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RUSH: I’ve got a story here, students, college students believe that violence is warranted if you say something they don’t like. Violence is warranted. College students, violence is, in fact, not only warranted, violence is indicated, violence is required to shut people up saying things you don’t want to hear.

There was a big story in the Washington Post last night. I was reading about it, and I ran into a couple of, you know, pompous, arrogant leftists. These people all think that they’re smarter than everybody else and cooler and hipper and all that, and it’s just grating. You can just sense the arrogance and the conceit as well as the condescension when you read these people.

But one of these leftists was very, very worried about this. He said it’s insane, it’s silly, and what it’s gonna lead to, it’s going to lead to a shutdown of legitimate dissent, because if college students believe that it’s okay to start beating up people simply saying things you don’t want to hear, then in order to maintain order, and in order to maintain civility, the authorities are gonna have to stop protests. And if that were to happen, if the left were denied the opportunity to protest, one thing that would happen from that is the national mood would increase by a hundred percent.

Imagine if you could turn on the TV for a week and not see a bunch of malcontents running around blowing up things, causing havoc, protesting, hating the country, imagine the improvement in your mood. And this may lead to that. I mean, even some Drive-Bys are nervous about this, ’cause the protest, a public protest dissent, the protest march, it is a fundamental element of advancing liberalism by virtue of the intimidation and the chaos and the disruption of order that is involved. And so even some leftists think that this has gone too far.

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