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RUSH:  Well, we’re gonna kick off today with competing polling data.  We have a surprise visit by Bill Clinton to the attorney general in a private plane on the tarmac at Phoenix.  If it hadn’t been for a local Phoenix ABC affiliate, we wouldn’t know that it had happened.  We got Obama going off on Trump in a rant supposedly against populism and so forth. And Jake Tapper, CNN, actually described it as Trump living rent free in Obama’s head

So yet again, ladies and gentlemen, another unique usage of language started on this program finding its way into the general lexicon in the United States.  Of course the first noted example of that was the word “feminazi,” which is now everywhere, started by this program back in 1988. 

Anyway, great to have you with us, folks, as we march on.  Another three hours of broadcast excellence here.  The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882, and the email address,ElRushbo@eibnet.com

In the old days we call them lighthearted stories that we would laugh about.  Today, we don’t laugh anymore.  I mean, we do, but at the same time we realize that not everybody else is. It’s probably got a little bit more substance to it than we would otherwise think.  But it’s nevertheless encouraging.  I’ll leave you to ponder what that might be.  Get to it here in just a second. 

But first off: “Amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of email and hours before the public release of the Benghazi report, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton. The private meeting took place on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport on board a parked private plane,” that was being used by Loretta Lynch and her husband. They’re traveling around doing appearances on how the Justice Department’s taking over local police departments. 

Now, neither Clinton nor Loretta Lynch actually arrived in Phoenix on that plane.  Did you know that?  You didn’t know that?  The plane on which they met is not the plane either of them used to get there.  It looks like somebody put that plane there so nobody would see the meeting.  And again, as I say, if it weren’t for this local ABC affiliate, for some reason had a camera crew out at Sky Harbor, we wouldn’t know that this meeting had taken place. 

The national Drive-Bys were nowhere near, even though Loretta Lynch is the attorney general.  You would think that there is a body watch on her, a media body watch.  I mean, you know what those are, right?  The media, there’s constantly somebody watching public figures in case something extraordinary happens.  It’s just a fact of media life.  And I would think that she rates a body watch. Maybe she doesn’t.  Apparently not, because there weren’t any Drive-Bys there. 

We don’t know whose airplane it was.  It could be that she gets a private plane.  She could get a government plane to fly to Phoenix if she’s on government business.  It depends on the fleet, depends on what’s available.  And we do know that she was flying around meeting with various local police departments as the federal government establishes, quote, unquote, guidelines for local police departments, which is nothing more than actually a takeover. 

Now, here’s what we are told this was all about.  For some reason, former President Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area.  We don’t know why.  He just happened to be there.  The story is that he was playing golf in Phoenix.  It’s 108 degrees, Bill Clinton playing golf in Phoenix.  Somebody who has had serious heart surgery.  It sounds to me like a bit of a stretch but we’ll go with it because that’s what is being reported here by the local ABC affiliate, KNXV in Phoenix. 

So the story is this.  Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area, arrived at Sky Harbor Airport Monday evening to leave.  This is what it says next.  “Sources tell ABC15 Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport soon and waited for her arrival.”

What I like to do is actually envision this.  Here’s Clinton, he’s played golf, done whatever he’s done in Phoenix, on the way to the airport to leave.  I don’t know how he travels, but he’s probably got a Secret Service contingent. That means they’re in a series of SUVs, one or two of them. And somehow, on the way or after he arrives, somebody says, “Hey, Slick Willie, guess who’s coming in here in 10 minutes or so, guess who’s landing, Loretta Lynch.” 

(Clinton impression)  “Hey, is that right?  Oh, Loretta’s coming in?  Well, you know what, let’s delay our departure.  Let me just go over and say hi.”  Really?  So Clinton just happens to be told that Loretta Lynch is arriving soon when he just happens to be arriving to depart at Sky Harbor International Airport. 

“Lynch was arriving in Phoenix for a planned visit as part of her national tour to promote community policing,” which again is Obama taking over police departments.  “The private meeting comes as Lynch’s office is in charge of the ongoing investigation and potential charges involving Clinton’s email server.” That would be Hillary Clinton’s email server, she the spouse of the aforementioned Bill Clinton. 

“The private meeting also occurred hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s administration.  Lynch said the private meeting on the tarmac did not involve these topics.” Do you know what Lynch said they talked about?  Loretta Lynch, attorney general, arriving in Phoenix to help take over the Phoenix police department and no doubt probably the sheriff’s department, too, get Joe Arpaio out of the way, showing up there, all of a sudden is told Bill Clinton is arriving soon and wants to have a meeting with you. 

So they find a vacant plane on the tarmac, and Loretta Lynch goes there, Clinton, after having been told Loretta Lynch has just arrived or soon arriving, goes to this tarmac, no doubt at general aviation, gets on board the plane. Loretta Lynch says their conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social, about their travels.  She said the president mentioned that he played golf in Phoenix.  And Loretta Lynch admitted all this on Tuesday afternoon while speaking at the Phoenix police department. 

