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RUSH: There hasn’t been a cave yet, but it looks like there might be. I want to take you back, folks. I warned everybody about the possibility of this. None of this catches me off guard or by surprise. We’re gonna go back to March 27th on this program. Listen…

RUSH ARCHIVE: Who are we talking about? We’re talking about the people that are trying to criminalize Donald Trump. We’re talking about the people that are trying to impeach him. We’re talking about people who are trying to via innuendo and leak and media assassination, we’re dealing with people that are trying to destroy Donald Trump and his press secretary just signaled that they are serious about reaching out to these people to try to get certain things done, legislatively, like infrastructure or tax reform. I can’t see the Democrats working with Trump on tax reform unless the rich get soaked. The thing about this that should be worrisome is that if this alliance happens, if they’re not bluffing, if they’re serious, and if my scenario gets close, it’s not gonna be the Democrats adopting Trump’s agenda. It’s gonna be the other way around.

RUSH: That was back on March 27th. You don’t have to go that far back — March — and Trump was already getting frustrated with the fact that Mitch and Paul were stonewalling him. He’s already talking about working with the Democrats, Chuck and Nancy, back in March. As I said: If he does that, it’s gonna be Chuck and Nancy’s agenda and not his. So the concern that people have here, I can understand it.


RUSH: This update comes from the U.K. Daily Mail. Trump gets off the plane on the tarmac in Florida and he “says he expects funding for his border wall to pass when he’s ready for it or Republicans will become the obstructionists in Congress. ‘Ultimately, we have to have the wall. If we don’t have the wall, we’re doing nothing,’ Trump [told] reporters from the tarmac when he landed in Florida for a briefing on Hurricane Irma [Friday] morning. The president also denied that he was giving ‘amnesty’ to illegal immigrants as part of an agreement he’s working on with [Chuck and Nancy].

“‘We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here. We’re working with everybody, Republican, we’re working with Democrat,’ Trump stated.” But “[w]e’re not looking at citizenship.” Look, folks, everybody knows we’re not gonna kick these DREAMers out of the country. I know that a lot of people think that we should have no mercy here on… “Mercy” is the wrong word. That, if we’re gonna have border security, we’re gonna have border security. If you’re illegal and you’re here illegally, you gotta go back and try to get in legally. I understand that.

But the reality here is, these are people that campaign for votes, and nobody wants to be associated with pictures that would certainly exist, even if they were fake, and they most likely would be. You know, can you imagine 150 pictures of that federal agent storming the home in Florida to kidnap Elian Gonzalez and send him back to Cuba? You remember that? A lot of people thought that agent should have shut up and Janet Napolitano should have left that kid there, instead of sending him back to a communist country.

What are we doing, sending that kid back? Can you remember that reaction? Imagine if you see picture after picture — video — of that with a bunch of kids. Fully armed, body armored federal agents grabbing five-year-olds and 15-year-olds and throw ’em in a paddy wagon and driving them to the airport and put on a C-130 for parts unknown? Nobody wants to be associated with that. The way to do this… The way to do this I suggested the other day. If you’re going to allow them to stay, if you’re gonna make this exception, you get the funding for the wall in it or there’s no deal.

And now you add something else: These people being allowed to stay can’t register to vote for 15 or 20 years, whatever. Take the incentive away from Democrats to want — and the Republicans, too, ’cause they want ’em for different reasons. They want ’em for cheap labor. Democrats want ’em for voters. Well, Republicans would like that too. But you put in the proviso. We can do what we want here, right? Chuck and Nancy are not running this show! They better not be running it. That was my point that I made in the sound bite that I played for you. This is not Chuck and Nancy’s show.

Chuck and Nancy’s party lost. Chuck and Nancy’s party haven’t won an election that counts other than Obama’s presidency in 2008 and 2012. Every other election the Democrats have been running with national House/Senate racers, they’re losing. There’s no way they get to run this show. But remember, the media is desperate to split Trump’s supporters away from them. They are desperate. That’s the only… We had the story yesterday. The Politico, they tried. It’s not working. They don’t understand it, and even the Democrat agenda, free tuition, is not working.

You know why that’s not working? A lot of people think, “Whoa, that’d be a magnet! I can see where any liberal would support that.” Well, the problem is that there’s a lot of Democrats with student debt, college loan debt. There’s a lot of parents who were not told their tuition is gonna be free. So now all of a sudde,n how do you grandfather that? How do you go back and tell people that have massive student loan debt, “Hey, guess what? People going to college are gonna get free tuition and are not gonna have student loans?”

“What about me? Will you get rid of me debt?”

“We can’t do that! We don’t have the money.”

