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RUSH: My staff, I have to tell you, this is funny, my staff is shocked that I’m here today. Each of the last two years — it’s been coincidental — but I’ve taken the day off that happens to be iPhone release day. This is iPhone X release day, and I’m here. And they’re stunned. And they’re also stunned — I’ve got one here. And they’re shocked that they haven’t seen me playing with it or holding it up to the Dittocam or describing it to anybody.

I vowed that I was not going to be selfish today. I knew they were coming out, and I knew I had one, maybe two coming here, but I was not going to be selfish. And I was not gonna allow it to distract me from the program today. I’ll have time over the weekend to get it activated and play with it. And I, of course, will be sharing my thoughts with people about it. But it does. It feels like Christmas morning and my parents are making me eat breakfast and lunch before opening the presents and making sure that we eat dessert. Just keep it going before we get to the present.

But I’m doing my best here to be very adult about this and very mature and pretending that it’s not there behind me. I showed it to Snerdley earlier. I didn’t turn it on, but I showed him so he could feel the size of it and how it feels in his hand. So there’s been some. But I’ll do most of that later.

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