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RUSH: I got some emails. “Why didn’t…? You kept teasing! You were talking about Hillary yesterday. You never got to it.” I admit that was not good, ’cause I don’t tease. I don’t tell you something’s coming up with no intention of it coming up just to hook you here. I don’t have to hook anybody anyway. This program is compelling enough without me employing usual difficult broadcast cheap tricks. It’s just Hillary bores me. She has bored me for the longest time. I mean, if you want the definition of has-been, she’s it. If you want the definition of overblown, never was gonna be anything, she’s it.

Now her book is coming out today, and they’ve already marked it down 40%. Did you know this? Now, it’s standard for books that are thought to be best-sellers to have “25% off” plastered on the covers. It’s not unusual. Forty percent is unusual. I mean, that’s something, because her first book, they gave her a… Her most recent book, not her first. Most recent. They gave her a $14 million advance, and it sold 275,000 copies. So that means it sold about 70,000 because Hillary and her buds bought 200,000.

So it was a bomb. And then when she did her book signing, nobody showed up, because Hillary, unlike Trump and many other public figures, has no personal connection. Even with the people that voted for her, there is no personal investment in her. She, at best, represented the symbolism of the first female president. But she’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. She’s Nurse Ratched. And such, so she doesn’t have… She couldn’t draw 20,000 people at an arena like Trump did five times a month. She couldn’t draw 2,000.


RUSH: I need to apologize just a little bit. Hillary is drawing a crowd, apparently. Her book is What Happened, and she’s blaming Comey, she’s blaming Russia, she’s blaming WikiLeaks, she’s blaming Facebook, she’s blaming fake news, she’s blaming voter ID laws. She blamed sexism and misogyny for losing. Nate Silver, the big data analyst who had her alternately winning between 70% of the time — a 90% chance of winning — has now come out and said she ran “the most negative campaign in history.” Well, if she was doing that, why was she forecast to win 90%?

At any rate, I must humbly apologize. There is a line of about a hundred people outside what looks to be a fleabag bookstore in Manhattan. “Hundreds of Hillary Clinton fans packed into the Barnes & Noble in Union Square [this] morning ahead of a book signing by the vanquished presidential contender. Long Island resident Allan Holland, 63, awoke at 3 a.m. to catch a 3:47 a.m. train to Manhattan to see his Democratic hero. He arrived outside the book store at 5 a.m., a full six hours before Clinton was slated to appear, only to find himself number 200 in line.”

This is considered big: 200 people! Probably that many people try to get into the store a day anyway, 200 people. “Die Hard Hillary Clinton Fans Turn Out in Hundreds” is the headline. If hundreds showed up for Trump, it would be designated the biggest failure, and they’d do a series of stories on, “What happened to Trump? Why has he lost it?”


RUSH: Hillary Clinton was on NPR this morning, and the host there was Rachel Martin, who said, “Although you say you still want a role in shaping the Democrat Party in the future,” to which I say, “Please let her. I hope the Democrats do not kick her to the curb. I hope they keep her in the mix.” But that’s just me. (summarized) “You are still gonna talk about issues, Hillary, that you find to be important, but there’s some Democrats out there saying they don’t want you to do that, that they think you should pack it in, that you’ve given it your best shot, but it is time for other young Democrats to climb the ladder and take over. Writing this book they say you’re opening old wounds, you’re re-litigating a past, that it’s not gonna matter. It’s not moving the party forward. Have you reconciled that, that people might not want you as the party steps forward?”

HILLARY: Well, we don’t have to buy my book and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking. (cackling) I’m not going anywhere! I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think, uh, you know, give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out.

RUSH: (cackling) That sound is made by the Arkansas broadbeam. It’s a species that is native to Arkansas. That cackle, we first heard it and it sounded like just like Hillary laughing here, so that’s what it is. Can you believe she was asked this question? Essentially, “Look, you’re washed up, you’re a has-been, and a lot of people in the party think you ought to just pack it in and go away.” (impression) “Ha-ha-ha! No way. I’m sticking around. I’ve got the scars to prove it.” This book is out today. She blames Comey. I’m not making this up. She blames Russia, she blames WikiLeaks, she blames Facebook, she blames fake news, she blames voter ID laws and sexism and misogyny for losing.