Anyway, it’s not supported. So the Democrats do not have their key agenda items do not have massive public support, and their attempts to destroy Trump have failed. All of them. So all they can do now — the only thing they’ve got — is to split Trump’s base away from Trump and that’s what all of this today is. Every bit of that is splitting Trump from his base. They want you to think Trump has sold you out and thrown you under the business. They want you to think that Trump has given away his mandate in exchange for doing deals. They want you to believe that Trump loves deals; he loves action.

And he’s been frustrated because the Republicans won’t do anything, so he’s going over to the Democrat side, and he’s doing deals — and in order to do that, the Democrats are running the show. The media wants you to believe that Trump is acquiescing to the Democrat agenda just so he can do deals and just so there can be something done. Now, the White House has been as clear as they can be today that there is not an agreement on the wall, and Chuck and Nancy had to tweet that that’s correct. So they are the ones backtracking today, not Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But the very fact that this has been reported with all of this energy, you go back to the point: The first thing, the first element of a story that people hear, they believe it. Whether it’s right or wrong. So this is going to have a lasting impact. Now, as I say, there’s some updates. Trump said if we don’t… This is on the tarmac in Florida. After all this brouhaha Washington, he lands in Florida” If we don’t have the wall, we are doing nothing.” Trump says there will eventually be a border wall and there won’t be amnesty for DREAMers. But they’re going to allowed to stay. People say, “W-w-well, wait a minute, now.

“If you’re letting ’em stay, how is that not amnesty?” Well, they’re not gonna be made automatic citizens. Fine. Okay. If that’s true, then they can’t vote, either — and for those of you shouting at me, “Rush, we’re talking about children,” not all of them are children anymore. We’re talking about 800,000 people. Again, Trump reiterated that he expects funding for the border wall to pass when he’s ready for it. “Ultimately, we have to have the wall. If we don’t have the wall, we are doing nothing.” Now, that’s the latest. This is the AllenBWest.com website.

Trump White House Issues Major Clarification in DREAMer Deal,” and there’s a pull quote from the story: “Schumer’s communications director tweeted in response to the denial by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying, ‘The president made clear he would continue pushing the wall just not as part of this agreement.'” So Chuck and Nancy are backtracking a little bit here. But look, they know what they’re doing. They got their first message out that Trump caved, Trump says the wall’s off the table. Trump’s gonna do this later; we’re gonna have amnesty.

That’s out there, that’s what people think now. And it’s gonna take a lot of repetition to correct them, and plus the first impression is always made. I mean, the first imprint, it’s almost impossible to reverse it. Audio sound bite number 2. This is another flashback. January 3rd, CNN, Jake Tapper had Chuck — Chuck You Schumer — on the program about Dana Bash, who said, “You expected to be the Senate majority leader working with President Hillary Clinton.” By the way, have you seen…? Have you seen this inane support from CNN extolling Hillary Clinton’s breathing talents; that she has this unique ability to breathe through one nostril at a time? It’s obviously she’s got some problems. She’s sitting there going (sniffling and coughing).

You know, Hillary’s not healthy. Leave it at that. So to cover, “She’s so much smarter than the rest of us! She’s so much more talented that happen the rest. She has perfected one-nostril breathing!” Serious. Anyway, Dana Bash says, “You expected to be the majority leader working with Hillary Clinton. Now you find yourself the leader of the opposition and Trump’s in the White House.” Remember, this is January 3rd. This before Trump’s been inaugurated. “How will you walk that fine line between when to work with Trump and when not to?”

SCHUMER: The only way we’re gonna work with him is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.

RUSH: January 3rd, before Trump’s even inaugurated. I remember him saying this. That’s why it’s on the sound bite roster. “The only way we’re gonna work with him…” It’s exactly what I said back in March, 2-1/2 months after Chuck You said this. Now, here’s Chuck You. This is after the denial by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and after Trump clarified, “No, no, no, no! There’s no deal here and the wall’s not gone.” Here is Chuck You Schumer on the floor of the United States Senate…

SCHUMER: We all agreed on the framework: Pass DACA protections and additional border security measures excluding the wall. We agreed that the president would support enshrining the DACA protections into law. What remains to be negotiated are the details of border security with a mutual goal of finalizing all the details as soon as possible. While both sides agreed that the wall would not be any part of this agreement, the president made clear he intends to pursue it at a later time, and we made clear that we would continue to oppose it. If you listen to the president’s comments this morning, Director Mulvaney’s comments this morning, it is clear that what Leader Pelosi and I put out last night was exactly accurate. We’re not for the wall! We’ll never be for the wall.

