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RUSH: So back on October 23rd, the Washington Post endorsed Doug Jones, the Democrat running for the Senate in Alabama — the seat Jeff Sessions used to have. The Post called him “a credit to the state.”

Now, the endorsement included a scathing attack on the Republican, Judge Roy Moore. They called Moore “unfit to serve.” Their main complaint was Moore was “unfit to serve” because of his decision to allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed on state property.

Then, on November 9th, the Washington Post delivered a bombshell: A story accusing Judge Moore of having inappropriate relations with a teenage girl almost 40 years ago. The judge categorically denies it.

A swift reaction came from the swamp. Senator John McCain called the allegations against Moore “deeply disturbing and disqualifying.” Whether they were true or not, McCain called for Moore to step aside right now.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also urged Moore to step down, but at least he added “if” the allegations were true. Luther Strange — who Moore defeated in the primary — called the news report “very, very disturbing.”

And then came, a story in The Hill about Lisa Murkowski, Alaskan senator. In 2010, she beat back a Tea Party challenge to her seat with a write-in vote. So she is suggesting that Luther Strange run his own write-in campaign.

Thankfully, none of these establishment figures are Russian. Otherwise, there might be suspicions of “collusion.” Thank you, Russians.

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