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RUSH: Now, over the years, my friends, I have spent some time trying to explain to this audience of people here who liberals are and what they believe and why they believe it. And in one of the specific efforts that I have made, I have made repeated attempts to explain to you why the American left does not appear to love America. Instead, they have deep feelings of anger about America. You’ve heard me say it once; you’ve heard me say it a gazillion times. They do not believe in American exceptionalism. They don’t believe in American Greatness. They believe America was founded in an unjust, unfair — and in some cases illegal — manner.

They think there’s nothing worthy of celebrating about the United States. It’s imperfect, and it can be perfected but only if they are responsible for it. They do not believe that we are a legitimate superpower. They believe that our superpower status is the result of theft, that we have behaved as an imperial people and we have conquered the world. And we have gone everywhere we’ve gone and stolen what we wanted, and we brought it back, and that’s why we’re so economically successful, and that’s why we are so rich and wealthy compared to the other nations of the world, because we have stolen what we have.

We have not legitimately produced it, and therefore our country is illegitimate. And I’ve had people say, “Rush, don’t you think that’s a little excessive? Don’t you think that’s a little…?” No! It’s not excessive at all. I’ve even gone further in explaining why the left is for complete, total, open borders. They believe poverty around the world is the fault of the United States. If we had not gone to Central America and had the CIA murdering leaders and installing our own people — if we’d not gone to the Middle East, if we’d not gone to Europe, and if we’d not plundered these places — the rest of the world wouldn’t want to come here.

But because we have stolen world’s riches, and because we have plundered the rest of the world, they have no choice but than to come here. And, as such, we should let them in. If somebody wants to come to our country to improve their life — and especially if their life is in bad shape because of us in the first place — why, we should let them. And I’ve had people say, “Don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration? Don’t you think you’re going a little bit overboard on that? I mean, you want people to believe what you’re saying, but that sounds so odd that it…”

Well, it may sound odd. What it is is unconventional. What these are is truths that very few people will utter or say, for whatever reasons. But I come to you today with a little bit of evidence, as I always do. I always have evidence, facts, news, whatever, to back up my claims. I was just rummaging around doing show prep last night, and I came across a headline: “Martin Sheen Blames U.S. for Ruining Central America, Causing Immigration.” I said, “Well, looky here! (chuckles) Exactly what I’ve been saying! Exactly! Thank you, Emilio!” His name is Emilio Estevez, right? (interruption)

Is he Emilio or is one of his kids Emilio? (interruption) He’s Emilio? (interruption) Okay, Martin Sheen. This is the guy… I remember when this program first started in 1988, August 1st 1980. About a month later, Martin Sheen was the mayor of Malibu or something, and he wanted to import a bunch of homeless people into Malibu because of the way they were being mistreated. This was the guy that the banded together with the now-famous Mitch Snyder, the homeless advocate. Who would want to “advocate” for homelessness?

These are the people that thought a shopping cart was a legitimate home. Anyway, this guy got together with Mitch Snyder, who lived in Washington, and they would go to Washington on cold nights and they would kick the homeless off their sleeping grates and sleep on them themselves to show solidarity with the homeless. So what I wanted to do is I wanted… It may not have been my first month, but it was within the first year. I wanted to charter a bus and put a bunch of homeless people, round ’em up here in Los Angeles, and drive them to Malibu because this is what Martin Sheen said he wanted to do.

I was discouraged from doing this by my syndication partners because of potential litigation. If any of the homeless on my chartered bus had gotten injured, I would be liable. They ran in there and said, “Don’t do this. You can talk about doing it, but don’t actually charter a bus and put the homeless on it. You don’t know who’s gonna end up on the bus.” So I didn’t do it. I mean, it was made… Johnny Carson did a week’s worth of stuff on this. That’s who this guy is, Martin Sheen, okay?

“Appearing as a guest on Monday’s Tavis Smiley show on PBS, liberal actor Martin Sheen claimed that the United States is to blame for causing so many immigrants to leave Central American countries and travel to the U.S. as he complained about past interventions in some of those countries. [He] concluded that ‘we’re looking at what we have wrought.'” My friends, I do not make this up. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body, not just the back of my hand. I know them. I know what they think. I know what they’re going to think before they realize it. I know what they’re gonna do.

Sheen’s “comments came during a discussion after host Smiley brought up President Donald Trump’s recent decision to end the DACA program that benefits young illegal immigrants. After Sheen commented that it is important to ‘defend these young people,’ the PBS host suggested that there is ‘hatred’ for illegal immigrants as he followed up: ‘Take me back — I want to juxtapose or have you juxtapose for me, Martin, the hatred that you had to endure when you started out as an actor all those years ago. And that name — Ramon Estevez…”

Oh, it’s Ramon!