RUSH: Yeah, but what you put out’s not “exactly accurate.” We’ve got Mulvaney here.


RUSH: So Chuck You Schumer, in a statement on the floor of the Senate, “We all agreed on a framework, pass DACA protections, additional border security measures, excluding the wall. We agreed the president would support enshrining DACA protection into law. What remains to be negotiated…” He kind of said that (fast): “What remains to be negotiated” he just glossed over that “are the details of border security with a mutual goal of finalizing as soon as possible.” They didn’t finalize anything, folks, and Chuck You confirms it on the floor of the Senate.

“What remains to be negotiated…”

“While both sides agreed the wall would not be any part of this agreement, the president made clear he intends to pursue it at a later time.” We hate it; we’re not gonna be support it, ever. The president wants it, and then he said, “Mulvaney’s comments this morning… If you listen to the president’s and Mulvaney’s comments, it’s clear that what Nancy and I put out last night was accurate.” Okay. Here is Mulvaney’s on Squawk Box at CNBC. And the question: “People are calling him ‘Amnesty Don’ this morning. Does the reaction of the political base here affect what’s gonna happen in the White House? Did we get close to a deal and now we’re pulling away because of that?”

MULVANEY: I don’t think the criticism is fair. I think the criticism is assuming that the president’s giving up on something. He’s not. I think if you do end up seeing — if you do end up seeing — some type of agreement regarding DACA and this massive-but-not-wall border security, talking about technology and people, all the things that we need to stop drugs and illegals from coming across the border. If that does become the framework for an agreement that does not mean the president’s giving up on his priorities. He’s made it very, very clear to me that the wall is a top priority for him in all budget negotiations and will continue to be.

RUSH: “So now you gathered to break bread in the Blue Room at the White House. What’s the mood there?”

MULVANEY: I think that what you saw last night was a group of professional dealmakers. I saw the president do this on a couple of times. When the conversation started to move to the things that we disagreed on, he moved it back to the things that we could agree on. I think that’s the way you get deals done, right? You and I might disagree 80% of the time but that still gives us 20% opportunity to try to work things out. The mood was cordial. There was… There was push-back on issues. There was very polite, gentlemanly, and — and — and lady-like push-back on issues on both sides. Mr. Schumer continues to push this idea of this $30 billion tunnel under the Hudson River, um, that the president very politely pushed back on. But I thought it was cordial and productive. The president is not giving up on the wall, and he’s certainly not giving up on border security.

RUSH: Mulvaney says that Trump was deal-making, hasn’t given up on the wall. Do with that what you want, folks. That’s the word.


RUSH: So Schumer’s communication director tweeted in response to the denial by Huckabee Sanders saying, “The president made clear he would continue pushing the wall just not part of this agreement.” That’s not what they were saying last night and this morning. They wanted you to believe that they had gotten rid of the wall. They are the ones backtracking today. But it’s still a dicey situation. I’m not denying that.


RUSH: Let me look at the call roster up here. (muttering) We have some decent calls. People want to weigh in on this, and I always try to get calls in on the first hour but I was not able to squeeze any in. And people… I want to hear what you think. I want to hear what you Trumpers think of all of this. ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you, folks, I don’t want to throw any names around out there, but there were famous big names — I mean, Fox News people that are big time Trumpers — who were tweeting that it’s all over, that Trump’s sacked everybody, that Trump’s played everybody, that Trump screwed us, that Trump’s let.

And that was part of my wake-up call today. So I had to hustle in here and try to make sense of everything that that did indeed happen, and it was continuing to unfold after I got here. So that’s what the first hour was: An attempt to put all of this in perspective before rendering an opinion on it, ’cause I’m just telling you: I don’t trust the Drive-Bys, and I’m continually amazed at the number of people who do, despite knowing what their mantras are, despite knowing what their objective is. I mean, there isn’t a Trumpist around who does not know that the media is trying to separate Trump supporters from Trump.

And judging by some of the tweets I saw today, it’s not hard for the media to do that. And psychologically, look, Republicans are like battered… Pshew. Should I even mention that? Oh, my Lord. I was gonna say… (interruption) Yeah, battered spouses, ’cause you know it goes both ways. They’re like battered spouses. It’s inexplicable. But Republicans have just been savaged and let down and double-crossed and lied to so many times that it is a political expectation that it’s going to happen again. Now, there are many extreme, wacko leftists who think the same about their bunch.

