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RUSH: Mike Huckabee, he and his daughter went on The View yesterday. Did you know this? Why? Why do our people go on these shows and be insulted? Joy Behar, who’s, what, 84 now? (interruption) Me? No.

Joy Behar looked at Mike Huckabee, and she said, “Let’s not pretend that Trump hasn’t said some horrible things about women. Let’s not pretend.” And of course Huckabee is nodding and so forth and the audience of these crazy left-wingers is going nuts. And then she says, “How can you, how can you have your daughter, how can you send your daughter to defend this man? Let’s not pretend that he hasn’t said horrible things about women.”

Now, why? And Huckabee has a good answer. He said (paraphrasing), “Look, this man gave my daughter one of the greatest opportunities.” And then Sarah Huckabee says, Sarah Sanders, she said, “Hey, look, you know what? He hits everybody hard. He doesn’t show any favorites.” But she didn’t say, “You’re all wrong, he respects everybody in the White House. He respects me.” She didn’t say that. She said he hits everybody. Why even go on these shows? Why do you have to go there and be insulted by Joy Behar? What do you expect to get out of this? I don’t understand it.

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