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RUSH: We have a couple of kids that have phoned in here. Now, normally we wouldn’t take two 12-year-olds, 11-year-olds in a row, but we’re gonna make an exception here, and it’s Open Line Friday. We’re gonna start with Olivia. She’s 12, she’s in Rockland, California, and I’m so glad you called, and I appreciate the fact that you held on. How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. How are you?

RUSH: Well, I’m fine and dandy. Even better since you’ve called.

CALLER: I called to thank you for your Rush Revere book because, so far, we spent our whole seventh grade year learning about Muslim and African cultures and their history and with your books I finally get to learn about American history that’s accurate, and I really appreciate it.

RUSH: Wait a minute, Olivia. I want to make sure I heard you. Did you say you are in the seventh grade?


RUSH: And they haven’t begun teaching American history yet, you’re learning about Muslims and other conditions, other cultures, and their history?

CALLER: Yes, that’s correct. That’s correct.

RUSH: And you’re not learning American history yet?

CALLER: Nope. We’ve only learned about other people’s history.

RUSH: I mean, that’s hard — literally — in all of your years in school, or just this year have you not been taught American history?

CALLER: Well, last year I didn’t really get to learn a lot about American history. It was again a lot about, like the Romans, and again more Muslims and Islam cultures and history. And I do really like American history, and —

RUSH: Wait a minute. This is your second year in a row of being taught about Muslim and Islamic cultures and history and still no direct American history education?


RUSH: What do your parents think of this?

CALLER: They don’t really like it because — well, yeah, they don’t really like it.

RUSH: Yeah, I can understand. So the Revere books you like because you’re learning about American history from them?

CALLER: Yeah, because American history is actually my favorite kind of history, and the time that your books take place in, that’s like my favorite time to learn about, is like the wars and stuff.

RUSH: Excellent. Well, you know, I’m so happy to hear you say this. We have written these books in a way in which you actually go to that time in history. You live it yourself. You’re not just having facts or things recited to you, but the traveling talking horse, Liberty, takes the reader back in time, you actually live it. So that’s awesome. I’m stunned here that you’re in the seventh grade and this is your second year of learning about all these other world religions and cultures but nothing substantive about American history.


RUSH: Well, you know, I have a story here that I have been holding until I got to your call, and there’s one other young person that we have on hold too. The headline of this story is how schools use character education to brainwash kids and undermine American values. And this is all about the attempt to indoctrinate kids today with the beliefs of the United Nations and globalism and the fact that there really shouldn’t be any countries and there shouldn’t be any country related traditions. They should all be erased and replaced with a worldview of things, which I’m gonna spend some time detailing in the next hour. Well, you’re ahead of the game. How many Revere books do you have?

CALLER: I have all four.

RUSH: Well, there are five.

CALLER: And I’m on the fourth one.

RUSH: Well, then you don’t have ’em all. Now, do you have a phone? Do your parents let you have a phone yet?

CALLER: Yeah. But it’s an $88 Samsung phone.

RUSH: Okay. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna send you a little iPad. I’m gonna send you an iPad Pro because that will be really valuable for you in school and so forth, because the phone, your parents would have some say in that. If you hang on, we’ll send you a bunch of stuff from the Revere headquarters and some books and CDs and a little iPad. It’s not little. It’s a 10-and-a-half-inch dude. It will be all yours next week. Now, don’t hang up so that Snerdley gets your address, Olivia. Thanks much for the call, and we’ll be right back.


But I’ll tell you something else, folks. There’s something else going on here. It’s nothing new. It’s actually a new way of describing what is going on. And I think it serves purpose here to simplify it. Whether it be race riots and Black Lives Matter in Ferguson or Baltimore or whether it be mass shootings or whether it be protests of Donald Trump or whether it be NFL players protesting the national anthem and the American flag, whatever all of these left-wing protests, in some cases riots, are all about, I think there’s one thing that is the target.

This is not anything new. This is not something that’s not even been said before. I don’t think that there are many disparate issues driving all of this unrest and protests. I think there’s opposition to one thing, and that’s Western culture, Western civilization. I think that is — and let me tell you one of the manifestations of it. Tell me if you have heard this before. Well, I know you have.

Let’s take the case of Ferguson, Michael Brown. Let’s take the case of the NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem or any other left-wing protest. We hear one way or another a variation of the fact that these people are actually justified in doing this. People who commit crimes in protesting America are not guilty, they’re not the criminal ones. In fact, it is Western culture that made them this way. Western culture, for example, is said to be the reason we had slavery.