None of those are the reasons why she lost, and you all know what they are. She’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. And, you know, people are offended by this sense of entitlement. I mean, what’s Hillary Clinton done to be president? Seriously. I know you can say the same thing about Trump. But Trump went out and won. What has she done? Her biggest… The reason why the Democrats gave her a chance to run this thing twice… She should have gotten the picture 2008, ’cause 2008, that’s when she was guaranteed to be the nominee, and they had to pay her back.

She saved her husband’s presidency by sticking with him. She saved the Democrat Party by staying with her husband during all of those affairs he had in Arkansas and the White House. By sticking with him, she saved the party. They did owe her. They let her run the first attempt at health care. She botched that. She botched the bimbo eruptions unit. She botched pretty much everything politically. She was not smart, she was not adept, she’s not The Smartest Woman in the World, but the image preceded her. So 2008 comes along, and what’d they do?

They threw her overboard for the first option they got that they liked better, which happened to be Barack Hussein Obama. And she’s sitting there, she can’t figure it out. It was hers — they told her it’s hers — and here comes in Obama guy, and it was hers? So here comes 2016. They rigged it this time. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz at the DNC rigged the primaries; there was no way that Crazy Bernie was gonna win. That’s the election scandal. That’s what really happened.

If you want to look at somebody affecting the outcome of an election, look at what Hillary and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz did. And this has all been uncovered by virtue of the leaks — I’m sorry, the hacks — of the DNC server. And even with a rigged election in the primary, she couldn’t win when they all thought it was gonna be in a landslide. So she’s bitter, and she can’t get over it. We’ve been through this. The reason she thought she was gonna win — the left, all these people — was that all the trusted sources they have told them she was gonna win in a landslide and they believed it.

She still can’t come to grips with it. Now this book. You know, she can go make a couple speeches at Goldman Sachs for, what, 250 grand each and earn as much as she’s gonna make doing these book signings. “Hillary Lawyers Face Bar Sanctions over Deletion of Clinton Emails.” This is a little bit of a stunning story because you don’t see this kind of news about the Clintons. “Maryland Circuit Judge Paul Harris refused to halt a state bar investigation of three attorneys alleged to have assisted former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the deletion of thousands of emails in the scandal that rocked last year’s presidential race.”

The lawyers are David Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson. Now, nothing’s gonna happen to them because of the time frame. They’ll get a slap on the hand. But what they did really was far worse than that. Andy McCarthy, my old buddy at National Review, last October had a column arguing these attorneys should have been treated as suspects in a wider investigation of the destruction of Clinton’s emails from her unauthorized server. But the lawyers got immunity — the lawyers!

And then they destroyed Cheryl Mills’ laptop, destroying some evidence. The FBI last week, a couple weeks ago said (summarized), “We didn’t release the emails. We didn’t think anybody cared. We didn’t think there was a compelling interest. Not a compelling interest. Nobody cared.” So now the lawyers are facing what will end up being minor consequences. But in the end, folks, it’s good that Hillary continues to be the face of the Democrat Party. She refuses to go away. From our perspective, it’s all good in any which way you slice it.


RUSH: “Hillary So Cocksure of Victory She Bought Second Home Next Door [to Her Chappaqua Estate] for White House Staff.” She “admitted that she was so confident of victory in the 2016 election that she bought a second home next door to her estate in Chappaqua, New York, to accommodate White House staff during her expected presidential retreats. According to the New York Post, the Clintons paid $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, ranch-style home.” A three-bedroom home for staff? How many people can…? A three-bedroom home for staff when she’s president? That’s not very much, if you ask me.

“The Post had reported in September 2016 that the house was supposed to be a weekend retreat for Chelsea Clinton’s family.” As Jane Pauley and Hillary “walked around the home Clinton had bought for her staff, Pauley commented, ‘You specifically bought this house for a reason.’ Clinton answered, ‘I did.’ Pauley prompted, ‘And this was to be?’ Clinton, ‘Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win…'” I know what…? So she’s got a house that they don’t need, and I’ll guarantee you who’s gonna end up using it: Bill Clinton and the Energizer. Bill Clinton (laughing) and probably with Hillary’s understanding. Put it on the market now. Who knows?

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