He’s Ramon Estevez.

“And that name — Ramon Estevez — didn’t serve you so well.” He changed the name to “Sheen” because he liked Bishop Sheen. (interruption) Yeah, one of his sons is Emilio. Is that Charlie or the other one? (interruption) The other one. I’m having a mental block. Anyway, they are the Estevez family. They’re the ones that changed their named, not me. Tavis Smiley is brought it up here: “the same kind of hatred that you see this week — that you’ve seen this week that’s been, you know, applied against the very same people.” So there’s hatred out there, folks, all because Trump wants to rescind an unconstitutional presidential executive action, the DACA deal.

By the way… Well, I’ll have to get into this in a moment, but, you know, I’ve been suggesting… I put forth, “Okay, nobody wants to round up these kids and kick ’em out of country. Nobody wants to round ’em up and deport them.” Although most of them aren’t “kids” anymore. Some of them still are. I saw something that 30% of the 800,000 that Obama granted entry have engaged in some kind of criminal activity, some of it misdemeanor, some felony. The point is they’re not kids anymore.

But the American people are not gonna sit by just watch kids rounded up and sent back home. So I said, “Why don’t you get something for it? If you’re going to go ahead and legalize this, get funding for the wall! Get something. You’re The Art of the Deal. Get something! You like Chuck and Nancy, now; you’re doing lots of deals with Chuck…” By the way, there’s more deals coming up with Chuck and Nancy. Do you know this? Tax reform. Trump may do tax reform with Chuck and Nancy. Pshew! Got it right here. It’s in the audio sound bite number two. Coming up. Don’t go anywhere.

So he’s not gonna get anything.

It doesn’t appear that he’s going to demand funding for the wall in either whatever he plans to do with DACA or this deal he did with Chuck and Nancy on the debt ceiling and some of the other items that were in that deal. Anyway, back to this: Martin “Sheen recounted what his life was like when he was younger and trying to get into acting, Smiley followed up with another question about immigration: ‘If we are a nation of immigrants, what has happened that’s caused this to happen? What is it about the story that we’re writing at this moment that’s caused us to turn on immigrants if we are a nation of immigrants?'”

Now, you see here the trick for these people is to never draw distinction between legal and illegal immigration. They just treat all immigration as legal. And why? Well, because we deserve it! We deserve so much. We deserve to find out the way the rest of the world lives because we caused it. We’re responsible for the pain and suffering for because we have plundered and we have stolen and we’ve steamrollered over these smaller countries and smaller people, and it’s no wonder they hate us.

They’re justified. It’s no wonder they want to come here and get back what we stole from them. Here Martin Sheen is essentially admitting all this. So I just wanted to bring your attention to this. You say, “Martin Sheen’s not an elected Democrat! He doesn’t speak for them.” He does. They all think the same way, folks. They’re automatons. That’s the point about them. You have to believe the same things or you’re thrown out. You have to say the same things or they will shut you up. It’s what we were talking about yesterday when it comes to groupthink and consensus.

And here’s something I just wanted to mention. That’s it. That’s the sum total. I just wanted to give you evidence. Some people said, “You’re going a little overboard in the way you’re describing this.” No, this is what they think. That is how in their minds they moralize the legitimacy of allowing immigrants to break the law and come here, because they deserves to be exempted because we’ve basically made them poor. And then they run around and this is part and parcel of their never ending attacks on the founding and the decency of the country.

“An author and journalist came under fire on social media Monday, after she tweeted a reply to an anti-looting warning from Miami police by saying: ‘The carceral [sic] state… is inseparable from white supremacy.'” What she means is that police officers are arresting looters. Where I live, the only people allowed on the island in south Florida are residents and EMS people right now. I think they’re calling that Phase 2. Phase 3 is when employees (people that own businesses but don’t live there) can return. We couldn’t do the EIB Network program there today because the staff he doesn’t live there would not be allowed on the island.

The reason for this — and it’s not just Palm Beach, it’s all over south Florida — is to keep looters out. It’s the biggest problem they’ve got, ’cause every criminal mind knows that there are a lot of homes unoccupied, that a lot of homes that didn’t suffer a lot of damage are unoccupied, that people got the hell out. So they are just sitting-duck targets. So the police are doing everything they can the criminal element out — and, for the most part, they’re doing a the job. But when they find looters either of public property or private property, small business, they’re arresting them, and this author is calling that “white supremacy”!

You see, even criminals in a time of disaster have a right to what they see in the store even if they can’t afford it. In fact, even more if they can’t afford it because that’s unfair and that’s unjust, and that’s another reason why America is a bad place. So these people are just trying to survive and to arrest them is nothing more than white supremacy. You have to look up “carceral.” It means having to do with prison. It’s part of the root word of “incarceration.”