And so any protests, from Black Lives Matter or any other civil rights group against America is said to take place because those who are guilty, those committing the crimes, you can’t hold them to account because they were made to do these crimes by virtue of the unfairness of Western culture, Western civilization.

Take the example of the often made argument that America’s prisons are overcrowded with innocent black men. What makes ’em innocent? It’s not that they’re innocent of the crimes they committed. It is that they had no choice but than to commit the crimes because of how they have been mistreated and discriminated against and harmed by virtue of Western civilization.

And so this is the escape hatch or the escape plan for all of the lawbreaking that happens in the form of anti-American protests. It’s America’s fault. It’s Western civilization’s fault. It’s Western culture’s fault. The plight of the poor is not anything to do with the poor. They have no responsibility for it. It’s America’s problem. It’s the inherent inequities and unfairness of Western civilization, Western culture.

And that’s really the foundation on top of which all of this anti-American stuff is happening. At its root is the claim that all of this lawlessness is actually justified, because the real crime is Western culture. The real criminal activity is Western civilization and those who practice it. And this is exactly what is underway.

I remember the famous Reverend Jackson way back in the 1980s and early nineties was out at Stanford, California, marching, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western civ has gotta go.” They’ve been open and up front about it. And contained within Western civilization and Western culture is Christianity. And so when we incarcerate people who break the law, here comes the civil rights coalition saying, “You can’t put ’em in jail. They didn’t really commit a crime. The crime was committed against them. Their poverty and their lack of stuff and the reason that they can’t get good jobs, the reason is because of Western civilization.”

Nothing is ever their fault. This has been building, it’s been developing as a premise for leftists to use that is constantly used to buttress the point that America is to blame for all this, that America insufficient, that America’s discriminatory, America’s racist, America is bigoted, America’s only for white Christians. And this is really what the assault is. The assault is on Western civilization and Western culture.

You know, go back to Magna Carta, come forward, that’s what’s under assault. And the very existence of America and Western civilization is said to be why all of these malcontents are committing crimes in the first place, and they’re justified in doing so. And so this premise has taken over now. It’s prevalent in movies and books and TV shows that seek to make victims out of America, victims out of Western civilization.

Now, why am I bringing this up again and focusing it? Because of the story I mentioned to 12-year-old Olivia in the last hour: “How Schools Use ‘Character Education’ to Brainwash Our Kids and Undermine American Values.” Remember, Olivia’s 12, she’s seventh grade. She said that she has yet to have a class where she’s been taught American history. She’s had two years in a row of learning about African history, African culture, Islamic history, Muslim religion related things, but nothing about American history.

I realized some of you may think, “That’s not really true. She’s 12. She probably just doesn’t remember things.” Well, I just wanted to share this story with you. In fact, I wasn’t even gonna use this today. I didn’t even print it out until I saw that we had the two young kids on the phone.

“Across America, ‘character education’ programs mandated by law in K-12 schools are undermining the deepest threads of American culture and transforming its values. What is ‘character education?’ According to Character.org, character education is an initiative to ‘help young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.’ Many of the character traits taught in our public schools follow traditional social norms of mutual respect and character development, which allows its true agenda to go largely unnoticed.”

There are three primary elements of the initiative here, and the first two that I just mentioned, who can oppose this? Who can oppose helping young people become responsible or caring, contributing? “Parents should be aware that school education programs are becoming more dependent upon curriculum standards developed in conjunction with UNESCO’s –” and that’s a United Nations outfit “– Global Education First Initiative (GEFI).”

There are three priorities of GEFI. “Priority #1: Put Every Child in School. Priority #2: Improve the Quality of Learning.” Okay, who can disagree with that? “Priority #3: Foster Global Citizenship.”

Okay, so nothing wrong with 1 and 2 so nothing to get concerned about there. Maybe nothing here to see at all, until you get into what “foster global citizenship” actually constitutes. We’ve mentioned the Clinton Foundation on this program a number of times. Do you know they have an annual award called the Global Citizen Award, and then they have the Global Citizen Festival. Did you know that many American schools are actively aligning themselves with this movement?

So what is global citizenship? Well, essentially it’s communism. Let me cut to the chase and tell you that global citizenship is taught as pro-communism, pro-socialism, anti-individual liberty and freedom. That is considered bad. “Global citizenship involves the recognition that one is part of a larger, interconnected global community with certain shared values.”

So you’re nobody. Everybody is just an indiscriminate member of something much, much, much larger.

