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RUSH: I have a little pop quiz. A little pop quiz. The first caller to spot what’s wrong with this tweet from the Washington Post will get an iPhone X. Are you listening? (interruption) Okay, you’ve got one call up there yet. So the calls that you’re now screening will be eligible to enter this pop quiz contest to win an iPhone X — and, by the way, I have all colors and I have all carriers. So I’m ready to go here. Here is a tweet from the Washington Post:

“There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters. They are men, and they use guns.” What is wrong? What is crazy about that? If you’re scratching your head, I’ll tell you what. I’ll even give a third option here. Two possibilities, two potential iPhone Xs on the line here. In the first example, what is wrong with this tweet: “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They are men, and they use guns.” Number two: “What’s wrong about that tweet?”

There’s something glaringly wrong about this tweet. There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters. They are men, and they use guns. The first question I’m asking: What’s crazy about that? The second one is: What’s wrong with this? So we’ll see what we get.


RUSH: We’re gonna take a phone call here because I’ve got a little pop quiz going on with an iPhone X, as the grand prize. It’s actually two different things I’m asking. Here is the tweet from the Washington Post: “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men, and they use guns.” And so we’re going to give Keith in Rochester, New York, his first stab at this. What’s wrong with this tweet?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, good to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Okay, it’s grammatically incorrect. If it’s nearly universal that they could be men, yes, there could be a woman, but it must always be universal if they’re a shooter that they have to use a gun, not might use a gun.

RUSH: You’re exactly right. This, to me, is the equivalent of putting Inspector Clouseau on the case to find out what happened, and he reports back to headquarters, “There was a man who shot 27 people, and we’ve determined that he used a gun.” And the inspector’s boss, “Brilliant! Brilliant! You’re our best detective.” This is absolutely asinine! There are only two nearly. That’s like saying almost always right. Whatever follows is irrelevant. There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters? Okay. So you win the iPhone for pointing out the stupidity of the tweet. I need to add, do you know anything about the iPhone X?

CALLER: Very little. I’ve got like an iPhone 6 or whatever.

RUSH: Do you have any understanding of what the iPhone X is?

CALLER: No. I think I’m going to be amazed.

RUSH: Oh you are. Who has the iPhone 6 or 6s? You have an iPhone 6?

CALLER: Me. Yeah.

RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: Well, that’s from 2014, so that’s three years ago, 2013, ’14. The iPhone X is simply state of art, no more touch ID, hello face ID, but the phone is magic. The phone has got technology in it that’s actually, I don’t think Apple intended to release this phone until next year, but they decided to do it. It will blow your mind. It’s the same size as your iPhone 6, but the screen is over an inch taller. The entire phone is the screen.


RUSH: The battery life is as good, if not better, than an iPhone 8 Plus. They come in two colors, space gray and silver. Both are black on the front because there’s not much on the front, other than the screen, so which color do you prefer?

CALLER: I’ll go with the gray.

RUSH: You’ll go with the gray. Okay. Hang on. We’ll get the necessary info to get it out to you and go from there. This guy didn’t even know what one is has just now won an iPhone X, and I’m telling you he’s gonna be blown away and dazzled. No “home” button. Everything on this phone is done with your face and with your index finger, swiping and various gestures. It’s fast. It is buttery smooth.

Folks, I’ll just tell you, I was not crazy excited about it because I thought it was gonna be too small. I love the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus, which is still bigger than the X because it’s wider. But man, oh, man, the technology in this phone, the operational smoothness and ease of this phone. The advanced state-of-the-art nature of it, it’s just fun to use, and it’s fun to learn what all can be done with it.

Dictation seems better. I think the microphone array is better. The screen is brand-new. It’s a different technology in the screen that uses less power from the battery. I could go on. There was one other question I asked about the tweet because there’s something factually incorrect in the tweet also, but I’m looking up here and we don’t have any other takers.


RUSH: Okay. We left off last hour… Oh! And we still have one pop quiz out there and I’m gonna have to give a hint here because I’m looking at people who want to take a guess and they’re not close, and it may be because I have not accurately explained the quiz. Here is the Washington Post tweet, and there is something glaringly factually wrong with it. Here’s the tweet: “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men, and they use guns.” Now, we’ve already given one iPhone away to somebody who correctly identified that mass shooters obviously use guns.