So we are supposed to believe here that Bill Clinton, a 70-year-old man with a history of heart trouble, played golf in Phoenix where it was 108, 110 degrees, maybe he played on Sunday when it was 108, I don’t know.  And then he’s on the way to the airport to leave, is told that Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, is soon due to arrive, delays his departure, goes to a vacant private jet on the tarmac where she happens to be.  He delays his departure to go have the meeting at which they discuss their grandchildren and their travels. 

(Clinton impression) “Hey, Loretta, you know, I heard you were here, and I just wanted to come say hi before I left.  You know what?  Got a grandkid coming.  Do you have any grandkids, Loretta?” 

“Yes, Mr. President.” 

“Aren’t they great?  That’s the greatest thing in the world.  I’m glad I caught you.  I’m glad I found you before you left so I could talk about our grandchildren with you.  I’ve been playing golf here in Phoenix.  What are you gonna be doing?  Is that right?  You’re over here to take over the police department.  Good for you.  Hey, good seeing you.  I’m glad you waited for me, have this little meeting about our grandkids before you leave. Hope you have a great visit, whatever you do, and I’ll check you later,” and he leaves. 

I try to envision that and it just doesn’t work for me.  It just doesn’t work for me. 

So what else might have been going on at this meeting?  Well, let us continue here with a story from ABC Phoenix affiliate, KNXV. 

“Sources say the private meeting at the airport lasted around 30 minutes.”  Okay, how many grandkids does Clinton have?  Chelsea’s got two now?  Okay.  So how many minutes per grandchild do you discuss with the attorney general?  How many grandchildren does she have?  Let’s say she’s got four, just for the heck of it, pick a number, six grandkids, 30 minutes, basically five minutes per grandchild.  And maybe three minutes because you’d have to have some discussion about mutual travel, you know, how was the trip into Phoenix.  She would report.  He would describe what it was like playing golf in this oppressive heat and how happy he was to be getting out of there and back to where he was going, and then he’s off. 

And then this express item.  “There was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department,” or anything having to do with Hillary Clinton’s emails or anything related to it.  Nothing like that happened.  That just doesn’t work for me.  Let me propose an alternative.  Let me run something by you and see what you think of this. 

Let’s take elements of this story, and let’s believe them.  Let’s say that Bill Clinton was — well, we know he was in Phoenix.  Let’s say he was leaving, he was on the way to the airport, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility, he’s told that Loretta Lynch is gonna be arriving soon at the same airport where he’s gonna be leaving.  So Clinton decides, “You know what?  I want to have a talk with this woman.  I want to meet her, and what a great time, nobody knows that I’m here, and nobody knows that she’s here.” 

So a meeting is hastily arranged on a private jet, passenger compartment on the tarmac at Sky Harbor.  Now, for those of you think, wouldn’t it be hot in there?  No, no.  All they have to do is fire up the auxiliary power unit, the APU, and they can get AC blowing in the plane.  No, it would not be a sweat box.  They could do this without starting the engines.  Perfectly fine to do.  So don’t factor that in. 

Somehow they tell Loretta Lynch that Bill Clinton is in town on the way to the airport, wants to meet her.  She has two options.  She could blow it off or say, “Oh, okay.”  She takes the meeting.  Again, we wouldn’t know this happened — this is a crucial point — we would not know this happened were it not for this ABC affiliate in Phoenix.  The Drive-Bys haven’t told us a word about it. 

What about this possibility.  Clinton hears that she’s there, demands a meeting, it gets set up, he boards plane, she’s there, and he says something along the lines of: (Clinton impression) “Madam Attorney General, how you doing?  It’s such a honor to meet you.  You are doing such a great job.  You know, I was one of the people that told Barack Obama to put you in this job.  I’ve been one of your champions for I can’t tell you how long. 

“Let me tell you how things are gonna go from here on out. If you want to keep this job, if you want to keep your reputation, because remember, don’t forget what I told Ted Kennedy way back in 2008.  It wasn’t that long ago that Barack Obama would be serving us our cocktails, be serving us our coffee.  It wasn’t that long ago, and he got mad at it, Loretta. But I’m telling you, things haven’t changed, it’s still that way, and if you want to keep it that way, you know this email thing?  It doesn’t exist.  Just broom it, Loretta.  Just forget about it.  Ain’t nothing there. 

“Nothing to see.  Tell Comey.  No matter what he wants, you don’t have any evidence.  That’s it.  It’s been great seeing you.  It was fun playing golf.  I hope your grandkids are doing great.  I hope you have a great time taking over the Phoenix Police Department.  I gotta go.  Don’t forget what I told you, Loretta.  And remember who put you here.  Remember how you got here.  And remember how easy Loretta it would be to send you somewhere else.”


RUSH:  Okay.  Okay.  If you have doubts about that, let’s give ’em both the benefit of the doubt for a moment, even though I know this isn’t true, but let’s just say that Lynch and Clinton are both telling the truth and the whole thing is just happenstance and it was a wonderful meeting of two former colleagues.  Isn’t having a friendly chat for 30 minutes, once it’s been discovered, isn’t is that bound to influence her decisions on Hillary and the FBI investigation? 

