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RUSH: Here’s a story from the Daily Signal.  Let me give you the headline of this:  “Obama Administration’s Goal Is to Undermine Brexit Vote.” How do we know this?  Well, let me give you a pull quote from the story.  “On Tuesday –” that be two days ago “– secretary of state John Kerry,” who served in Vietnam, “was speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival.”  Can you imagine what a good time that is?  A bunch of people like John Kerry showing up talking about ideas. 

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Kerry “was asked if Britain’s decision could be ‘walked back,’ and if so, how. Kerry responded: ‘I think there are a number of ways. I don’t, as secretary of state, want to throw them out today. I think that would be a mistake. But there are a number of ways.'”

They are thinking about what they can do to reverse that vote and Kerry has admitted it.


RUSH: John Kerry stepped in it.  This guy, these people are so arrogant, people like the haughty John Kerry and the rest are so arrogant. They have no problem publicly admitting that they’re gonna try to walk it back.  

Again, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival — I could understand the Aspen Ideas Conference.  I can understand the Aspen Ideas Symposium, but the Aspen Ideas Festival?  What do you think of when you think festival?  I don’t put John Kerry at it.  And I certainly don’t put John Kerry talking about ideas at anything called a festival.  But they do.  

The story is by Ted Bromund of the Daily Signal.  “Before Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union last Thursday, the Obama administration was eager to pressure the British people to stay in.”  They had people over there actively campaigning for the Remain side, the Obama administration.  So on Tuesday, a couple days ago, Obama sends Kerry out there to the Aspen Ideas Festival, and while there he was asked if Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could be walked back, and, if so, how.  

And Kerry, rather than hem and haw and fudge and not answer it, arrogantly said, “I think there are a number of ways. I don’t, as secretary of state, want to throw them out today. I think that would be a mistake. But there are a number of ways.”

Now, as Mr. Bromund writes: “Let’s be clear about this. The only mistake Kerry made was that, he, as an American official, announced in public that he’s eagerly plotting ways to overturn the result of a democratic referendum held by a close ally of the United States.”

Now some people might say, “Well that’s really dangerous.”  It is, of course, but it’s also foolish.  But I just think it shows the arrogance of these people.  But there’s a strategy here, and they’re leftists.  The EU, the Remain crowd, they’re leftists.  You know, do not believe all these people that tell you that there was not a left-right aspect of this.  There was.  I mean, the people that wanted to leave, a lot of it was about immigration, sovereignty, any number of things. But there was also an element of left versus right because the people that want to take away the sovereignty and the people that want to raise everybody’s taxes and the people that wanted to erase borders, those are leftists.  

So there’s a strategy, and that is that the European Union does not take losing lying down, just like the Democrat Party and the left here don’t.  In fact, I’m not gonna get into it in detail right now, but I want you to be thinking about something.  I want you to fast forward to November.  Knowing everything you know now, using intelligence guided by experience, I want you to fast forward to November to Trump winning the presidency in November.  I want you to think, using your intelligence guided by experience, what’s gonna happen that night?  What’s gonna happen the next day?  What’s going to happen every day thereafter?  What’s gonna happen the day Trump gets inaugurated?  What is the left gonna do?  

They’re not gonna just sit idly by and accept this and say, “Good fight.  We gave it everything we had, but we lost.”  They’re gonna do everything they can to undermine it.  And I think we’re gonna see levels of violence that we have not seen.  I think people are gonna be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result.  I think they’re gonna do everything they can to see it that Trump never does get inaugurated.  Whatever, it’s gonna be unlike anything. And the point here is that the election, if we win it, is just a small step forward.  

It’s gonna take fortitude. It’s gonna take guts.  It’s gonna take steel spines.  It’s gonna take courage to implement the victory and then to maintain the victory and then to grow upon the victory.  And I’m telling you, the left is gonna be out there attempting, in whatever fashion they can, whether it breaks the law or not, to thwart the results of the election should Trump win. Just like Kerry is admitting here that they are planning how to reverse the vote for Great Britain to leave the European Union.  

Now, you are not a stranger, you know full well how the left goes crazy today protesting things, like in Ferguson, in Baltimore, take your pick, any event. Something goes wrong on a college campus and the media is right there. You add to this the Democrats losing the presidency in November, and my sense is that there isn’t gonna be any peace.  There’s gonna be anger.  There is going to be rage.  There are gonna be lawsuits.  Everything about the victory is gonna be attacked.  The Democrats will throw lawyers and who knows whatever else at that outcome demanding recounts here, recounts there, whatever, no matter how close it is. 

No matter if it’s a landslide loss for Hillary Clinton, they just don’t put up with it, and they’re certainly not gonna be of the mind to put up with it in November.  And it’s not just because it’s Trump.  Trump will be icing on the cake.  It could be anybody.  If Hillary Clinton loses, if the left, if the Democrats lose, it won’t matter so much who wins.  It’s the fact that they’ve lost, they’re not gonna tolerate it.  And they won’t be any condemnation of it.  

Whatever they do, there will not be any condemnation.  The media will tell us we must understand the rage.  The media will tell us that we must dig deep and understand why this is happening.  The media will talk about these people have a legitimate grievance.  After so many victories, after so much social justice accomplishment in the eight years of Obama, the election of Donald Trump could witness the reversal of all of it, and that is gonna make people go bananas.  

I mean, even when Obama — you’ll hear it in a second, ’cause it’s coming up in the audio sound bites — when Obama starts going on this rant on Trump and populism, doesn’t mention Trump’s name, he starts listing all the Trump failures.  And they’re asinine.  They’re absurd.  They’re exactly wrong.  Obama accuses Trump of doing things that Obama’s never done.  Obama’s never created a job.  Obama’s never met a payroll.  They accuse Trump of doing things to hurt people, harm people, grind ’em into the dust.  

And Obama said Trump has never, ever done anything for social justice.  And I said, well, another reason to vote for him.  What the hell is social justice?  What the hell does that mean?  Social justice is just another euphemism for socialism.  Another name for big-time liberalism.  Social justice?  Social justice is anti-democratic solutions to grievances that a bunch of malcontents whine about constantly.  Social justice is automatically granting minorities majority status.  That’s all it is.  Granting them things they can’t possibly win in a democratic vote.  That’s what Social justice is.  And it’s gonna be true of any Republican.  

Social justice can only happen if you ignore the Constitution the way these people implement it.  It’s why they call it Social justice.  Who can disagree with that?  Who can possibly be against Social justice?  Well, if you know what it actually is you would never be for it.  But that’s the trick.  The way they use the language.  The Democrats come up with a bill suggesting that rape would be legal, call it The Civil Rights Act of 2017, it would have to pass.  Who would be allowed to vote against The Civil Rights Act of 2017, no matter what it says?  This is just how they do it.


RUSH:  In fact, I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna happen.  Even before the election in November, I don’t care what the polling data is, I don’t care if the race is supposedly close or not, the Drive-Bys, you’re gonna see it starting maybe a month before, you’re gonna see stories about all the planned riots if Trump wins.  

Now, it’ll be disguised.  It’ll be investigative reporters like Brian Ross who will have amazingly uncovered secret plans by this group or that group to participate in civil disobedience and unrest.  It will all be designed to intimidate people into not voting against Hillary because otherwise they’re gonna tell us how much rioting there’s gonna be, how much burning there’s gonna be.  You wait.  They’ve done this before.  It’s happened before.  Warnings of serious chaos if things don’t go according to plan.  You mark my words.  Make a note of it right here on June 30th, 2016.  Starting a month before the election, you’re gonna see stories about this.  

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