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RUSH: Hey, look at this, folks. According to People magazine, Kmart has decided to re-label all their plus-size clothes for women as “fabulously-sized” instead.

Kmart said the decision was due to market trends for diversity promotion and body positivity. Kmart has seen a big body-positive focus among Millennials. How big? Fabulously big.

People magazine applauds this “all-inclusive sizing” and getting away from that awful word “plus.” They say it’s “a welcome change in an industry known for ‘othering’ women bigger than size 4.”

Now, this brings me to Hillary Clinton and her new book, What Happened.

Five-hundred-plus pages of excuses, blame, and denial. On CBS this past Sunday, Hillary said, “The forces that were at work in 2016 were unlike anything that I’ve ever seen or read about. It was a perfect storm.”

You see? These forces were bigger than anything in history. Plus-sized forces described in a plus-sized book. Hillary’s book blames James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Russian hackers, Barack Obama, white nationalists, angry voters, a lack of DNC tech support, and on and on. AND on.

Which may be one reason that Amazon and Walmart slashed the book’s price by 40 percent before it was released.

But don’t worry. Liberals will still call Hillary Clinton plus… uh, fabulous, sorry, fabulous.

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