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RUSH: Gary in Phoenix, your turn. You’re next here on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking the call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I want to get right to it. I was one of the first people on the Trump train. As soon as he started talking about immigration, stopping amnesty, I was there, I’d had enough of it. From the GOP’s autopsy after running Mitt Romney care and … amnesty, telling us we had to have amnesty or nobody’d get elected again from the GOP.

RUSH: Right, right, I hear you.

CALLER: I was on the train, firmly. I went to his first rally, the one he had in Phoenix. I’ve been to four since. You know, I loved it. I don’t care about what he did with this little three-month thing. You know, the Republicans are pushing Obama’s agenda. The Democrats are pushing Obama’s agenda. All that makes the difference is whose lobbyists get paid off, in my opinion.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I just want to make sure I understand. You’re not upset Trump did the deal with Chuck and Nancy is what you’re saying?

CALLER: No, I would rather he did it with Republicans, but Republicans don’t do what they say they’re gonna do anyway. All they do is do things to directly pay off the lobbyists who pay them off.

RUSH: Don’t think the Democrats are not run by lobbyists, either.

CALLER: Oh, I know that, but at least they do what their voters want on occasion. Republicans tell us we’re mean, nasty people.

RUSH: Well, I know. Republican voters would have you believe they’re gonna get a handle on the debt limit and gonna get —

CALLER: Yeah, they’re not gonna do anything. We have too much history to see it. They’ve been pumping Obama’s agenda. Let me get to my point. I’ve been on the Trump train for a long time.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I understand his foes, NBC, include the Republican Party, okay, because the Republican Party doesn’t work for the voters. They work for the lobbyists. Yes, Democrats do, and in your last segment you included, you know, the push for Obamacare and taking that risk. Republicans don’t want to do it. It’s not because they’re afraid of being labeled as racist or the media don’t like them. It’s because the lobbyist bribes will dry up. You know, that’s 100 percent what it is. There’s no other excuse for lying to their voters year in and year out. But the one thing that will make me jump off the Trump train is any form of amnesty, including DACA, and no wall. That will make me jump off the Trump train.

RUSH: Okay. Well, then, you have to be a little bit nervous.

CALLER: Oh, I am.

RUSH: About what Trump’s saying about DACA. You have to be a little bit nervous about it.

CALLER: I am. You know, we’ve been Republicans for so long, and Ronald Reagan was the first person I ever voted for. Lifelong Republican. Although I did not vote for John McCain. I haven’t voted for John McCain since the Keating Five. He’s a dirt bag.

RUSH: Plus he got captured.

CALLER: The Republicans want to create a Democrat voting majority so the lobbyists can have cheap labor and Americans can be out of work. And if Republicans want that voting majority, I’m more than happy to give it to ’em. If they’re gonna keep screwing me and the country to replace us with basically slave wagers to make their lobbyists happy and they’ll vote Democrat when the time comes — look how good the Reagan’s amnesty’s worked out for us. Look at California.

RUSH: I understand. I understand. But, you know, you’re talking about this, on the ground there are some vast improvements taking place. The number of illegals coming in the country is way down, so much so that summer jobs went to Americans and they got much higher wages for them, and your lobbyists you’re talking about were not happy with this. But Trump hasn’t done a thing on immigration yet except announce what he’s gonna do, and it’s already curtailing the flow. It’s not stopping it, but the numbers are way down.

Consumer confidence is way up. Manufacturing is up. Employment is up. Real jobs. Even before any legislation has happened, there is a demonstrable, noted difference in the U.S. economy, in both attitudinally and hard numbers on the ground, it just shows what would be possible if there could be some unity here on legislation that would cut taxes and that would further inspire this kind of economic activity. That’s already begun to happen since Obama has left and then Trump assumed office.

But, look, I know exactly what you’re saying, that when he says lobbyists, it’s another word for donors, but it’s the same thing. Some people call it the Chamber of Commerce ’cause they’re one of the biggest Republican donors. So this guy is saying this debt ceiling deal doesn’t matter. You know what people tell me? “This debt ceiling, getting upset about that with these hurricanes? Come on, Rush, nobody was gonna limit the debt ceiling with these hurricanes coming and the relief that we all know is gonna be spent.” So lifting the debt ceiling, nobody’s gonna get penalized for that. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: We’ve been talking about, the Republicans and the Democrats and Trump doing the deal with Chuck and Nancy. I think it’s important to retell… We just had a call from an original Trumper, an original Trumpist. He’s been to four rallies in Phoenix, he’s been on board since day one, and he says this deal that Trump did with the Democrats doesn’t faze him at all, doesn’t bother him at all. He says there…

In his mind, Trump does not have a partnership with the Republicans, and so it’s silly to hold out hope for that. The raising of the debt limit didn’t bother this guy at all. I asked him, “What would bother you? What would cause you to begin to question your support for the Trumpster?” He said, “Immigration and the wall,” and I said, “You gotta be a little nervous over what the Trumpster’s saying about the DACA kids.”

And he admitted that he was and he is. This whole scenario is fraught with peril for Trump. And he’s telling ’em. He said if you’re a DACA kid, you got nothing to worry about for six months, you got nothing to worry about. The problem with this six months is… Now, we talked about this yesterday. I understand the theory. The theory is that what Obama did is unconstitutional. And it is. And Obama said it was temporary. But it wasn’t. The Democrats know what they’re doing in this. They never intended this to be temporary.