Isn’t this what we might call an appearance of impropriety?  Isn’t it what the left might call an appearance of impropriety?  Isn’t this one of those circumstances where the left would say, “No, no, no, it’s about the seriousness of the charge. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant.  It’s the seriousness of the charge.”  And I don’t believe that.  I think this thing was set up long ago.  I don’t think this was happenstance at all, ladies and gentlemen. 

Things like this just don’t happen.  And if you think that I’m stretching when I say that Clinton would go in there and remind her who put her there, you people may not remember this.  Who do you think it was that appointed Loretta Lynch to be the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York?  It’s a plum assignment.  The Southern District is big because that’s Manhattan.  But the Eastern District of New York, that’s Long Island.  That’s Brooklyn, Long Island, that’s no slouch district.  Bill Clinton appointed Loretta Lynch to be US attorney, Eastern District, New York, when he was president. 

So, when Bill Clinton gets on board the private plane with Loretta Lynch (Clinton impression), “Hey, hey, hey, hey, Loretta, I’m sure you remember how you got this job.  I’m sure you can put two and two together.  I’m sure you can realize that you are the AG because I made you a federal judge, and before that nobody had ever heard of you except the Congressional Black Caucasians. I took their recommendation, and now look where we are.” 

And again, folks, I want to remind you, we wouldn’t know about this were it not for a local Phoenix affiliate.  That’s not an insignificant thing.  The Drive-Bys were nowhere near this.  And even if the Drive-Bys had gotten wind of it, do you think they would have reported it complete with photos like the ABC affiliate in Phoenix did?  Doubtful. 

Now some people are suggesting Loretta Lynch may have to recuse herself. (laughing) That makes me laugh.  If that were to happen, there’s not a single Democrat judge on the Supreme Court that could hear any case.  They’re all compromised.  They don’t recuse themselves.  It’s the exact opposite.  They are there to make sure that whatever needs to happen can happen.  If it’s corrupt, if it’s on the edges of the law, fine and dandy, because the advancement of the agenda and the protection of the players — in this case, Hillary Clinton — trumps everything. 

I mean, Eric Holder, this guy, he should have recused himself from Ferguson; he should have recused himself from half the cases ’cause he’s out there prejudging everything and tainting the jury pool in every instance where there was a jury trial.  He didn’t recuse himself.  It’s laughable that she would have to recuse herself.  That would never happen.  That’s the exact reason why she’s there, in fact.  But if she did recuse herself, that would open it up for Comey.  But if she recused herself there would be somebody else in there next in line, you know, next person steps up and it would be the same old thing.  


RUSH: Now I got this story from Politico, and I don’t believe this either. “Democrats Groan After Bill Clinton Meets Loretta Lynch — The private meeting rekindles concerns about a possible conflict of interest while his wife is under federal investigation. Lynch said she and Clinton talked only of grandchildren, golf, and their respective travels.”  What an absolute — does anybody believe this?  Of course we don’t.  But now we’re told that the Democrats are struggling.  There’s a struggle here about the possible conflict of interest. 

They’re not struggling with anything.  The only thing they’re worried about here is that people found out about this.  And, by the way, Loretta Lynch says all they talked about was their grandchildren?  Well, how would that manifest itself?  Well, here’s an idea.  “Ms. Lynch, you say that you and the president only talked about your grandchildren.  What did the president say to you?”  (imitating Lynch) “He asked me explicitly not to indict Chelsea’s baby’s grandmother.  That’s how we talked about our grandchildren.” 


RUSH: John in Hilliard, Ohio.  You’re next and first.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you.

CALLER:  I have an alternative theory on the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.  My thought is that it may have been — I mean, your theory I think is credible, but it could have been also what I would call a courtesy call, and the courtesy call could have been for one of two things.  One, it could have been, “Hey, Mr. President, Hillary needs to come in and talk to us, because, from what I’ve read in the news, she’s been avoiding going in for any kind of an interview.”  The second alternative may have actually been to say, “Mr. President, we hate to inform you of this, but your wife is gonna be indicted.”

RUSH:  Okay.  Now, I understand how a theory like that would originate.  You’re a man of honor.  You’re a man of great decency.  Obviously a constitutionalist and law-abiding.  And you also are a man of sensibilities and propriety, and you would think that would be a fair and very proper thing for two colleagues who know each other with mutual respect, that if that indictment that you suggested about to happen, that she would, as a courtesy, give him, as the husband, a heads-up.  

It also indicates that — how would I say this?  I don’t want to make it personal here, but your theory, which is much preferable, I mean, I would applaud something like that.  I think it is naive and illustrates a gross misunderstanding of how the Democrat Party functions.  If what you say is true, if Loretta Lynch finds out Clinton’s gonna be in town, you know what?  Perfect time for the courtesy call. Terfect time for me to tell him that the gig is up on his wife and we’re gonna hand down the indictment.  

He gets on a plane and she tells him. (imitating Lynch) “Hi, Mr. President.  I know you appointed me to the federal bench. I know I wouldn’t be the attorney general if it weren’t for you.  But I have to tell you, we’ve got the goods.  Your wife subjected this country to national security threats and violations.  Our enemies have everything that was on her server.  I’ve got no choice.  She’s going to be indicted.  We don’t know when, but I think you deserve a heads-up.”  

