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RUSH: Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. This is Jim. Welcome, sir. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. That is a real thrill for me. A long, long, longtime listener, over 25 years I’ve been a Rushaholic.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: Whenever I get discouraged, I always turn you on and by the time 15 minutes goes by I’m feeling pretty good.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: I want to thank you. What I’m calling about is something that kind of goes along with what you were saying earlier about Hillary. She’s got this book tour going on now, and a week ago in the midst of the rising rush about the hurricane, on CBS TV news last week and then again with Jane Pauley, they kept going over this one part about her calling Donald Trump a creep ’cause he was lurking around behind her, stalking her.

They showed these pictures of him standing behind her with a smirk on his face and saying how he was invading her space. She also said, “Maybe I would have gotten elected if I’d turned around and said, ‘Get out of my space, you creep.'” At any rate, I watched that second debate in St. Louis, and I remember the talking heads the next day talking about this lurking. And I didn’t remember from watching it.

So when I heard it again last week, I actually brought up the YouTube video of that entire 90-minute debate. And not only did Trump never, during those 90 minutes, go over her space except once to shake her hand at the end. She actually invaded his space four times in a row. Within 30 minutes she walked from her podium 15 feet across the stage right between him and his podium after he answered his question, stood there for the entire two minutes, gave her answer, walked back, did it four times in a row.

RUSH: Yeah, you know what that is? You’re exactly right. She is saying that because she still finds it necessary to appeal to aggrieved women who have been taught that every man is a predator and not to be trusted. She’s lying about it just to reality to people again. That’s exactly what she does.

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