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RUSH: Just a little observation here on the Texas church massacre. You know, folks, every time one of these things happens, the left starts caterwauling about needing more laws and more restrictions, and we need to take away people’s rights to guns. You know what? I made an observation not long ago, and I’ll repeat it right here.

You have these numskulls on the left who are running around claiming that Trump is a fascist, that Trump is a dictator in the making, that Trump is a totalitarian, that Trump is intolerant, that Trump doesn’t know proper pronouns to use, whether you’re cisgender, transgender, backwards gender, downwards gender, whatever. And they’re up there and they’re painting this picture of Trump, that he’s gonna come in and put you in jail if he doesn’t like you. And yet these people want to get rid of everybody’s guns!

If they really think Trump is this totalitarian figure, then what sense does it make to take away one of your first lines of defense? And then you got to stop to realize, none of these wusses have guns. Well, some of them do, but they don’t go public. There’s a lot of Democrats that own guns, but they can’t afford to admit it.


RUSH: Back to the Texas shooting. No, I did not lose my place. Have you noticed…? Have you heard the latest here? The Democrats are always demanding more laws, more restrictions on guns every time one of these happens. We find out that the shooter was able to get his guns because the United States government — the United States Air Force — neglected to enter his convictions for domestic violence into the FBI’s database. If they had done so, he would not have passed a background check. We have plenty of laws that prevent reprobates like this guy from getting a gun.

But if the data isn’t there, then the background system isn’t gonna know these people and they’re gonna pass with flying colors. Now, I purposely said the U.S. government. The Air Force is part of the Department of Defense, and this is the U.S. government which failed at data entry here. There’s another instance of this. Somebody else broke a bunch of laws that weren’t gonna stop him anyway. The law doesn’t necessarily always alter behavior, by definition. But there’s one other example. The guy would not have… The place all these leftists want to turn to to fix all these problems is the source of the problem.

I’m not trying to pile on the Air Force here. But it is what it is.


RUSH: I’ll tell you what I was trying to think of. It was Dylann Roof. The FBI botched his background check. This the North Carolina church shooter. “The FBI admitted a few weeks after the June 2015 shooting that Roof should not have been able to buy the gun because he possessed drugs during a separate arrest in February of that year. Agency director James Comey said the mistake happened because the arresting agency was listed erroneously as Lexington County…”

Anyway, Dylann Roof… This is two perps, two mass shooters who would not have passed background checks if government agencies hadn’t screwed up. Now, this is all too common. Government agencies mess up because they’re massively oversized bureaucracies. You know, data is only as good as the data entry. And let’s face it; how exciting is it? You’re sitting there at the keyboard and you gotta enter data all day long. I mean, it has to be done. There’s no way to automate that.

You can’t trust dictation yet to get everything right, so it has to be manually done. I’m sure stacks of data pile up and the data-entry people (data processors is what they are) simply get overwhelmed and they end up saying, “You know, I don’t need to put it in,” and they toss it in the “done” pile or whatever. Bottom line: The liberal Democrats are out demanding more people laws, more restrictions. We’ve got more than we can keep track of now! Neither of these two shooters — Dylann Roof or this guy in Texas — would have been able to legally buy a gun.

They wouldn’t have passed a background check, and it’s not the NRA’s fault.


RUSH: Todd in Springfield, Illinois. Hi. Great to have you, Todd.

CALLER: Rush, it’s great to talk to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Go ahead.

CALLER: Hey, I just want to point out that this Air Force blunder is not an anomaly like I think they’re trying to make it out to be. You know, the government, anything it puts its fingers in, it ends up screwing up and then spending all its time trying to fix. Examples are, you know, every time there’s a screw up at a VA hospital, my senator from my home state, Richard Durbin, hits the Senate floor and starts railing about the VA when he is the VA. It’s the government. But they always pretend that they don’t have anything to do with this.

RUSH: No, you’ve nailed it. I’ll tell you what, the government comes up with a new plan, a new policy, a new entitlement, and everything goes wrong and the government says, “We need to fix this.” We let the people who blew it in the first place fix it. Obamacare. By all rights, nobody in government ought to have a thing to do with whatever we do next because they so botched it the first time around. You’re right. It’s not an anomaly. It is the nature of bureaucracies. And we have a bureaucracy that’s out of control and impossible to even measure its size.

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