So what does Bill Clinton do? (Clinton impression) “Hey, hey, Loretta, I’m glad you made me detour my departure.  Appreciate that heads up.  I know you’re doing a great job, and this is proof of how great a job you’re doing.”  Or, would it be, “Loretta, you really want to think about this.  You better remember Bob Torricelli, remember Andrew Cuomo. There’s a whole bunch of examples I could give you, Loretta. People you know, people that used to be alive and breathing and big in politics, you can’t find ’em now, Loretta.  And, Loretta, don’t make light of the fact I appointed you AG of the Eastern District.  If I hadn’t done that you’d be nothing different than the guy serving Ted Kennedy and me my coffee back in South Carolina.”


RUSH:  What is the point of having power and not using it?  What’s the point of having power and allowing your opposition to get rid of your presidential nominee?  Come on, folks, it ain’t ever gonna happen here.


RUSH: This is Leanne driving through Michigan.  Great to have you, Leanne.  Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH:  Fine and dandy.  How are you?

CALLER:  Good.  Listen, I have a little bit of a different scenario about Loretta and Bill, and I think the conversation may have gone something like this.  “Hey, Loretta, you know, I know you really love your grandchildren, right, Loretta?  And we want our grandchildren to have a good world to grow up in and, you know, we want them to have opportunities just like we had, right, Loretta?”

RUSH:  You think that President Clinton might have attempted to scare the attorney general about her grandchildren’s future?

CALLER:  Well, you know, I didn’t hear anything in that conversation other than about the grandchildren, did you?

RUSH:  The grandchildren and their travels, such as she taking over police departments and him playing golf.  Those were the three things mentioned.  The grandchildren was the big one.

CALLER:  Grandchildren’s future and, you know, how they may grow up in the next 20 years and what political opportunities they may have in the future.

RUSH:  Well, look, I understand the way you’re thinking.  I mean, here you have Bill Clinton, who appointed this woman to the federal bench in the Eastern District of New York.  She’s now the attorney general.  And he finds himself in Phoenix and just happens to find out that she’s there, they arrange a meeting, and they talk about the grandchildren.  And you’re extrapolating here to think that what could there possibly be about grandchildren that’s a subject matter unless Bill wanted to talk about futures and how they could be bleak or rosy, and it’s all up to her, that kind of thing.

CALLER:  Well, you know, all of this is about the future and what our future — mine, his, yours, our grandchildren’s future —

RUSH:  True.

CALLER:  — might look like.

RUSH:  It really is.  All of this is exactly about that. 

CALLER:  I like what the gentleman before me said, but I think that’s a throwback from 40 years ago and —

RUSH:  Exactly, exactly, exactly.  That is when we actually had a Democrat Party that your parents or grandparents would be familiar with and would recognize, but we don’t anymore.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  Now, if your theory — let’s just take this one step further.  If your theory is the right one, let’s say, then part and parcel of it is that Bill Clinton would have to be thinking she would indict his wife.

CALLER:  You know, he’s a smart man.  I don’t think he’s quite as overt as some people might think he would be.

RUSH:  Yeah.  I know.  My point is that, why would he be thinking Loretta Lynch would do anything to cross him?  Why would he even consider that she could possibly — I mean, we’re talking the Democrat Party here.  We’re talking the presidential nominee of the Democrat Party.  Why would Bill Clinton be thinking that it’s even remotely possible his wife would be indicted, necessitating this conversation with her?

CALLER:  Well, sometimes the truth runneth over.  I don’t know —

RUSH:  No.  I’ll tell you why.  I’ll answer my own pregunta.  If Bill Clinton is thinking it’s a possibility, then there’s more than smoke here.  I realize all of this is hypothetical, we don’t know, we’re all guessing here, but we are using intelligence guided by experience.  Bill Clinton’s a known quantity.  Hillary Clinton’s a known quantity.  We know how they look at the judiciary. We know how they look at power. We know how they’ve used it in the past.  We know that the last thing in the world anybody wants or expects is Mrs. Clinton to be indicted, but if Clinton thinks that it’s possible, then there has to be a reason for it. 

If he’s out there thinking she could be indicted and it’s crazy close enough, that he’s gotta go talk to the AG about it, then there’s probably a whole bunch of reasons or validity for indicting her, which would be tantamount to being included in your theory.  If Clinton’s running around thinking, “She didn’t do nothing wrong. Hell, she hasn’t done nothing anybody else hasn’t done. This is crazy. This is all ginned up by the vast right-wing conspiracy,” he would be thinking Loretta Lynch is thinking the same thing, there’s no way there’s ever gonna be an indictment, but he’s gonna go talk to her, thinking that there could be an indictment that must mean that his wife’s done something that could justify an indictment.  That’s what I’m saying. 