Obama intended DACA to be the first step in amnetizing all of the illegals. And the Democrats’ theory, Obama’s theory was the Republicans would never really undo it, just like they would never really repeal Obamacare. Obama’s thinking on this was it’s an entitlement. Obamacare’s a bunch of free stuff for people. The Republicans aren’t gonna take it away from ’em. And when it comes to DACA, Obama’s theory was that the Republicans, they may huff and puff, but at the end of the day they are not gonna kick a bunch of kids out of the country.

That was Obama rolling the dice. So Trump had promised all did you talk campaign that one of the first things he was gonna do was roll back Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals because it was unconstitutional, and Obama knew it was. You know, we played these sound bites over and over of Obama telling supporters that he wasn’t king. “We are a land of laws,” he said, “and I just can’t go out there and universally grant amnesty to people. I just can’t do it. We have a Constitution.”

And he did it anyway, starting with these “kids,” these unaccompanied minors that came in from Central America. So Trump simply said, “I’m ending this. But it’s gonna be a six-month period of time before my order is implemented.” So Obama’s DACA or DACA essentially stands for six months. Now, here is what I theorized is likely to happen. You realize the Republicans and the Democrats both want “comprehensive immigration reform,” i.e., amnesty. I think it’s entirely possible that what’s gonna happen is that in six months… The theory is… I should tell you this first. The conventional wisdom is that Congress can’t act fast enough.

There’s already too much on the agenda, too much on the calendar in the next six months such, whatever it is, that they can’t squeeze this in. There just isn’t time. Congress doesn’t move that fast; they can’t move that fast. This is one of the things Trump wants to change, by the way. “What do you mean, you can’t move that fast? You know, nobody in business thinks that way. You get a project, you go do it. What do you mean you can’t move this fast? Six months? You can’t deal with this in six months? It’s stupid! It’s silly!”

But it is a convenient congressional excuse, and particularly in the Senate. (impression) “Well, you know, we here in the Senate, our primary purpose is we serve as to slow things down. We lower the temperature of all these things so that action isn’t taken in the heat of passion, the heat of heat of moments. We dial it back so that it’s purely scholarship here that determines what we do.” Right. So I would be surprised, however… Since conventional wisdom is they can’t act six months, what if the Republicans and Democrats get together and they come up with a piece of legislation? What Trump’s basically said is, “It’s up to you.

“What Obama’s did is unconstitutional. You have to write a law dealing with these people, and if you put together right law, I’ll sign it.” Without any guidance. He didn’t give any guidance. So what happens if the Republicans, Democrats, come up with a full-fledged piece of legislation that grants amnesty exactly as Obama’s executive order did? And then they send that back up to Trump to sign? What does he do? They can really… They can deal with below the deck on this if they want. Did you realize the trouble they can cause for Trump on this? (interruption)

You’re not seeing this? Okay. Trump delays the pulling of Obama’s DACA order for six months. In that time, Congress is supposed to come up with a piece of legislation effects. What if Chuck and Nancy and Mitch and Paul get together and come up with a piece of legislation that grants amnesty to the exact same bunch of people, the kids? That, in other words, is legislation that does exactly what Obama’s executive order does and then sends that up to Trump? Does Trump sign it? (interruption) You think he does? You think Trump signs an amnesty bill for the kids?

This guy that just called said that’s it. He’s off the Trump train if Trump signs amnesty for anybody. Now, you’re saying, “What if Trump negotiates, and if you’re gonna do this, then you better put money for the wall in there?” Okay, what if they don’t. What leverage does anybody have to put the wall in there? Well, Trump says, “I’ll veto it.” “Well, well, then you’re gonna be responsible for kids being kicked back home.” That’s how they’re looking at it, guarantee, all these new. (interruption) The kids being kicked out of the country and forced to go back to El Salvador and Guatemala doesn’t hurt Trump? (interruption) If they won’t…? (interruption) Okay.

All right. It won’t hurt him if he doesn’t get the wall and he vetoes the bill and if they’re unable to override it and the kids get rounded up and put back on the freight trains, well, we’d probably fly ’em back first class on Boeing 777s. But nevertheless, they go back on the largest plane they could land from these countries they came from. You don’t think that that would hurt Trump? And you don’t think signing it would hurt Trump? (interruption) Very interesting. (interruption) He can’t say that. He sent it back to ’em. Right.

Well, the constitutional thing to do was to send — but he could have just canceled it and said to heck with it, they’re out, they’re gone. He didn’t do that. He canceled it in six months to give them time to deal with it legislatively. And I’m just telling you, they can come up — what if they don’t stop with the kids? What if Chuck and Nancy and Mitch and Paul and Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, what if they come up with a full-fledged comprehensive immigration — (interruption) well, I know, he better not sign it. He can’t sign it. This whole situation here is very fluid.

Meanwhile, the debt limit’s gonna go up, there isn’t gonna be any action on repealing Obamacare. They are trying to get a push here on tax reform. Trump is trying to get that done. Ivanka is working with some of the tax think tank people to try to get this done. And here’s Bannon out there saying Gary Cohn should be fired, drawn and quartered, quit, whatever. He says that on 60 Minutes.

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