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RUSH: We have some more excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, which tries to explain what happened, why she lost. And now she’s blaming Crazy Bernie.

She says that he resorted to innuendo and impugning her character because she and Sanders agreed on most issues. I know. She says that Bernie’s attacks caused lasting damage. It made it hard for poor Hillary to get support from big-time leftists in the general election. It also gave Trump the ammo to call her Crooked Hillary.

She also accuses Crazy Bernie of only getting in the race to disrupt the Democrat party, not to win. Poor Hillary couldn’t fight back against Crazy Bernie because that would alienate his supporters.

I mean, this is really a load of self-serving B.S., folks.

Remember. Hillary, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, and their DNC minions rigged the primaries against Crazy Bernie, for her, and she still couldn’t win.

Blaming Sanders is pathetic. Crazy Bernie didn’t impugn Hillary Clinton. Her record did that all by itself. Decades of scandals, lies, money-grubbing, everybody knew about it even before Benghazi and her infamous email server. Not to mention, providing cover for her husband’s, uh, lifestyle.

This woman has spent almost a year blaming everybody under the sun for her defeat except the one person who deserves it, and that is Hillary Clinton herself.

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