I think we all know there’s been enough, even if there is no investigation. What we’ve learned about these emails and how she’s dealt with ’em and how she’s lied about it and how the guy who set up her server has taken the Fifth Amendment 125 times in a deposition, after having been granted immunity.  We’ve had hackers claiming that they have hacked into the server and they’ve got evidence.  Huma Abedin — I haven’t got to this yet, but Huma, Mrs. Carlos Danger, she unloaded the other day.  She made it clear here that Hillary was asking people how to set up a server so that what she was working on would not be part of the State Department record. 

Hillary didn’t know how to do it.  She was asking around how this could be done.  We also know who we’re talking about here.  The Clintons.  We know that there’s no such thing as transparency with these people.  So now you add what we instinctively already know, intelligence guided by experience, with various expert opinion like Joe diGenova, who’s got contacts in the FBI. He says the evidence is overwhelming, that there will be an indictment, diGenova’s been out there saying this for months.  We’ve heard what a straight-up law-and-order guy James Comey is, that he can’t be talked out of it, can’t be compromised, can’t be interrupted, and yet there’s been nothing happen.  


RUSH: Okay, folks, we’ve got something to add to this now, something that’s been further revealed about the conversation between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.  But first, did you know — I did not know this — exhaustive research here during the commercial break has informed me that Loretta Lynch doesn’t have any kids.  So they’re talking grandkids, but she doesn’t have any kids.  She doesn’t have any grandkids, then.  She only got married in 2007, which was nine years ago.  Hmm. 

Now, her new husband has children — well, new since 2007 — and one of her husband’s children is a daughter who’s 21, but she would be a stepdaughter, not a granddaughter.  By the way, Loretta Lynch’s stepdaughter was thrown in jail back in January for refusing to pay her Uber fare.  Hmm.  Now, here is the additional thing that we have just heard about.  They talked about grandchildren, golf, travel, the Brexit decision, and former attorney general Janet Reno, according to Lynch.  This is according to ABC, that Loretta Lynch weirdly mentioned that they talked about Janet Reno. 

How in the name of Waco, Texas, does Janet Reno come up, in casual conversation, ever?  Why would they be talking about Janet Reno on the tarmac in the passenger cabin of a private plane in Phoenix?  Does anybody even know where Janet Reno is?  Does anybody even know what Janet Reno is doing?  Why would Janet Reno come up?  Well, you are asking the right person.  I can see it something like this (Clinton impression),  “Hey, hey, Loretta, you remember Janet Reno?” 


“Hillary and I, Hillary is actually the one found her.  She was so great.  I mean, whatever we told her to do, she was right there.  When we needed the banks threatened to make loans to people that couldn’t pay, she went right in there, and she threatened them exactly as we would have done ourselves.  Remember that kid, Elian Gonzalez, that kid that didn’t want to go back to Cuba, she flew down there herself, Loretta. She flew down there and she picked up that kid and made like she was gonna take him to Cuba herself.  Do you know what happened to the Branch Davidians, Loretta?  All we had to do was say there were children in there and she opened fire like it was D-Day 2.  Janet Reno, that babe sure knew how to handle an ongoing investigation.” 

Now, that’s how Janet Reno’s name could come up.  Clinton could sit there and praise her virtues.  “Janet Reno was one of us, Janet.  Janet Reno, Loretta, she was so loyal.  She never forgot who put her where she was, and she never forgot she’da been nothing if it hadn’t been for Hillary plucking her out of obscurity and putting her in there.  What a great AG she was.  It was like we were over there running it ourselves.”  (Laughing)  I can see that, can’t you?  And Loretta Lynch is going, “Okay, I get it.  I get it.” 

“By the way, Loretta, you don’t know where she is.  I’ll tell you, she’s still alive.”  (laughing)  “You haven’t seen her in a while, but I guarantee you she’s still ticking, she’s still ticking, yeah.  We got a lot of people looking after Janet.  I think she runs around with Donna Shalala now and then, but besides that we know full well what a great AG she was.  Like I say, Loretta, it was as though we were over there running Justice ourselves.”  Think that’s plausible?  Yes, it is.  Right.  That’s right.  “How Janet handled her things, be it Elian Gonzalez or investigating the banks or threatening the banks or Ken Starr, Loretta, you should have seen how she helped us out with Ken Starr.  If there’s anybody besides my buddy Carville who could have turned that vanilla cracker into a sex pervert it was Janet Reno.”  I can hear this.


RUSH Oh, just in on our EIB exclusive news wires, from TheHill.com.  “Top Senate Democrats Defend Lynch-Clinton Meeting — Two of the Senate’s top Democrats are defending a private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton this week. ‘She’s an honorable person. We know that,’ Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), expected to be the next Senate Democratic leader, told reporters on Thursday. ‘She has said nothing was discussed related to the investigation so you have two choices: To say this didn’t matter or she’s lying. I think it didn’t matter. I don’t think she’s lying.'”

Harry Reid weighed in. “All I can say is Loretta Lynch is one of the most outstanding human beings I’ve ever known. No one could ever question her, her strong feelings about the rule of law and her ethics — I repeat — are the best.”