“Global citizenship involves the recognition that one is part of a larger, interconnected global community with certain shared values aimed at accomplishing the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development goals both now and in the future. The UN Agenda 2030 Plan for Sustainable Development was officially signed by President Obama in 2015 and is an official part of the US Global Development Policy. To foster these values, GEFI uses education ‘to create a generation that values the common good.'”

There it is. Who gets to define the common good? “‘Deeply entrenched beliefs take time to change. But young people are open to new perspectives, and schools are ideally positioned to convey them.’ -UNESCO, Global Education First Initiative, Priority #3: Foster Global Citizenship.”

And here’s the philosophy: “By aligning itself with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, global citizenship is based upon a mix of philosophy which includes the ethics of utilitarianism, socialism, and humanism. Utilitarianism is concerned with the overall well-being or happiness of the greatest number of people. In utilitarian societies, like democracies, individual rights are subordinate to the rights of the majority,” meaning the state. “This presents significant challenges to the existence of the American republic.” How can America exist if utilitarianism is the goal of the U.N. sustainability project where individual rights are subordinate to the rights of the state?

In America the individual trumps everything. Our Constitution is written for and about individual liberty and freedom, natural common law. This U.N. plan erases all of that. The socialism aim here advocates a just distribution of the world’s resources and fruits of labor.

“Humanism,” which is the third part of the U.N.’s global citizenship sustainability development goals, “Humanism envisions a world without God. ‘Without God’ includes the denial of a Creator which gave us any unalienable rights. Thus, to global citizens the Declaration of Independence would be deemed irrelevant, as would the US Constitution, which is built upon the principle of inherent rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

“What happens if your values don’t match the values of a world without God? What happens if you want teach your children the values for citizenship in the kingdom of God rather than the anti-godly values of proper ‘global citizens?'”

The point is Western civilization is also under assault at the United Nations under a new education curriculum, which is called character education. And it really is nothing more than a program designed to wipe young kids’ notions of individual liberty and freedom out of their heads and replace it with the fact that they’re all part of a global community where the individual doesn’t exist. The state is gonna do everything it can to make life pleasing and pleasant and sustainable for the most people. And this has begun to enter various public schools in America, K through 12 already.


RUSH: Here is Mary Belle. She’s 11 years old and she is in Miami. It’s great to have you on the program today, Mary Belle. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Hi. I’m here to thank you about the books, because it’s really helping me in school in history class.

RUSH: How so? How did it help you in history class?

CALLER: Well, we’re learning about “no taxation without representation,” and then the history teachers, like, “Oh, who knows what that means?” and I was the only one that raised my hand, and then I explained to her what it meant. (giggles)

RUSH: No kidding! Congratulations. Good for you! And you knew it because you’d read a Rush Revere book?


RUSH: Well, that’s just dynamic! That is just terrific. Was your teacher shocked?

CALLER: A little. (giggles)

RUSH: I’ll bet she was.

CALLER: She didn’t know it was from your book. She didn’t know it was your book.

RUSH: Well, she does now.

CALLER: She’s a big liberal.

RUSH: They all are when you get into school.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: I mean, Mary Belle, it’s something you’re gonna face. As you get older and stay in school, most of them are gonna be.

CALLER: Yeah, I know.

RUSH: (laughing) “Yeah, I know.” (laughing)

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: Well, have you read all of the books? By the way, I should note: At least you’re being taught some of American history.

CALLER: Yeah. I heard the girl that came on earlier.

RUSH: Yeah. What grade are you in?

CALLER: Sixth.

RUSH: Sixth grade, and you’re already get into American history. Okay. Cool. So how many of the Revere books do you have?

CALLER: Well, I’m about to start the third one.

RUSH: “Just about to start the third one.” Do you have them all or you just have up to number three? It doesn’t matter.

CALLER: I just have up to number three.

RUSH: Well, it doesn’t matter, because I want you to hold on. We’re gonna send you all the books. I’m gonna send you some CDs of the books so you can listen to me read them if, you know, you want a break from reading. You can just listen to me. I’ve recorded the audio version of all, and you can relive them that way. I do all the voices, and we’re get some other stuff that we’re gonna throw in there. I’m also gonna there you a 10-and-a-half-inch iPad Pro for you because that will come in so handy for you as you stay in school. Do you have a tablet or a laptop computer now?


RUSH: Oh, wow! You don’t know what you’re in for. You’re gonna have so much fun with this, and it’s gonna be so valuable to you at the same time.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: So if you would hang on, Mary Belle, we’ll get your address. We’ll get all this stuff out to you next week, and I thank you very much. Great story. Teacher wants to know about “taxation without representation,” and only one in the class who knew. “She’s a big liberal.” (chuckling)

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