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RUSH: Trump’s down in Florida, gets off the airplane and goes… (scoffs) Folks, you know what I just saw? They’re passing out bananas in the food tent. Trump and Melania and the team, they’re passing out bananas. You know what this is gonna lead to? You know damn well what this is gonna lead to. I got a bad feeling.


RUSH: No, bananas are actually the perfect food for the weather conditions in Florida, for heat and humidity. For replenishing electrolytes and the things that are necessary to keep your body functioning, bananas are the perfect food. You may not know this but when East Coast, Northeastern football teams go out to Arizona to play the Cardinals — or when the Chargers in a couple playoff games went to Miami to play the Dolphins — it’s bananas for two days before the game. So it’s actually a very smart decision.

But you know, you just know what some people are gonna say, especially if there are a couple black people in line. You know exactly what they’re gonna say. I’m just warning you. What I was gonna say about this, though, is Trump got off the airplane. He’s down there with Melania and the whole team: Marco Rubio, Pam Bondi, Rick Scott (the governor). They have the Florida Power & Light CEO, everybody. Such a good job, you know. You just know that this is humming. You know this recovery is.

FEMA, the federal, the state, the local, the entrepreneurial efforts are all working together, and the recovery — reestablishing electricity and other services — must just be going gangbusters, because you’re not hearing anything about it. The Drive-Bys are barely covering this. The Drive-Bys are not spending any time at all. The Drive-Bys are all trying to tell you that Trump caved and the wall is history and Chuck and Nancy are running the administration. They’re not sure even telling you what’s going on down in Florida with the hurricane recovery, or Houston.

They’re not even talking about Hurricane Harvey anymore. And if there was a gripe, if there was even one tiny gripe, they’d be all over it, ’cause they can’t wait to report that Trump doesn’t care. They can’t wait! They’d love to do what they did to Bush and Mike Brown, the FEMA director, after Katrina. But they can’t because there aren’t any serious complaints. And if there were, if there were people (whining), “I’m being ignored! They walked right by me; didn’t give me a banana. My house, my…” If there was any of that going on, it’d be the biggest story of the week. The Drive-Bys have been salivating, hoping to write that Trump’s blowing the hurricane recovery effort, and you can’t even find a story on it, which must mean it’s going gangbusters.

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