We can certainly question her. We can certainly question her.  The appearance of impropriety doesn’t count when it involves Democrats.  When it involves Democrats all that matters is the nature of the evidence.  When it’s Republicans, the evidence doesn’t matter, it’s the seriousness of the charge.  But with the Democrats, that’s never a factor.


RUSH:  There’s another thing.  There’s one other thing that they could say here about Clinton and Loretta Lynch talking about Janet Reno.  Janet Reno has Parkinson’s disease, as you know, if you recall, and she and Lynch were actually close.  The people that are in and out of government, this is probably true of both parties, know each other from way, bay back.  I mean, that’s what being a member of the establishment is.  It’s what being an elite is.  You get in it, you know everybody in it.

So one of the things I’m sure they’ll say since the Janet Reno thing has been introduced, “No, no, no, she’s an old friend, Parkinson’s, they were just commiserating about her health.  How dare on anybody allege that Janet Reno is part of whatever nefarious conversation.”

But the Democrats are beginning to circle the wagons on this with Chuck-U Schumer and Dingy Harry now coming out and saying — well, notice they did not exonerate Bill Clinton.  They said, “Loretta Lynch, why she’s as honest as the day is long. Loretta Lynch there’s no way under the sun.”  They didn’t say that about Slick Willie.  You notice that?  Yes, yes, yes, I’m fully aware she’s got Parkinson’s and that would be something they would talk about, Clinton appointed her, she and Loretta Lynch are close, way back, establishment and all that. 

Detroit next.  This is Steve.  Great to have you on EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Well, it’s a pleasure.  Thank you very much for taking my call.

RUSH:  Thank you, Steve.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  You know, I can’t stop laughing, but then being totally frustrated as well with all this corruption, but, you know, Slick Willie in his infinite wisdom back in his gubernatorial days and making people go away and then his tenure, these people are pros. In law enforcement in the state of Michigan for the last 20-plus years, I realized that this notion for some clandestine rendezvous is just not possible.  There’s too many contingencies.  The agents have to do a ton of work.  It was definitely preplanned.  So I’m sure the conversation was very unique.

RUSH:  Okay.  Let me stop you right there, ’cause I want the audience to hear. Did you say that you are in or have been in law enforcement, or security or some such?

CALLER:  I am currently.

RUSH:  You are currently.  Okay.  So the story is presented to us — I mean, this is literally how it’s written.  Clinton was on the way to Sky Harbor to leave, found out Loretta was there, and delayed the departure to go over and meet and send word that he wanted to go talk to her.  You say that the contingencies necessary security-wise, it couldn’t happen ad hoc like this?

CALLER:  I highly doubt it.  I think it’s preplanned because there are just too many other — you have to worry about (unintelligible) approach and so on and so forth, these agents, so I think it was preplanned.  Having said that, being preplanned, they had an agenda to discuss.  And it probably wasn’t about Janet Reno or the grandkids.  That’s just what the media’s putting out.

RUSH:  That’s right.  Why would you, if you’re gonna have a planned meeting that has an agenda, you’re right, why would it be over — you could do this in an email.  (ahem.)  You could send her a private email.

CALLER:  I think for the most part, to me anyway, it’s pretty obvious.  The content is, “Hey, remember who helped out your current boss campaigning in 2012 to keep him on the road.  You know who put you in there.  You keep doing your deed and you can write your own ticket or continue to write your own ticket once I’m the new first lady and my wife is now the commander in grief. You can paint your own portrait. You want to be the longest running AG in history as a woman, a black woman, fantastic.  You want a nomination to the Supremes or whatever, you let me know, we’ll take care of you, as long as you take care of us.”

RUSH:  Sounds plausible.  Sounds plausible to me, especially you want to be on the Supreme Court, we could guarantee your future.  If my wife becomes commander in grief, then you can write your ticket.  I can see something like that.  That doesn’t constitute a threat.  That’s dangling a giant carrot.

CALLER:  Exactly.  Because she doesn’t need money, I wouldn’t assume.  It’s about power and continued authority and —

RUSH:  Well, true, but, believe me, everybody, especially those people. Those people have gotten away with convincing everybody they don’t care about money.  They’re in it for the good works.  They’re in it to help people.  Look at the Clintons if you think it’s not about the money to people on the left.  It’s always about the money, and I guarantee you that living on whatever the AG salary is, that’s not real money.  Not compared to the people that she would be palling around with, like it wasn’t when Clinton was governor and Hillary was the Rose Law Firm and so forth.  But it’s always about the money. 

And I’ll tell you this, no matter how much they have, it’s never enough.  ‘Cause you can always lose it.  You always need a pad.  It’s human nature in a way.  Let’s say, just pick some random numbers here.  If you earn a hundred thousand dollars, it’s not enough.  You live based on hundred thousand dollars.  You think if you got 150 you got a pad now.  You won’t change your ways. It just works no matter what you earn, you live it. So the prospect of more always essentially equals a cushion. 

Now, it’s not true for billionaires, of course, but I was talking about salaried people like we’re talking about here.  Most people live their incomes, because most people have to, and so whatever it is that you have is what you need.  So there’s always more.  There’s never enough.  


