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RUSH: I haven’t weighed in to the full extent that I want to on Trump’s deal with, quote, unquote, Chuck and Nancy and what that means, what that portends. I don’t think it’s a one-off. I don’t think it’s just a one-shot thing that Trump did.

I think there’s potentially many more things like this that could happen, and I know the reason why, and that is that he is totally frustrated with the lack of apparent desire and apparent energy on the part of Republicans to advance any part of his agenda, which he won on. I mean, if there’s a presidential candidate in recent memory who has a mandate, it is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, five rallies a day, and at every one of those rallies he spelled out what he was gonna do, and you know the drill. He was gonna build the wall. He was gonna repeal and replace Obamacare. He was gonna cut taxes, and things on trade deals. I mean, there’s no mystery about what Donald Trump is gonna do. And his own party is his biggest obstacle, in his mind. And so he doesn’t like sitting there not getting things done.

And I’m told that he absolutely loved what they were saying on MSNBC after he did the deal with Chuck and Nancy, that he felt renewed, that he felt enthused, he felt finally I got something done here and I’m getting praise for it, getting accolades for it, and for somebody like Trump, that matters. It matters to everybody, actually. I mean, nobody wants to have things said about them that are said about Trump.

You talk about smears and lies, guess what? It has also been leaked that Mueller doesn’t have anything on the Trump kids and their meetings with the Russians. Nothing there! You have to look real hard to find that. I looked real hard and I found it.

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