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RUSH: This is Rich in Long Island. By the way, I have an alternative theory to Mary Jane. I want to squeeze another call in here. Rich, how are you?

CALLER: Good, Rush. It’s a pleasure speaking with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m calling, first I want to start by saying I’m a conservative social studies teacher, a rare breed these days. But that’s not why I’m calling. I’m calling about my daughter who is attending a liberal university, is pulling her hair out, asking for advice from you to help her cope. From a young age, middle school we’ve argued and debated about the issues going on, the liberals. And I told her, “Be prepared,” you know, a political science major, communications major, I said, “Be prepared, you don’t know what you’re in for.”

And, you know, she texts me every day, it’s just crazy. And, you know, some of the things that are going on, you know, she was in one of her journalism classes, for example, and they were talking about a tweet about LeBron James for 20 minutes and how it was a racist tweet. She raised her hand and spoke up and defended it and saying it wasn’t. At the end of the class when it was over several students approached her in the hall and called her a racist. I’m like, “You gotta be kidding me.”

The Republican club, which she joined already, can’t even get space in the student center to recruit people for the Republican club. They force them to sit outside the student center. These are the things she’s enduring. There are other things she’s been saying, but these are just a couple of examples that are going on on campus. She even called me before and said, “You’re paying a lot of money to get me indoctrinated.” I said, “Don’t worry, you’re smarter than that, you’re not gonna get indoctrinated.” But I just want to get your opinion. What can I tell her? She’s smart, she’s a great debater, but I’m just trying to keep her strong.

RUSH: She’s a freshman?

CALLER: She’s a transfer student. She’s a sophomore.

RUSH: Sophomore.

CALLER: She goes to my alma mater and I was there in the eighties when Reagan was president.

RUSH: Look, I’ve gotta break, look I’ve gotta break, I’ll hold you through the break, and we get this question in one form or another, how to deal with liberalism on campus. The best answer is get her out of there, but I know you’re not gonna do that, so…


RUSH: Now, Rich in Long Island, I’m not gonna ask you to name a university. It doesn’t matter. There’s two ways —

CALLER: It’s my alma mater.

RUSH: I know it’s important, it’s family legacy and this kind of thing. Your story is common for all kinds of people. Your daughter can get a great education staying immersed in this stuff, if she’s got the desire, the fortitude to put up with it. But I’m telling you —

CALLER: She does. It told her she’s gonna teach them something, even the professors.

RUSH: Well, if she’s willing to try that, that could impact her grade. I mean, these people are intolerant.

CALLER: Oh, know. I even talked to her about that. I said, “I hope they don’t hold it against you, you know, someone who speaks her mind and has an opinion and has a brain, hold it against you for speaking up in class.”

RUSH: Twenty percent of college students today in a big national poll this week say that violence against people who say things they don’t want to hear is called for. That doesn’t mean they can legally do it. That’s their attitude here. They firmly believe, 20% believe that it’s okay to beat people up if their gonna confront you and say things you don’t want to hear. Her life is gonna be, depending on how much she stands up to ’em, that’ll be considered provocative, and they’re either gonna ostracize her, ignore her, bully her or whatever. Now, she can get a great education learning how to deal with this, ’cause that happens to all of us in life at some point.

CALLER: Absolutely. I even told her when she went to the Republican club meeting last night, I said the first thing your club should talk about is “how can we get in the student center?” This is unacceptable. Why should you accept being put outside when everyone else can be inside. I said, “Go solve that problem.”

RUSH: Well, what are they gonna do? How are they gonna do it?

CALLER: I guess they’ll have to talk to maybe the person in charge of student affairs who is in charge of allocating the space at the student center for different groups to recruit. But I said you need to get on it, you shouldn’t just sit back and accept that. You need to go out there and, you know, talk to someone, get the professor who’s an adviser involved, just don’t accept that.

RUSH: If she’s willing to fight for this stuff, I’m always for that, and it’s an education unto itself, doing this. But it also holds the risk that she could eventually choose the path of least resistance and start shutting up and then conforming to it. You also have to consider, how’s this gonna impact the actual education she gets? I mean, what if the professors are gonna flunk her? What if the professors are gonna give her average grades when she does great work.

CALLER: Right. And that’s my concern. I said, you know, if you get an A and they decide to give you a C because of it then we have to have some conversations. Obviously there’s some serious issues that need to be addressed. But we’re only (unintelligible) kind of wait it out and see how that goes.

RUSH: Well, it sounds to me like she’s revved up for it. And if that’s the case, then that aspect of it isn’t a problem. If she was intimidated by this and asking you, “Dad, what do I do?” Then you’d have a different set of questions to answer. But it sounds like you raised her extremely well. It sounds to me like she has the one thing that you can’t buy and you can’t fake, and that’s confidence. And I’m telling you, if she has that, and if it’s coupled with a desire to triumph, then let her go.

I mean, that’s the best advice I could give you because people like that are gonna be necessary in dealing with this kind of thing. It’s tyranny, is what it is. And actually it’s legitimate fascism. And all these Antifa people are against fascism, they’re practicing it. So as long as she’s enjoying it and it’s not harming the overall level of her education, by that I mean the acquisition of knowledge, then people like her are gonna be needed. And you’re right to encourage her the way you are.

But you should also tell her that if she’s gonna go to the president’s office or the dean or anywhere else, these are the reasons this is happening. They are letting the inmates run the asylum, so she probably shouldn’t have high expectations of sympathetic ears among the people running the place. I’m glad you called.

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