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RUSH: Look, let me cut to the chase on this dossier business, folks. You know me. I love to make complex understandable. Let me tell you what this is. When you strip all of these distractions away, the fake dossier was nothing more than an all-out effort on the part of the everybody inside the Beltway — the establishment — to get rid of this threat, this outsider threat posed by Trump. It wasn’t just the Democrats; it wasn’t just Hillary.

It was the CIA. It was the FBI. It was Republicans like McCain. It was the establishment, and they’re all linked in this. I’m not saying this trying to exonerate Hillary. She bought it, paid for it. But the fact is the CIA’s involved in this and Obama’s involved in this and the FBI’s involved in this. I’ll tell you one other thing. I think… We’ve seen references to this. I think in the bowels of the Democrat Party and the establishment, they knew Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate.

And I think a lot of them were worried that she couldn’t win, precisely because she was a lousy candidate who couldn’t tell anybody why she wanted to win. She couldn’t articulate an agenda, not honestly, and so this dossier was a combined effort by everybody of power in the establishment to make sure that this outsider didn’t win. And it has blown up in their faces. And now they’re running around like rats trying to flee the scene of the crime.


RUSH: By the way, the news of the dossier, the timing of this might be to help get the uranium story off of the position it holds above the fold. Of course, none of that works here. But that could be what they’re trying.

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