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RUSH: Well, look at this, folks, the left, and even some Democrats, have put a target on Dianne Feinstein.

I told you last week how California Senator Dianne Feinstein was booed and hissed by a leftist crowd in San Francisco because she said nice things about President Trump. She said, “He could be a good president –” But she said, “– if he comes around to our way of thinking.” And they still got mad at her.

Liberal fury has been building against her ever since. So much so, folks, there’s now a serious effort to primary her. Now that leads me to put out an urgent warning to Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles, Chuck “You” Schumer. Chuck, Nancy, listen to me. If a longtime leftist heroine like DiFi is gonna get primaried for saying one or two nice sentences about Donald Trump, what on earth do you think is gonna happen to you?

Here you are playing footsie and doing deals with Trump. It doesn’t matter that the deals are what you like. It’s the fact that they were done with Trump, which makes Trump look good.  I mean, that’s gonna unhinge many of your voters. That’s gonna send them into orbit.

If Dianne Feinstein is getting primaried, San Francisco and New York liberals are gonna be coming at you with the pitchforks and the torches for daring to work with Trump. They might actually really be shouting “Chuck You!” at you, Chuck.

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