This is Inspector Clouseau-type stupidity. The second pop quiz, forget the contradiction “mass shooters” and “use guns.” There is a factually incorrect aspect of this tweet that I’m looking for. “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men, and they use guns.” I’ll give you a hint. There’s more than two, and the Washington Post ought to damn well know — and they may damn well know, they’re just choosing to damn well not report it. But there’s more than two characters of mass shooters.

I’m looking for the third.


RUSH: Okay. I can see by virtue of the highlights of what Snerdley says callers want to talk about, nobody’s even close to the answer I’m looking for on the second tweet, so I’m gonna give you another hint. I mentioned it yesterday. Here’s the tweet. “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men, and they use guns.” Forget how stupid that is. We’ve dealt with that side.

My pop quiz is, there are more than two. There may be five, but I’m looking for a specific third that is more important than any of the others, and I mentioned it yesterday. And the Washington Post doesn’t even know. First person to identify it, we’re just taking calls randomly in the order they come in, will get a brand-new iPhone X courtesy of me. Here’s Mike in Port Angeles, Washington. Great to have you, sir. How are you?

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Longtime listener since ’96.

RUSH: Great to have with us, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: My pleasure. Toxic masculinity, that seems to be the new narrative, and that’s what it sounds like to me.

RUSH: Well, that would be encompassed — if a liberal publication says that the two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters, one is they’re men, it would follow that they’re masculine and toxic because that’s what liberals think of all men, toxic and masculine. But that’s not what I’m looking for here.

CALLER: That just seems to be the narrative of today and —

RUSH: It is.

CALLER: — so much about, you know, the new anti-masculinity classes —

RUSH: This clown isn’t masculine. This guy doesn’t have one masculine characteristic. This guy is nothing but a loser. Look at the guy’s rap sheet. This guy, if he’d been dealt with properly by the law enforcement justice system he wouldn’t have come close to being legally able to buy a gun. Now, that doesn’t mean he would not have gotten a gun, sadly. That’s the whole point of gun control. People that are gonna commit crimes with them will find a way to get them, despite what the law says.

But this guy could have been stopped if the Air Force would simply have correctly entered the data of his behavior during the Air Force, he was an abuser and so forth, and he would never have passed a background check. But this guy’s plenty toxic. This guy, the last word you would think of when you look at this guy and then start studying his behavior, there’s nothing masculine about this guy whatsoever. This guy is an insult to masculinity. This is what liberalism does to guys, if you ask me.


RUSH: Okay, the tweet, we still have an iPhone X hanging around out there to give away. I haven’t had a chance to check phone calls in an hour so we’ll go to ’em now. Just to remind everybody, here’s the tweet from the Washington Post. We’ve already discussed what’s wrong with it in one regard. Tweet: “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men and they use guns.”

We’ve already exposed the fallacy of this. Of course they use guns; they’re shooters. But there is a third universal characteristic of mass shooters the Post doesn’t mention, and I did yesterday. If you know what it is and you’re the first to tell me, then you get a the brand-new iPhone X loaded, 256 gigabytes, it’s unlocked, it will work on any carrier. Here is Terry in Charleston, South Carolina. You want to take a stab at it?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I do. First of all, let me say it’s a pleasure to talk to you. It’s the first time I ever got through and I’m just ecstatic. It’s like winning the lottery.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, well, thank you. But I will take a guess and I will say that the third thing that they’re not posting is that 95% of all mass shooters are Democrat.

RUSH: Now, that’s not what I’m looking for, but that’s an interesting premise. Let’s look at the tweet. “There are only two nearly universal” — do you realize, folks, the lousy see sentence construction? “There are only two nearly universal” — you can’t qualify universal. Universal is universal. It’s everything. Not nearly.

