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RUSH: On Tuesday afternoon eight people were killed when another terrorist drove a Home Depot rental truck for 20 blocks mowing down people on a bike path beside the Hudson River.

After crashing the vehicle, he jumped out with a paintball gun and pellet gun. He yelled “Allahu Akbar,” which translates to “God is great.“

He was then shot in the abdomen by an off-duty cop who had a real gun, and taken to a nearby hospital.

Early reports indicate that he may have rented the truck in New Jersey. But this guy is not homegrown. We invited him into the country. He’s part of the Diversity Visa Program. We extend invitations to people that do not want to come to this country. We don’t vet them, and that needs to change.

Now, the New York Post says that this guy is a native of Uzbekistan. According to an acquaintance, he is a “very friendly” guy who worked for Uber. And right until he mowed down innocent people, he was a “very good guy, very friendly” – the kind of guy who is “like a little brother.” He’s also an Islamist supremacist and that’s what we need to start vetting for.

We need to keep people out of the country who want to enter and undermine it. And we’ve got to stop inviting them in.  Thank you Senator Schumer.  Thank you Senator Kennedy.  It’s got to end.


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