You know, there’s a story today about liberals in San Francisco. Now, common sense would say — based on the way the Drive-Bys are covering it, common sense would say — that the left would be livid with Chuck and Nancy, because this guy, Trump, is a pig! This guy grabs… This guy is the Billy Bush tape! This guy is a despicable human being! This guy is the low-rent scum. This guy… They hate him, and so you would think that if Chuck and Nancy even go in the same room and have dinner, it’d be grounds for kicking them out of the party.

But, no! The LA Times has a story today that liberals in San Francisco are loving this. They think it’s great, ’cause they believe what everybody apparently believed early today, that Trump had caved, and that Chuck and Nancy had rolled Trump. As long as they think that happens, I guess they’ll be cool with it. So the only group of people feeling betrayal today — or did feel betrayal — are Trump supporters. Now, Chuck Schumer.

This is… I saw a story at The Week, W-E-E-K. It’s a website. The headline: “Chuck Schumer Caught on Hot Mic Basking in Trump’s Adulation.” I said, “What is this? So I read it. “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor Thursday morning to discuss Equifax’s massive security breach; the physical limitations of a border wall; and his supposed agreement with President Trump, struck alongside [Nancy].

“But before he officially took to the floor, Schumer bounded into the Senate chamber just after a speech by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and took a minute to converse with a colleague. ‘Sorry, just got here. Anything new?’ Schumer can be heard saying… ‘He likes us! He likes me, anyway,’ Schumer says with a chuckle.” Well, we have that. Schumer walking into the Senate talking to a colleague, bragging about how Trump likes him. And here is what that sounded like…

SCHUMER: He likes us! (chuckles) He likes me anyway. What we said was exactly accurate. Here’s what I told him. I said, “Mr. President, you’re much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left. If you have to step just in one direction, you’re boxed.” He gets that.

RUSH: Were you able to hear that? Okay, so this is Chuck. It’s an open mic. It’s a hot mic. It’s like when Obama was caught telling Dmitry Medvedev (summarized), “Tell Vlad to be patient. We’ll get rid of our nukes after I win reelection and I’ll have more flexibility.” That was in 2012, right before the election. Same situation here. Is a hot mic down there on the Senate floor. Chuck You said, “He likes us! He likes me anyway. What we said was exactly accurate. Here’s what I told him. I said, ‘Mr. President, you’re much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left.

“‘If you have to step just in one direction, you’re boxed.’ He gets that.” So one take-away from this is that Chuck felt it necessary to tell his colleague that what he said was true, which means there might have been some doubt, which means that people on Chuck’s team know that Chuck is prone to exaggeration, that Chuck may be prone to misstatements. So Chuck had to make sure his colleague knew. “Hey, hey, you know what? What we said was exactly accurate, and here’s what I told him…” Now, why would Chuck say that? I don’t care what Chuck thinks he said it.

What the media reported that Chuck and Nancy said was that Trump had agreed to forget the wall in exchange in a deal for granting amnesty or whatever; letting the DACA kids — the DREAMers — stay. And White House has been pushing back on that all morning. Trump has been pushing back personally on it from Florida, after he landed at Fort Myers airport or thereabouts to participate in Florida aid.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 4. We need to hear from Nancy in all this. This was this morning on Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press briefing. During the Q&A, a sycophantic reporter said, “Do you trust the president of the United States, and should the DREAMers trust him?” So, in other words… See, these people are believing that Trump made a deal, that Chuck and Nancy somehow at the White House brought Trump around. The DREAMers are gonna be okay. They’re allowed in and Trump’s not gonna do the wall. But the reporter says… See, the reporter’s not sure, not too happy. “Are you sure you can trust Trump? Do you think the DREAMers should trust Trump?”

PELOSI: (haltingly) I do trust that the president is sincere in understanding that the public supports — that overwhelmingly the public supports — uh, not sending these, uh, young people back. It was interpreted by some that we had a deal on the (pause) deal. But that wasn’t on, uh, the package. Uh, that wasn’t the case. We had an agreement to move forward, in our view, with the DREAM Act as a basis for how we protect the DREAMers and for further discussions on what provisions relating to the border might be in an accompanying bill or whatever as we go forward. So I trust the president in that regard.

RUSH: See, I love this. “Of course I trust the president.” Two days ago, she hated Trump! She’s out there saying the most despicable, horrible things in the world about the guy. She trusts him now, and I’m sure you Trumpists think that’s ’cause Trump is so clever and he makes everybody like him. So the Drive-By Media guy was undoubtedly disappointed, ’cause he wanted her to say, “No, we don’t trust this guy. He’s a pig! You saw the Billy Bush tape! The guy’s a pig. We hate Trump. No, we don’t trust Trump, but we’re working on behalf of the DREAMers.” That’s what the reporter wanted to hear. So the reporter didn’t get what he wanted.

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