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RUSH: President Trump earlier today at a White House meeting about repatriation of a company that’s reopening and moving back to the United States, and the tax plan. And I find it interesting. This is at the White House. It was during an event to announce that Broadcom, which is a semiconductor manufacturer. You wouldn’t believe the stuff in your iPhone made by Broadcom. And they’re moving their global headquarters to the United States. “Make America Great Again.” So Trump had a ceremony to recognize this and spoke about the tax reform plan that was unveiled today.

THE PRESIDENT: We’re working to give the American people a giant tax cut for Christmas. We are giving them a big, beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. It will be the biggest cut in the history of our country. It will also be tax reform, and it will create jobs. Today the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled a historic tax reform bill that will create tremendous prosperity for our nation. We will provide a massive tax cut for American families. We will make the tax code simpler and fair.

RUSH: Now, is this not a little bit interesting? Here’s Trump trying to become Santa Claus. That’s exactly what the American left and the Democrat Party have positioned themselves to be, government Santa. It’s tough to beat Santa Claus, we’ve said, after each Obama presidential campaign, promising this present, this goody and that. Here comes Trump, perhaps wresting the issue from them. He also said that this will translate to salary and wage increases.

THE PRESIDENT: We will be creating jobs like you have rarely seen in this country. So we never get tired of that pledge because we never tire of returning wealth to our country, jobs to our citizens, and honor to our great American workers. I honor our workers. These are incredible people, they’ve worked hard. You go back 20 years and essentially they haven’t had that salary increase that they should have had. But now you see it. Wages are starting to rise.

RUSH: And here he is with the chairman of Broadcom, the CEO, Hock E. Tan. I’m not sure that’s how he pronounces it, but that’s how it’s spelled. And here’s how that went.

TAN: In eras past when the conditions in this country made it harder for companies to compete in global markets, the intellectual property of these leading companies globalize and move offshore. But I am American, as are nearly all my direct managers, my board members, and over 90% of my shareholders. So today we are announcing that we are making America home again.

CROWD: (applause)

RUSH: Right on, right on. Broadcom coming back. The companies that he was talking about who had left: Bell Labs, Hewlett-Packard, Broadcom, they moved offshore, they globalized, moved offshore. But he’s coming back. Broadcom, baseband, modems, any number of semiconductors. And, again, you balance this against the continuing good economic news, economic confidence, and there’s Trump’s approval numbers in the high thirties. What’s wrong with all of that?


RUSH: Did you hear those words of Hock E. Tan, the CEO of BroadCom? He said, “Today we’re announcing we’re making America home again.” Folks, I’m just telling you, the left, the media, the Democrats, they cringe! Doesn’t this guy know he’s not supposed to be doing this? Trump colluded with the Russians and cheated, doesn’t this guy know this is not supposed to be done? They’re frustrated as they can be.

Trump just told the Republicans, he’s at the Cabinet Room up there having a meeting with the Republican leadership and he just told ’em he expects this tax cut on his desk by Thanksgiving.

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