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RUSH: President Trump’s criticism of the NFL for supporting player protests during the National Anthem has sent Democrat Congressman Al Green over the edge.

The Texas congressman promises that next week he’s gonna to force the House of Representatives to vote to impeach Trump. He claims the president’s comments about NFL players “amount to a level of indecency unbecoming the office.”

Green is a member of the Congressional Black Caucasians, says he’ll file what’s known as a “privileged” resolution, which forces a vote. Other Democrat fringe-kooks, like Brad Sherman of California, talked about filing impeachment articles and forcing a vote. But that was all talk.

The Democrats are nervous that this Green guy really means it, which will put them in a quandary. New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler says: “We’re not there yet.” He says although Trump has done “terrible things,” there aren’t grounds for impeachment, yet. Even Maxine Waters, who’s been blathering about impeachment for months, isn’t rushing to Al Green’s side. Auntie Maxine is doing something rare, she’s keeping her mouth shut about how she’d vote if an impeachment vote were held next week.

Some Democrats are clearly annoyed with Congressman Green. They think that he should have talked to the entire caucus before playing the impeachment card.

Mr. Green, don’t let that stop you. You just step right up there and you do it. Make a fool of yourself and your party. Tell us who you are. Have at it, bro. Do it.

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