“The Miami Police Department took to Twitter on Sunday, as Hurricane Irma…” Which, by the way, was not as strong as predicted. Which, by the way, only did one-third the amount of damage that was predicted. Which, by the way, is still bad. But which, by the way, is not what was predicted. (I will get in trouble for pointing this out.) Anyway, “The Miami Police Department took to Twitter on Sunday, as Hurricane Irma battered the state.

“‘Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors,’ the post read, sharing a photo of people inside a jail cell. Though Sarah Jaffe’s tweet on Monday garnered 1,500 likes, it sparked more than 100 comments — many of which were critical and accused her of being racist.” She’s the law enforcement official and that’s when this author came out and said. (impression) This is absolutely… This is racist, this is white supremacy. It’s white supremacy to enforce the law. “According to one of her several online biographers, Ms. Jaffe is a Nation Institute fellow and an independent journalist covering labor, economic justice, social movements, politics, gender, and pop culture.

“Her work has appeared in The Nation, in Salon, The Week, American Prospect, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and many other publications.” So she has a wide distribution network. “‘They have prisons, crime, and private property in Nigeria too,’ one user wrote. ‘And Egypt. And India. Nothing to do with white supremacy. Poverty/inequality.'” A responder wrote that, not her. “Jaffe is the author of the book Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt.” Anyway, the point is this is occasion she’s not alone in thinking this, that it is white supremacy.

It fits their narrative of the day that enforcing the law is white supremacy, ’cause who founded the nation? A bunch of white guys! Who founded the nation and wrote the laws? A bunch of white guys! What were they? They were racist pigs (in their way of thinking), and so it just… The Democrat Party wonders why it can’t win elections, and it’s only gonna get worse, the more they keep this up. Because they are not in any way, shape, manner, or form representative of even half, not even half of the way people in this country think.


RUSH: Here we have the audio. Grab audio sound bite number 21. Back to this Martin Sheen. I want you to hear this. He was on the Tavis Smiley show Friday on PBS. And the question: “What is it about the story that we’re writing at this moment, Mr. Sheen, that caused us to turn on immigrants if we’re a nation of immigrants?”

SHEEN: There is not a nation between Mexico and Panama that has not been affected by the United States either military, economically, uh, or outright colonialized.

SMILEY: Mmm-hmm! Mmm-hmm!

RUSH: See?

SHEEN: You know, all of Central America. Most of these people are coming from these countries… The — the war in El Salvador, for example, so many hundreds of thousands of Salvadorians fled that war. We were supporting this very conservative, right-wing basically —

SMILEY: Mmm-hmm!

SHEEN: — military dictatorship all those years until, eh, it was finally peace accord was achieved. The same thing Nicaragua. And we invaded that country how many times in the last century and this century, controlled their governments, controlled their economy. So all of the immigrants that are in the country from those countries and whose children (sputters) came with them as tiny ones —

SMILEY: Mmm-hmm!

SHEEN: — and some that have been born here, probably would not be here in such numbers if it hadn’t been for our involvement in their countries in this hemisphere!

RUSH: See? I mean, folks, I do not make this stuff up. They are coming because we’ve made them poor. They are coming because we’ve stolen from them. We’ve dominated ’em economically, politically, socially. We’ve given them no choice but than to come here where they’re essentially looking for what we stole from them so they can take it back. It’s kind of like the same thinking behind, “How did the rich get rich? They stole it from the poor.” That’s what they say Reagan’s trickle-down economics was.

“Well, the rich get rich on the backs of poor.” I’ve never understood the math of that: How does anybody get rich taking from the poor? But people fall for it. Now, in this case, why is there poverty in the world? Why is there poverty in Central America? By the way, we didn’t invade Nicaragua! The Soviet Union was attempting to establish another Cuba there. That’s what the Sandinista and the Contra thing was about during the Reagan years. We were trying to prevent a Soviet client state, another one in our hemisphere, in Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega was their henchman. We didn’t invade anything! They, the Soviets, invaded our hemisphere and we were simply defending ourselves. But the reason that there is poverty in the world, folks, is because of the unequal distribution of capitalism. But people like Martin Sheen thinks that there’s not enough communism, that capitalism is to blame, ’cause capitalism’s unfair. Capitalism is where America is, is what America is, and look at America! America is the richest place in the world.

He doesn’t see that, well, maybe if we had a more equal distribution of capitalism, people in Central America wouldn’t need to come here because their countries would be economically growing and sufficient and so forth. They don’t see it that way at all. They see us as the enemy, see us as the culprit, and this defines the American left today and certainly the American leftist radicals, and it’s one of the many reasons that the Democrat Party is gonna continue to lose elections.

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