Now, the fact that the mass shooters are all Democrats or 95%, that’s why you’re saying 95% ’cause the they used the word “nearly” so you think that 95% would work. That may be true. I don’t know. I know the media tries to make ’em all out to be big fans of Fox News or talk radio, and none of them are. But that’s not the answer I’m looking for. But that’s good thinking. And I appreciate the effort and the call.


RUSH: Here’s Larry in Cincinnati. Larry, back to the phones we go. You’re next, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. I just want to say there’s all categories of heroes, and for the people that don’t have a platform like we do, you speak logic and you speak for us. I appreciate that.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I think the answer might be that he has no concept or the value of life that’s common to all these people. They don’t respect life at all.

RUSH: That’s undeniably true. I’m starting to get guilty here. But I’ve been clear, there’s one thing I’m looking for that I mentioned yesterday — and sadly this isn’t it, but you’re right. You know, what we’re illustrating here is the folly of this Washington Post tweet. That’s the point here, folks. Listen to this stupid tweet again. Now, remember, they think that they’re being profound. What is their new motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”? Some gibberish as that.

So here they’re tweeting out… This is an actual Washington Post tweet. It’s not a byline tweet, it’s an actual, the paper got up today and wanted to tweet something, and it is, “There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men, and they use guns.” Now, that’s absolutely stupid! Of course, shooters use guns! Only two nearly universally…? What our callers today have demoed is there are a couple of the characteristics these people have.

There’s far more than just two, and our callers today have named ’em. But my pop quiz does have a specific answer that I have steered people to, and I mentioned it yesterday. It’s not more important than ones that previous callers might have mentioned. But I think it is the most politically powerful answer, which is why I’ve chosen it to be the winner. So I very much appreciate the call, Larry.

RUSH: Up next is Brad in Cecilia, Kentucky. What side of the state is Cecilia, Kentucky, on?

CALLER: Well, Rush, it’s right in the middle.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Right near Elizabethtown.

RUSH: It figures I’d ask you, “What side?” And it’s in the middle. How big a town is Cecilia?

CALLER: It’s real small.

RUSH: “Real small.” It’s great to have you on the program. So what do you think the answer here is?

CALLER: Well, I thought about it the other day. I believe that none of those shooters are NRA members.

RUSH: Bingo! That’s it! That’s exactly right. I made the point yesterday. What does the Drive-By Media try to tell you? That the NRA is murdering people. The NRA is essentially culpable. “The NRA is promoting guns! The NRA is advocate for guns; they romanticize guns.” The simple fact of the matter is not a single — not nearly, not near, but it is universally true. Not one mass shooter has ever been a member of the NRA.

CALLER: It’s true.

RUSH: That is in such direct contradiction to what the image the Drive-By Media tries to create. In fact, the hero at the Texas shooting was a former NRA instructor who grabbed his rifle and went out there without even his shoes on and plugged the guy between an opening in the body armor, and he’s pretty convinced he hit him. But the iPhone X is yours, Brad.

CALLER: Thank you!

RUSH: Are you familiar with them? Have you kept up or do you know anything about them?

CALLER: No, I don’t know that much about ’em. I have an Android now.

RUSH: Ohhhh-ho, you have an Android now. Are you wedded to that Android?

CALLER: No, sir.

RUSH: Well, I have to tell you, you’re gonna get the iPhone X… It comes in two colors: space gray on the back or they call it silver, but it’s actually a creamy grayish white. They’re glass back, both of them. They’re both black on the front, so you pick a color and we’ll get that out. What color do you prefer?

CALLER: I’ll try the gray one.

RUSH: The space gray. Okay.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: So you hang on here so we can get an address.


RUSH: We need a FedEx address to ship this stuff to you. We’ll get it out as soon as we can. We assemble a nice package here with a nice card and a whole bunch of stuff.

CALLER: Great. Thank you.

RUSH: Now, hang on. Don’t hang up. Snerdley needs to get your address. But if you’ve not used an iPhone, you have no idea what you’re in for. You are going to be making a step up. You’re gonna love this phone; you’re gonna be dazzled by it. I love the fact that an Android user has won one here. But, folks, there are more. Don’t sweat it. There will be ample opportunities to win other iPhone Xs as the programs unfolds.

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