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RUSH: Let me posit a thought, folks, I mean just a think piece here to illustrate a point. What if the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists reorganized themselves and called themselves a religion? What would the left’s reaction to them be? ‘Cause isn’t that how these jihadists get away with it as far as the left’s concerned? “Well, it’s a religion of peace. These people really are not –” Every incident like this and the result and the reaction is predictable. We are not able to advance in any substantive way here to promote national security because of the identity politics and political correctness of the left.

Greetings, folks, great to have you. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network here. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Okay, so another jihadist is into the country, this time on something called the Diversity Visa Program. You know when the Diversity Visa Program started? I imagine there’s been a lot of talk about this. I haven’t spent a lot of time watching — didn’t spend any time last night. I’ve been watching the way cable news has been dealing with this this morning, and everybody, of course, Trump is focusing on Schumer. Schumer is saying it’s silly to point out this program and Democrats are saying it’s a waste of time for Trump to be saying whatever he’s saying about this.

But I talked about Andy McCarthy yesterday, my good buddy, he had a book called The Grand Jihad some time ago. And I want to read to you a passage from it, ’cause I was reminded of it today when I was consuming all this.

“Since the Bush 41 administration, the State Department has also been running a ‘Diversity Visa’ program, the very purpose of which is to promote immigration from countries whose citizens resist coming to the United States.”

In other words, we have a program that’s designed to get people who don’t want to come here to come here. What is the purpose of this? This is a direct assault on our culture. When we have a Diversity Visa Program that seeks to get people from foreign countries who do not want to come here, which means they have no interest in assimilating, then what you end up with is cultural disintegration. It is a harebrained scheme, and it was concocted by Ted Kennedy.

Now, everybody’s blaming Schumer, and he’s got plenty of blame to bear in this. But the idea was Ted Kennedy’s because of the Irish. The Irish were purportedly “underrepresented in our gorgeous mosaic of a country.” So now “fully one-third of the annual diversity visa lottery winners –” and that’s exactly what it is, it’s a lottery “– now come from Islamic countries, which means that the program has become a disproportionately important immigration vehicle for Muslims.”

Now, one of the areas of focus so far with people talking about the Trump travel ban and how Trump could say “See, I told you so, and all these judges have shut it down, but this is exactly the kind of extreme vetting that I’ve been talking about.” Trump can say that if he wants. I mean, he’s not much of a see, I told you so guy. (laughing) Joking.

But we’re vetting for the wrong thing here, folks. If we’re vetting for ISIS, if we’re vetting for Islamic jihadists, if we’re vetting for all of these things, that’s the symptom of what’s wrong. That’s not getting to the problem. If we’re gonna be serious — and so far, it doesn’t appear that we are. None of this makes any sense. This program doesn’t make any sense, immigration policy vis-a-vis radical Islam doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

So to talk about it in a rational way feels, frankly, a little stupid because the immigration policies that we have regarding militant Islam are themselves deficient. What we need to be vetting for is Sharia law supremacists. It is Sharia law supremacy that produces ISIS or that creates ISIS or Al-Qaeda or any of the other terror organizations that are linked to radical Islam. And that’s what needs to be screened. That’s what needs to be vetted. If you simply try to vet somebody that’s got sympathies or ties to ISIS, I mean, it’s effective in one way, but it doesn’t get anywhere near the root of the problem.

So thanks to the Diversity Visa Program — and remember, since Bush 41 — I mean, we’re going all the way back here to 1990, folks. Why did we start guilt-tripping about this in 1990? That’s what all of this sounds like to me, just a gigantic American guilt trip among denizens of the swamp. I mean, I can understand people at the State Department having a guilt trip. The State Department’s compromised of people who think the United States is the problem in the world.

But here’s the bottom line. Thanks to programs like this, another million or so Muslims reside in the United States. It’s impossible to say for sure what the precise number is because Homeland Security keeps track only of immigrant entries to the U.S., not whether these aliens leave or, once here, adhere to their stated purpose. Once they get in basically the monitoring stops. Now, these aliens are not American Muslims. This is the key. This is the thing that must be understood. They are legal and illegal immigrants whose loyalty is to some other country or, more realistically, to the notion of worldwide Islamic community.

Remember, now, the purpose of the program is to reach out to people in foreign countries who don’t want to come here and try to entice them to come here. For what reason? And of course when you see the word “diversity” in front of anything, you know the left is behind it, whether it’s Schumer, whether it’s Kennedy — by the way, it’s both.

But the idea that diversity is defined by religion, skin color, sexual orientation, sexual choice, all this sort of stuff, is a dead giveaway as to the thinking and the motivation behind the creation of such policies. But just the name of this program, the Diversity Visa Program, I don’t know. It’s almost like we have a death wish.

Now, the passage that I cite here in McCarthy’s book, The Grand Jihad, was written about ten years ago. And it has become only clearer in those 10 years that the jihadists are only the tip of the spear. We’re dealing with an ideological enemy whose aim — and they’re quite up front of this. They do not deny this. It is us — it is we — who refuse to hear it. Their objective is to supplant Western culture. “Come on, Rush! We had a guy who went nuts and he drove a car through eight people. This is not mass terrorism.”

That’s not the point. The point is: Where does the guy get his beliefs? Where does the guy get his ideas? Why’s he mad? Why does he want to do this to one person, eight people, 20? Why? That’s what we’re up against, and they can happen at any time because the people are here, and we’re not vetting for these kinds of people. We are purposely avoiding trying to find out whether or not the people we’re allowing into the country have any kind of supremacist notion of Islam or Sharia law.

