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RUSH: Headline: “NBC News Launches Media Site.” NBC News has just announced a new unit that will be dedicated to covering the media, like Howard Kurtz covers the media for Fox News. Little Brian Stelter covers the news for CNN. You know, analyzes the media. How did we, the media, do this week, they ask themselves, then getting through this phony baloney criticism of some things but mostly to criticize the audience for thinking what they think about the media.

However, the rest of the headline is this: “NBC News Launches Media Site, Staffs it With Leftists.” So? That’s all there is in the Drive-By Media. John Nolte with the story for Breitbart. Gabriel Sherman, who has written all of the anti-Roger Ailes articles and book, Gabriel Sherman, at New Yorker or New York, one of the two; Ben Smith, the social justice warrior from BuzzFeed; Kara Swisher, she’s a tech blogger. She used to be at the Wall Street Journal, now at something called Recode. She’s a huge Trump hater and I mean she is totally immersed in Silicon Valley culture and media. And a second editor from that site, Recode, Peter Kafka.

So this place, this new unit that NBC has — oh, there’s another guy, a guy named John Huey, who hates Trump as well, describes Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama as the American Taliban. And then there’s the Obamacare cheerleader, Steven Brill, who used to have a specific website of his own. So NBC News just announced a new hub dedicated to covering the media, and this is who the media analysts are, and every one of them is a hard left, deeply buried and committed anti-Trumper, Never Trumper, and Trump hater.

You have many different sexual orientations there. You have many sexual genders. You have the male-female makeup. I don’t know if there are any African-Americans in the unit. But if there aren’t, I’m sure they’ll fix it once they realize it. So that’s that. Just something else to avoid.

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