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RUSH: David Duke has endorsed Keith Ellison for chairman of the Democrat National Committee, and I just want everybody to know that. Greetings, and welcome back, folks. El Rushbo — not deterred, not sidetracked, not taken off the main path at any time — here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. David Duke tweeted out:

“Keith Ellison, Sally Boynton Brown or Jehmu Greene would all be excellent choices — I really like Keith though. I mean, at least he knows.” At least he knows what? We don’t know, but Keith Ellison knows. He’s one of the Muslims? He’s either the only or one of the…? He’s still the only elected Muslim in the U.S. House of Representatives? I thought there might have been a second one. Anyway, David Duke, former grand “lizard” of the KKK, has endorsed Keith Ellison as chairman of the Democrat National Committee.

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