But this is a problem in and of itself because so many people in our own government — the State Department, the Pentagon, any number of places — do not believe what Sharia adherents say. They discount it. They think it’s an insignificant minority of Muslims; it’s nothing to get worried about. Our greater problem, they think, is showing that we intend no harm, that we understand, that we are tolerant and understanding and that we are not bigots and racists and yada yada yada. But the undeniable claim that they make is the overthrow of western culture.

By the way, they’re not the only ones that are focused on that. There’s an entire percentage of the American left which is devoted to overthrowing Western civilization and Western culture, and not just here, but in the social democracies of Western Europe. And if we’re not going to take steps to identify these people and prevent them entry, then these kinds of things are gonna continue to happen, and they’re gonna get worse, and the people that enter… This guy, I don’t know how old he was, but he probably got here as a relatively young person.

They are arriving as young people, and they come, and they get radicalized or whatever. The chain migration aspects then kick in, and before we know it we’re dealing with many more people than we’ve actually allowed in — and if we’re not vetting to find and learn and discover their ideology, then we’re missing them. Even if we do identify them as ISIS sympathizers or Al-Qaeda sympathizers, that’s just a symptom. That’s just the visible characteristics of what it is that’s actually motivating and animating these people.

And again, they are very open about it. There’s nothing stealth about it! (chuckles) They’re very clear. We have chosen for decades — at the highest levels of our government — to just not believe it or not take it seriously or what have you. These violent attacks like the one that happened in New York yesterday cannot happen, at least not with regularity, unless there is a support system for guys like this. This guy’s not rogue. He may have acted alone, but he’s got a support system. He’s got someplace with like-minded people. You might call ’em ideological enclaves.

And they foster, they promote, they reward this kind of behavior, this kind of incitement, the recruitment and the training and the moral support. So we learn in the years leading up to yesterday’s attack that this guy, this terrorist, ended up at the Omar Mosque in Paterson, New Jersey. “Sharia supremacism’s inroads have made the community the object of counterterror investigations for over a dozen years.” We know about this mosque. That’s where the guy ended up. That’s where his support system was.

That is his ideological enclave. But we’re debating visa and refugee policy, and instead we need to be vetting for Sharia supremacy. I know this is a minority view for a lot of people. It goes too far. It gets into an area where people are uncomfortable about it. But that is the problem. That is what we’re up against. Put simply, we are allowing people into the country who want to tear it down. We’re allowing people into the country who want to overthrow it.

We are allowing people into the country who want to supplant our way of life with theirs. We’re letting them in. Can I read to you how this was described in the Washington Examiner? “Multiple People Killed When Truck Drives Down New York City Bike Path.” Really? Is that what happened? Reminds me of the old days where the SUV was blamed for killing people or driving off the top of a parking garage. The SUV had its own personality. It could drive itself around — and whatever damage that happened, the SUV did it.

“Multiple People Killed When Truck Drives Down New York City Bike Path — One person is in custody after driving down a bike path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon and killing multiple people in what police are calling an act of terrorism, according to the New York City Police Department. At least eight people were killed and 12 injured, according to police. Six were confirmed dead on the scene, and two were pronounced dead at the hospital.

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed the incident was an act of terror. ‘We know this action was intended to break our spirit, but we also know New Yorkers, New Yorkers are resilient and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence and an act meant to intimidate us,’ de Blasio said during a press conference.” And, by the way, the Halloween parade went on last night, and the local media New York is saying (summarized): Ah, this was really brave of these people. They were not shut down!

Their Halloween parade, they didn’t let this shut ’em down. These are brave and courageous people, the Halloween parade people. So we showed ’em. We showed ’em. They couldn’t stop the New York City Halloween parade in the Village. “Police confirmed…” Listen to this next paragraph: “Police confirmed a truck drove in a bike lane off the West Side Highway at around 3:05 p.m., hitting multiple people. The truck collided with a school bus at Chambers St. and injured two adults and two children on board.”

Now, if you just happened to be scanning the news and you don’t know anything that happened, you still don’t know what happened after you read this story. Diversity Visa Program. You know what this strangely reminded me of when I first heard it? I didn’t know about this ’til I got home yesterday after work. Remember that ad that’s running in the Virginia governor’s race, where a bunch of Latino and Muslim children are running for their lives while a big, black, menacing pickup truck flying a Confederate flag tries to run them down?

As that ad progresses, a tight shot on the truck shows that it’s got a “Gillespie for Governor” bumper sticker on it, and so the image is that people voting for Ed Gillespie for governor of Virginia, the Republican, have pickup trucks flying the Confederate flag, and they’re out there trying to run down innocent Latino, Hispanic, and Muslim children. That ad, by the way, has now been taken down. But isn’t it interesting that something like that happened? And so you wonder, is there any correlation? Probably not, since the events happened so close together, but who can say for sure?


RUSH: I saw something yesterday on the Drudge Report, and I didn’t click the link, so I don’t know the details. But it’s either now or very soon the Muslim population in America will outnumber the Jewish population in America. It either has happened or it’s on the way to happening.

But to deal with what he said. Nobody here is indicting all of Islam or Muslims. Folks, it’s a large swath, I’ll have to admit. The belief in the supremacy of Sharia law is where this is all centered. That’s where all the vetting should be aimed. That’s the threat. Islam in and of itself is not, but the idea of supremacy, Sharia law supremacy, that is and should be — it’s not — it should be the target of our vetting. That does pose a problem. And as they continue to migrate to America and expand their numbers, the problem gets exponentially larger at the same time.

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