been to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

FAREED ZAKARIA:  Istanbul airport, which is a very modern, very well-run airport. I’ve been in and out of that airport dozens of times. 

JOE DURAN: I’ve traveled through this airport many times as you have, as well.

IVAN WATSON:  This target in the airport. I’ve been through this area.

MICHAEL WEISS: Last time I was there was late 2013, maybe early 2014. 

CLARISSA WARD:  Istanbul airport, if you’re ever traveling to the Far East especially, it tends to be a sort of hub.

NICK PATON WALSH:  In the years I’ve been traveling out of there.

WENDY SHERMAN: I’ve gone through that airport and that particular spot many, many times.

ANDERSON COOPER: I think I’ve been in three European airports in the last month. 

KATE SNOW: I’ve been to Istanbul before.

ERIC SWALWELL: I was just there last year. 

SHEPARD SMITH: Headed back to New York, transitioning through Istanbul, which people do every day.

RUSH:   What’s the big deal?  “I’ve been to Istanbul.”  Okay, so you’ve been to an airport that’s blown up.  What’s the big deal?  “I’ve been to Istanbul airport.”  What kind of credibility does that afford you?  “Yes, I’ve been to Istanbul. I’ve traveled to the Ataturk Airport. I have been there.”  So?  Did it blow up when you were there?  “Well, no, I fortunately wasn’t there when the explosion occurred.”  Well, then what’s the big deal?  “Well, you see, I am more cosmopolitan than you.  You’ve never been to the Istanbul airport.  That’s why I’m on CNN and you’re not.”  And that’s the way they think.  Right.

I mean, everybody’s been to LaGuardia. Everybody’s been to the bathrooms of LaGuardia, but not everybody’s been to Istanbul. Plus, Istanbul, let’s all be honest about something, Istanbul is exotic in and of itself because of James Bond movies.  Istanbul is a central location for practically every international spy movie or book that’s ever been done.

Istanbul, it just sounds great to say it.  Do you know what it used to be? (interruption) Right on!  The broadcast engineer gets it.  Constantinople is what it used to be.  Named after whom?  The emperor Constantine, who is noted for doing what?  Besides that.  Christianity, catacombs, freedom.  Constantine.

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