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RUSH: Another day, another high-profile Democrat accused of sexual harassment. Ronan Farrow is back with another detailed story of Harvey Weinstein. This story that Ronan Farrow has written — it’s in the New Yorker, and it’s all about how Weinstein hired the Mossad — well, former Mossad agents — and other security firms to go out and surveil and meet with all of the women that Weinstein feared might report him and to find out what they were thinking and to intimidate them and basically gather intel.

And we find out that he was also paying journalists to do this. Journalists were on the take for Harvey Weinstein. I don’t think that should surprise anybody. I mean, Weinstein is a Big Hollywood mogul. Journalists don’t make a lot of money, and they love hobnobbing with celebrities and stars. They like having access. And if one of them is gonna come along and pay you to find favorable information and report back, I mean, that seems like something somebody with few standards would not have a problem with whatsoever.

But the new high-profile Democrat accused of sexual harassment is none other than — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — the Reverend Jackson. Mr. Snerdley, have you heard the rumors over the years of the randiness of the Reverend Jackson? It’s decades old. I mean, this guy has been one of the randiest dudes out there, right?

Well, another day, another high-profile Democrat accused of sexual harassment. Do you remember this narrative that the Republicans were leading a War on Women? Let me tell you who the generals and the commanding officers of the War on Women were. They were Ted Kennedy. They were Bill Clinton. They were Algore. They were Harvey Weinstein, the Reverend Jackson.

And Ted Kennedy — let’s not forget Chris Dodd. Hey, for you Millennials in the audience, you may not have heard about this. Ted Kennedy and his fellow senator from Connecticut, Chris Dodd, popularized an evening out in Washington known as the “waitress sandwich.”

Now, I don’t know how many of you Millennials have heard this, but Senator Kennedy (that’d be Senator Ted Kennedy) and Senator Dodd would often go out to dinner at night and party. And one of their favorite restaurants (no longer there) in the nation’s capital was La Brasserie. And it was probably their favorite because the name is very close to “brassiere,” and we know what brassieres hold. So they went to this place, and they would often repair to a private room, just the two of them, where they would engage in “waitress sandwiches.”

Now, a “waitress sandwich” is Senator Kennedy or either Senator Dodd on the bottom, the waitress in the middle (either face up or face down, didn’t matter), and the other senator, Dodd or Kennedy, on the top. This is not lore. This is not an old Washington story. This actually was a famed technique that many insiders in Washington marveled at. They thought it was really cool. The waitresses went along with it, don’t misunderstand here. We’re not talking sexual harassment here. We’re just talking debauchery in the case of Senator Kennedy.

But these are the guys leading the War on Women. You know, the real War on Women — the real War on Women that we now know about — has been conducted by Democrats, and the Reverend Jackson has been outed by a journalist at The Root. Do you know what that is? The Root is an online publication started by “Skip” Gates. Do you know who that is? “Skip” Gates is a professor at Harvard, and he’s a close friend of Barack and Michelle O. And it was “Skip” Gates who was arrested for breaking into his own home (interruption) by a white cop, and when Obama heard about it he called the cop stupid.

This led to the Beer Summit in Michelle’s vegetable garden at the White House with the white cop from Cambridge and “Skip” Gates. His name… “Skip” Gates is what everybody calls him. It’s his nickname. (sigh) I’m having a mental block on his real name. But when Gates was named in this, when he was arrested, he was accused of breaking into his own house and that’s what led to the controversy. Obama said (paraphrased), “I know ‘Skip’ Gates; ‘Skip’ Gates couldn’t break into his own house! He had a key. I don’t understand this. The cop’s stupid, doing stupid things,” and that… (interruption)

Henry. That’s right. Henry Louis Gates, nicknamed “Skip.” It just strikes me strange, a Harvard professor nicknamed “Skip.” The two don’t go together. But unless you’re Sarah Huckabee Sanders, we can’t make fun of you. Did you see what they did to her on Saturday Night Live? I mean, it’s vicious. These people claim to be looking out for women and protecting women and all that. If there’s a War on Women, there’s no question it’s being conducted by the American left. Anyway, the journalist at The Root is Danielle Young, a writer-producer.

She “detailed her experience with Jackson in a 2,000-word post published Monday, alleging that Jackson touched her inappropriately while taking a photo with him after a keynote speech by the ‘living legend’ at a ‘very popular’ media company. ‘I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me,’ Young wrote. ‘His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.’

“The unexpected touch, Young said, left her ‘shocked, to say the least,’ and uncomfortable in a room full of colleagues. … After contacting a former colleague, Young said she realized her take on the situation was not unique. ‘I remember him being inappropriate with all the women,’ Young said, recalling the co-worker’s take. ‘And I also remember you telling me that he did something more with you. And then we brushed the [stuff] off and chalked it up to him just being a dirty old man.'” So, The Root… That’s a publication that is devoted to genealogy tracing, and Henry Louis Gates runs it, or started it, or founded it.

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