RUSH: I didn’t see what he said, but David Axelrod, the guy that ran Obama’s campaign, he’s had a statement on this Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting.  So a lot of Democrats are coming out of the woodwork here to — I think what it was, it was a tweet, but then the closed-captioning was on top of it, so I wasn’t able to see what the quote was attributed to Axelrod.  Here’s what I think. 

Oh look at that.  Romney is at the Aspen Ideas Festival, too.  You know, Romney is running around talking about how Trump’s no good, not gonna vote for Trump. He might write in his wife’s name.  Anyway, I think what Axelrod said was that these are two people with great integrity.  There would be no way to suspect, but I can see why people might.  Axelrod said it was a foolish thing to do even though both of them are beyond reproach. There clearly couldn’t have been anything to see here, it was foolish to do nevertheless. 

Okay.  Let’s say that it was foolish.  They did it anyway.  It must have been important enough to risk it being found out and reported.  Whatever happened in that meeting, it had to be important enough that whatever was gonna be said about it they could figure out, they had to do it anyway. 

Of course, I’m telling you, if we know it looks bad, they have to know it looks bad, that’s my point.  It’s important enough for them to do it anyway.  Everybody here knows it looks bad.  That’s why Schumer’s coming out and trying to defend it, Dingy Harry, now Axelrod, there will be others on the Democrat side.  Do you wonder, folks, you’ve heard of the phrase “the appearance of impropriety,” as a legal phrase.  Do you know why it exists?  Do you know why the appearance of impropriety is a substantive allegation?  It is. 

Now, the Democrats have bastardized it, and they’ve converted it.  For example, during the Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill hearings, somebody comes up with an absolute worthless, baseless charge, or, even better example, in 1992, Gary Sick, a professor at Columbia, writes a book claiming that George H. W. Bush was flown to Paris on an SR-71 blackbird to meet with representatives of Iran to secure the release of the hostages after the election, after Ronald Reagan wins.  Do not release them during the campaign.  That was what was H. W. Bush supposedly negotiated with the Iranians. 

There was never any evidence because it didn’t happen.  It didn’t even come close to happening.  But there’s Tom Foley, the Speaker of the House, who said, “Even though there is no evidence, the seriousness of the charge mandates that we investigate.”  And they did. The House of Representatives, as part of the presidential campaign in ’92, endeavored to investigate this charge made by this Columbia professor in a book.  So when the Democrats, the nature of the evidence, if it’s Republican, it doesn’t matter.  Doesn’t matter if there’s any evidence or not.  It’s the seriousness of the charge and that’s all it takes. 

Now, when you turn it around, when the Democrats are involved, the seriousness of the charge is irrelevant.  The appearance of impropriety is irrelevant.  You better damn well have evidence or we’re not doing anything on this.  And that’s exactly how it works.  Republicans, you don’t need evidence to charge ’em.  You don’t need evidence to investigate.  With Democrats, you do.  You can’t get away with just an outrageous allegation and cause hell to unfold.  The legal ethics standard is “appearance of impropriety” because there is an assumption, there is an assumption that people in high positions, say at the Department of Justice, there is a vast assumption, and it’s a proper one, that there are ethical people there. 

We are not supposed to have to worry whether there is any impropriety.  That’s one of the trusted elements in a trusted institution like the Department of Justice.  The normal, everyday belief is that there isn’t any impropriety.  Because we’re gonna have really ethical people in charge.  That’s just so.  The rule is, the standard operating rule is that ethical people, by definition, stay out of situations that look bad.  If they’re ethical, they don’t even go there. 

That is why the legal ethic standard is “appearance of impropriety.”  We’re not supposed to have to worry about it if they actually did anything bad because we are to trust the fact that they’re ethical.  So when something happened that makes us question that trust, that equals the appearance of impropriety and is justifying an investigation.  And that’s where we are.  Because there’s clearly an appearance of impropriety.  And with one of these two people, the benefit of the doubt on ethical behavior does not extend, and that’s to Bill Clinton. 

So, another very important point to remember here — you might not think it’s a big deal — we wouldn’t even know about this if it weren’t for a local Phoenix ABC affiliate.  Stop and think about that.  And I don’t know how they got onto it.  I don’t know whether they have somebody at the airport.  I don’t know if they leaked to them.  You know, they might just have a bureau, for lack of a better word, at the airport, just to have somebody on station 24/7 if something happens there.  Airports are areas of terrorist activity, aircraft accidents, any number of things.  So you might have somebody there as a bureau 24/7. 

But aside from that, if that wasn’t the case, somebody had to inform them. But if it weren’t for that local affiliate, we wouldn’t even know this happened.  We wouldn’t have a shred of knowledge about it. 


RUSH: Let’s try Ron in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Hello and welcome.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  Thanks for having me on.

RUSH:  Thank you.  You bet.

CALLER:  You’re awesome.  Hey, I sort of think that maybe there was nothing really said at that meeting.  I think Bill was letting Loretta Lynch off the hook.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to make a decision to move forward against the Clintons on this indictment.  So did he just kind of maybe let her off the hook?

