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RUSH: Get this. You know, I keep saying I’m gonna move on to other things. I keep saying, “I’ve said what I’ve had to say,” but they just keep sucking me back in by sending me this. This is Maude Behar on The View today. Now, this… Well, I don’t want to characterize. I just want you to listen to this. This was this morning on ABC’s The View.

MAUDE: The heat is creating warm waters in th-the oceans, in the Gulf, wherever, and that is contributing to the intensity of storms like Irma. Why this is the worst storm we’ve ever seen, etcet’tra (sic), has to do with, uh, climate change. And people who deny that, they should start naming all of these next hurricanes after Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Pruitt —


MAUDE: — Hurricane Palin. (shouts) Y’know, Hurricane Trump!

RUSH: Now, you hear those brainless wizards in the audience applaud. But I would be honored if they’d name a hurricane after me. Hurricane Rush. I would be honored! It could be a great honor. But it’ll never happen. Hurricane EIB, Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Rush, Hurricane El Rushbo! But let’s look at what she said: “The heat is creating warm waters in the oceans, in the Gulf, wherever, and that is contributing to the intensity of storms like…” So she’s obviously been watching amateur scientists on TV explain how hurricanes are fueled, and ocean water is just one example.

You know, I’ll give you an idea how odd this stuff is. Over the weekend I was reading some actual published in Drive-By Media sources, not social media comments or comments of websites. Somebody said, “What we really need to do is we need to have giant funnels out there! We need to put giant funnels in front of the oncoming hurricane and force all of that warm water on the surface down to the floor of the ocean so that the hurricane will not have any fuel.” They were serious!

Now, these are the people that believe we’re causing all of this by doing what? Driving SUVs, by having barbecue pits going at the same time in the afternoon, by burning fossil fuels or what have you? I thought all we would have to do to stop these storms is stop living the way we’re living. How are we gonna stop this? We can’t because we didn’t cause it. But Maude Behar here, “And people who deny that, they should start naming all of these next hurricanes after Hurricane Limbaugh…”

She thinks this is the worst storm we’ve ever seen. She has no idea, has no idea where this storm ranks. She’s just an unquestioning sponge for the latest propaganda from the left on these — and she spreads it, and the brain-dead members of her audience soak it up and applaud it. If ocean water temperatures were the reason for hurricanes, how did we go 12 years without them?

And if climate change is responsible for all of the surface sea temperatures rising, why didn’t that cause any hurricanes to hit the United States of major status for 12 years? You’re not supposed to ask. Not even supposed to point it out. Not supposed to challenge the groupthink. Not supposed to challenge the consensus. It threatens these people. That’s the amazing thing: It threatens them! Just disagreeing. Okay, who’s next?

Pete in Whitby, Ontario. Great to have you on the program, sir. How are you?

CALLER: Hey, Rush! It would be Hurricane Maha Rushie, and it’d be sweeping all the left-wing loons out and leave us conservatives behind.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Listen, Rush, those of us that have listened to you for so long, whether it be in southern Ontario all the way to the United States and trickling into Mexico, we have a great passion for what you teach us, because it’s all fact. It’s all logic. What I don’t get is we have to stick up for ourselves. I mean, the people that smoosh you out like that, that bleed these lies, why do…? You know, symbolically go after them. You know, sue them! I hate to say it, but, you know, do it symbolically for a buck because that will bring the people that don’t listen to you — at least 25 to 50% of them — into the mix and they’ll start hearing the truth. I think that’s really important, put in the same bag of tricks as we see what happened with Donald.

RUSH: The problem is a suit… Look, I appreciate your sentiments. I really do. I appreciate your thoughts on that. But I’m too famous. Famous people can’t sue for slander or libel. Famous people, public figures are open targets, and the standard of proof that… You have to essentially prove malice, which is obvious, but proving it is hard. Look at what happened to Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, a New York Times editorial virtually lied about her, claiming that she was responsible for a mass shooting that injured Gabby Giffords.

Sarah Palin wasn’t there. She had nothing to do with it. The left totally made it up. You know what they did? On her website, she was talking about upcoming elections and primaries and so forth, and s she had a bull’s-eye — actually a crosshairs that you might see in a rifle scope — to represent target areas where Republicans should spend some money and campaign against Democrats. The leftists said that that icon, that depiction of a crosshairs is what caused the shooter to go out and take shots at Gabby Giffords. I mean, it’s insane!

This guy that pulled the trigger… Even if somebody had gone to her website, the last thing anybody would think in looking at it, “You know what? I’m gonna go grab a shotgun and I’m gonna go shoot a congressman!” Two years after it has been totally destroyed, two years after it’s been demonstrated that the guy didn’t even know who Sarah Palin was ’cause he’s insane, the New York Times runs an editorial.

After a Democrat started shooting up Republicans at baseball practice in Virginia, the New York Times runs an editorial claiming, “Well, Sarah Palin was in it first,” and she sued them. She sued them for libel. You know what the New York Times said? Before the case got thrown out, you know what the New York Times position was? Well, the editorial writers had not read the newspaper, and the editorial writers didn’t know that the theory had been snuffed out. That was their defense.

‘Cause you have to prove malice, and that means you have to prove that they knew what they were saying wasn’t true and that they instead, at any rate, ran it for the express purpose of harming and damaging in this case Sarah Palin. And so the Times’ defense was to say that their editorial writers who wrote the editorial didn’t know that she had been exonerated in this. But the point is, she was never officially charged — was always made up by liberals. It was made up by leftists and other media. And since they don’t question anything — I’ve never met a group of people who think they’re the smartest people in the world who know so little and question so little and are so arrogant and condescension about it.

I can’t relate to somebody, by the way, who really believes, really believes that a crosshair icon on a website of a Republican politician could be responsible for a shooting of a Democrat congressman in, whatever it was, New Mexico or wherever it was. I don’t know how you think that way. You have to want to think that way. You have to want to be able to destroy or tar and feather someone.

Meanwhile, this deranged lunatic leftist from Belleville, Illinois actually grabs a gun and starts shooting at Republicans who are at baseball practice for an upcoming game with Democrat members of Congress, and there’s no effort made by the media to find out who might have inspired him to do that. What liberal media had he read, what made him so enraged that he would start shooting Republicans? Well, we knew because he put it all over his website and other places. But it was ignored or downplayed or what have you.

So while conservatives are always accused of doing this, liberals actually have deranged lunatics out doing it. Another guy reading the Southern Poverty Law Center website found out — “found out” in quotes — that the Family Research Council was a hate group. They happen to be pro-life and that makes ’em a hate group. Oh, and they’re said to be anti-LGBQ. Nobody’s anti-LGBQ. Nobody has something against those people. It’s the politics. It’s always the politics that people oppose, not the individuals.

Anyway, Southern Poverty Law Center writes ’em up as a hate the group and puts them on a map. So this deranged lunatic — they’re in Maryland — this deranged lunatic walks in there and shoots people because of what he saw on a liberal website, yet the Times has to make it up about Sarah Palin. She sued them. The case was thrown out. A judge threw it out. I forget the express legal reasoning why.

But the reason the Times gave (paraphrasing), “Well, our editorial writers are really unfamiliar with that aspect of the news. They didn’t know that the theory had been blown to smithereens.” It’s the nation’s greatest newspaper and your defense is that your editorial writers don’t know what’s been in the newspaper in the previous days or weeks. Unbelievable.

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