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Well, have you heard Hillary saying in her book: “I hope Trump hasn’t decided to start shooting journalists”? (interruption) Well, apparently, I’ve seen it two different places. But here’s a woman — how many mysterious deaths have surrounded the Clintons their entire political lives, and now she’s supposedly writing that she worries Trump might be out there murdering journalists?

I mean, there’s a name that I’m just dying to say here. I’m not gonna say it. I just find — (interruption) you think it’s a hoax? Two different stories, I’ve seen two different stories. I’ll double-check it now that you think it’s a hoax, but, I mean, it either is or isn’t. It’s in there in her book, supposedly. The woman’s losing her mind. You realize this? You talk about poison? She was not equipped for this gig. She’s not equipped for it all.

She can’t handle this loss. She can’t handle anything about it. She’s whining and moaning and complaining in public like this. It’s not a pretty picture out there. It’s painful to listen to, painful to look at this. It’s always been painful to look at, painful to watch Hillary Clinton in action. Even if this is a hoax, the other things that she’s doing and saying.


RUSH: Correction. Correction. Hillary didn’t say in her book she hopes Trump is not gonna shoot journalists. She said it on TV, PBS, Charlie Rose last night. Question: “Do you believe Trump is sexist?”

HILLARY: I believe he has a very deep fascination for authoritarians and in particular for Putin. I think he not only likes Putin. I think he would like to be like Putin.

ROSE: (whispering) In what way?

HILLARY: In the way that he sees Putin as this sort of macho guy who basically gets to do whatever he wants to do in his country. And I don’t think as Trump himself has said, he understood the complexity of governing, how hard it was (snickering) what it meant to try to bring people together, a democracy.

ROSE: Ah-ah… On legislation, he never understood…?

HILLARY: But I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie.

ROSE: Then why…? Okay. So he doesn’t value democracy?

HILLARY: No! He’s a top-down guy.

ROSE: He’s an authoritarian? He’s no different than Putin?

HILLARY: Well, you know, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like.

RUSH: “Hopefully he hasn’t ordered…” Now, you realize how much of that bite is also formulaic? It’s all about the Russians colluded with Trump and stole the election from her, and so Trump wants to be like Putin. This, I think, illustrates her intellectual constraints. I don’t think this woman is mentally capable of independent, critical thought. I think she’s the product of slogans and snippets and philosophical beliefs.

She just regurgitates them in different words, different language now and then. But she really is intellectually limited, I believe. This is embarrassing, that whole sound bite of Hillary. That is embarrassing. “I think he wants to be Putin. I think he loves Putin! I think he’s a Putin.” The only reason that is in her mind is because of this silly idea they have that Putin and Trump colluded and stole her election from her.


RUSH: If you ask me, Hillary Clinton is far more like Vladimir Putin than Trump is. I mean, come on! Hillary got filthy rich selling her power. Trump got rich the old-fashioned way. He earned it. He made and sold stuff that people wanted. Hillary asked for people to give her money — or else. That’s what Putin does to you. Or else.

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