RUSH:  Well, if you can’t imagine any going forward, there’s no indictment, why have to have a meeting to thank her?  Why would he have to have a meeting at all with her?

CALLER:  Well, I was sort of thinking that the FBI’s probably getting ready to recommend (unintelligible) go against the Clintons.  And I just think that she doesn’t want to be put in that position of, you know, kind of between her integrity and the power of the Clintons and the president.

RUSH:  Okay, I’m losing you here.  You’re saying Clinton gave her a pass telling her —

CALLER:  I’m just thinking that if the FBI recommends charges, Loretta Lynch doesn’t want to have to make that call.  So I think by doing something that looks sketchy, she can step back from it and say, because I had this meeting —

RUSH:  Oh, you’re thinking she’s gonna recuse herself?

CALLER:  Exactly, yeah.  I don’t think she wants to make that call. 

RUSH:  Okay, let’s process this.  Even though we’re told by virtue of the way the story has been reported and that’s, of course, we can’t count on anything anymore in the media.  The story is that Clinton wanted the meeting. That Clinton found out she was in Phoenix, “Hey, you know, I’m on my way outta here, she’s landing,” we’re told that he was told that she was arriving soon, he wanted to go meet her.  So if that’s the case, your theory doesn’t hold up. 

But your theory in and of itself, that she knows that Comey is gonna recommend an indictment, and she doesn’t want to go anywhere there, so the best way to get out of it is to have a meeting with Clinton that is uncovered, making it necessary for her to recuse herself.  Possibly.  And I could see why people might think that. 

Here’s the Axelrod tweet, by the way.  “I take them at their word that the Justice Department’s probe into Hillary’s email server did not come up, but foolish to create such optics.”  Okay, but they’re not fools.  See, this is the point, folks.  They’re not fools.  They had to know that if this were uncovered, this would be the normal reaction to have.  They had to know that. 

So who benefits here?  Who benefits from public knowledge, public awareness of a meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch?  Who benefits from this?  Because there has to be a benefit for this to happen.  ‘Cause they’re not fools.  Axelrod says: “foolish to create such optics,” but they did.  Now, they may be leftists, but they are not fools.  They may think they’re untouchable. They may be so arrogant as to think they could get away with it, but they’re not fools.  Okay, so one theory is she wants a reason to recuse herself. 

I need to ask a legal beagle expert of mine a question.  I mean, you have quite an assumption in your point, that Comey is gonna recommend an indictment, that the FBI’s gonna recommend an indictment.  Can she not head that off?  Can she say to Comey, “Look, don’t waste your time, it’s not happening.”  Wait.  Remember who we’re talking about here.  Now, the wild card in that is Comey.  Comey is Mr. Law and order.  Comey has this reputation of strict by the book law and order stuff.  Nonpartisan guy. 

So if she were to say something like that to him, “Hey, look, Jim, great work, but, sorry, don’t even present any because we’re not gonna do anything.”  Would he stay quiet on that, or would he go public?  Would that be a risk for her to do that?  Sounds extraordinary, sounds like no way anything like that would happen.  But remember who we’re talking about here. People always forget who we’re talking about.  Bill Clinton, we are talking about the Obama administration, which, Constitution, when they don’t want it to exist, it doesn’t.  Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. 

But I’m still drawn to this Axelrod tweet.  “I take them at their word, that the Justice Department’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server –” note that he got that out there.  I mean, he’s providing details of what this is all about.  That’s not necessary, but he did it.  “I’m sure that did not come up, but it was foolish to create such optics.”  But they did. 

You’re saying, “But, Rush, nobody would have known if weren’t for that ABC affiliate, like you’re saying.”  I know.  I know.  But believe me when you do this, you always assume people are gonna find out.  Something like this, you always assume that.


RUSH: Mark in Big Lake, Minnesota.  Great to have you, sir.  You’re next.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I have a different theory about why Bill Clinton requested that meeting with Loretta

Lynch.  I think he went there to beg her to indict.

RUSH:  (Laughing).

CALLER:  Think about it.  Think about it.  If you’re married to Hillary, wouldn’t you want her to go away for 10 to 20?

RUSH:  You know, you’re funny.  Your call is uproariously funny, and intriguingly attractive as a theory.  But I think people don’t understand the Clinton relationship.  Bill’s got everything in the world he could possibly want.  He’s got a wife that covers for him when he cheats. He’s got a wife that tries to destroy the concubines, not him.  He’s got a wife who has perfected making a quarter million dollars for a 20-minute speech.  He has a wife who is as obsessed about money as he is.  He has a wife who is as obsessed ideologically as he is. 

He has all the freedom in the world.  He can fly around the world on a pedophile-owned jet, and he has it with impunity.  He can go play golf anywhere he wants.  He can stay at home at Chappaqua and have the women come to him.  He can pal around with anybody.  He’s got this foundation and this charitable organization that has netted these people influence and hundreds of millions of dollars.  And now he’s about to be vaulted back into the White House with no responsibilities once he gets there.  He’s going redefine what first lady is.  I don’t think he has any desire to be rid of Hillary Clinton.

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