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RUSH: The Drive-Bys are now realizing that they gave Bill Clinton a pass back in the 1990s when all of these women that he was involved with, the interns that he mistreated, women with whom he had had affairs and dalliances, the allegation of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, other women coming forth with stories of sexual harassment and abuse by Bill Clinton. And the Drive-By Media today are all of a sudden aware that they gave Clinton a pass.

So what does that mean? What it means is, since they realize that the media treated Bill Clinton’s accusers badly, didn’t show them enough respect, now it is time for a day of reckoning for Donald Trump. Because the Drive-Bys gave Clinton a pass, they now have to double down on the scrutiny of Donald Trump. That is actually how they’re playing it. That is actually their excuse and what they are saying.


RUSH: I mentioned at the top of the program that the Drive-Bys, you know, there’s so much sexual harassment going on, so much of it surfacing now, and the vast majority of it is being done by Democrat guys — Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood left. Do you remember Nina Burleigh? Do you remember who she is? Well, Nina Burleigh is the TIME magazine reporter who actually wrote a piece promising Bill Clinton “a Lewinsky” as thanks for keeping abortion legal.

Now, if you’re a Hollywood guy and you read that, what are you gonna think? All you gotta do…? I mean, here’s a woman promising the president “a Lewinsky.” All you gotta do to get one of those is to be pro-choice? Bammo! Every guy in Hollywood automatically was pro-choice because of what it might eventually mean: Endless Lewinskys by appreciative Hollywood women. So all of these charges — all of these instances of the abuse of women, sexual abuse of women, sexual harassment, even rape — look at who the vast majority of these guys are.

They are dyed-in-the-wool not only liberal Democrats. They are avowed, very public “feminists,” aren’t they? And it’s becoming now hard to not notice that. Now, one of the reasons I think the Drive-Bys are so all over Roy Moore is ’cause they finally got a Republican in this game they can report on. It has to have been tough. Folks, you gotta understand something. It has to have been so hard for these Drive-Bys to report on these Hollywood people because these Hollywood people are their heroes.

Remember all you have to do is act in a farm movie and you’re an agriculture expert. You can get a guest slot on any cable news show as an expert in whatever subject you have acted as a character in, either in a play or a movie. It’s the most amazing thing. You see it all the time. So an actress will portray, let’s say, Queen Elizabeth — who is still alive. The actress becomes an immediate expert on Queen Elizabeth! “What would the queen have done had this situation arisen back in 1975 when the queen was…?”

The Hollywood actress has an answer for it, even though she hasn’t a clue! So we have phony, false, sources as source authorities. We have amazing irony and hypocrisy, all of it on the left, so much so that it’s hard now for the Drive-Bys to avoid the elephant in the room. Now, Judge Moore gives them an opportunity to go after a Republican in this. But let’s face it: Up until Judge Moore there haven’t been any Republican guys that have been in the crosshairs of all this sexual harassment and rape stuff, right?

Well, I mentioned the top of the program they’re now getting nervous because there’s the elephant in the room out there, and that’s Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is the one Democrat who has not been held accountable — and, quite, frankly, just the opposite. Bill Clinton is the guy who has become the star of the Democrat Party. Bill Clinton’s resume was enhanced with every one of these reports of a woman accusing him of sexual harassment or abuse or that he had had affairs and cheated on the (ahem) lovely and gracious Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nothing stuck. Nothing hurt. He just got elevated higher and higher and higher. Well, the Drive-Bys think there’s a problem, and Jake Tapper epitomizes it here or acknowledges it. Audio sound bite number one. You know, they threw Weinstein overboard, and now it’s gotten to the point they’re gonna have to throw Bill Clinton in this. If they’re gonna attack Roy Moore and if they’re gonna attack all these other guys in defense of women, they can’t avoid Clinton any longer. Here’s how they’re going to do it…

TAPPER: Maybe it’s the Southern accent that reminds me of this, but the accusers, uhhh, of Bill Clinton back in the nineties were never given the credence and, uhhh, treated with the same respect, uhhh, that these women are being treated. Uh, and I think that there is something to be said about how society has evolved since then, but in addition, it’s hard not to look back at that period and think, “You know what? The media treated those women poorly.”

RUSH: Now… Now, now, now, now, now don’t believe that this is being done because of justice, and don’t think there’s any desire here to get it right. This is like everything else in the Drive-By Media: It’s an opportunity. The question you have to deduce and answer is: What is the opportunity here? Notice: “Maybe it’s the Southern accent,” he said, “that reminds me of this. But the accusers of Bill Clinton back in the nineties were never given the credence and treatment and the same respect the women today are getting.”

“And maybe that means that society’s evolved.” It doesn’t mean the society evolved. It just means that you guys were never gonna do anything to harm Bill Clinton, and neither were the feminazis. But the Clintons are becoming passe. We’ve gotten to the point now where the Clintons are fast becoming yesterday’s news. That’s what this means. That’s the only reason this is being done. Well, no. There’s two reasons.

But the reason here is that Clintons are getting older and they’re less powerful, and other Democrats want them off the stage. It’s not because they think they need to equalize the scales of justice, and so his guest on this program — this happened last night on The Lead with Jake Tapper. He was speaking with Amanda Carpenter, who’s the former communications director for Ted Cruz, and to Van Jones about the latest charges against Roy Moore. After Tapper’s comment you just heard about Bill Clinton’s accusers, here is Amanda Carpenter…

CARPENTER: What I am concerned about now is that I see a lot of Republicans bringing up people like Senator Kennedy, um, Clinton, other people that did have previous acts of sexual misconduct almost as a way-of-saying, “Well, they did it; we can too.” Appeals to hypocrisy do not work for a party that has no moral core, and we do have a problem now because they have elected a president (snickers) who has his own accusers, and so we’re all going go back through history and there’s a lot of reckoning that needs to be done.

RUSH: And there you have the reason why Jake Tapper in 2017 on November the 13th decided to join the chorus of holding Bill Clinton to account. Not because of justice, but because in order to actually shift the blame to Trump, you have to touch on Clinton. And touching on Clinton is a way to actually move this to being about Trump and not Clinton.

So, you see, “We realize now that the media treated Clinton’s accusers badly in the eighties.” Jake Tapper (stammering): “We realize that. We — we — we — we heard the Southern accent or something, but we realize it. So now is the time of reckoning for Trump,” and they go and get Amanda Carpenter, who could be Ted Cruz to actually make the point for ’em. Here’s Jake Tapper after what you just heard Amanda Carpenter say…

TAPPER: President Trump has been abroad. But it is, uh, a tough place for him to be because even if he wants to distance himself, uhh, from Roy Moore and even if he finds this, uhh, reprehensible, then, um, the question becomes, “Well, why believe these five women on the record and not these 15 on the record who will make these allegations about you, Mr. President?”

JONES: It is a big problem, I think, for him and for the Republican Party. And that’s I — I think one of these that you’re gonna see when he comes back is that some of the kind of shucking and jiving and getting away with stuff, he’s got a much more narrow window on that kind of behavior now, and I think he’s gonna actually have to — to think very carefully about how to handle it.

RUSH: Okay. So you see where we are now? We’ve got women we didn’t even know of stepping forward and accusing Democrat guys — Hollywood stars that we all do know of — of some of the most reprehensible, mean-spirited and extremist and perverted sex acts and harassment — and all of a sudden, it becomes an issue about Donald Trump. All of a sudden now, this is about Trump?

Trump’s the one that’s gotta come up with answers? Trump’s the guy whose field of operational ability has been narrowed here? Trump has kind of been “shucking and jiving and getting away with stuff”? What do you mean “getting away with this stuff”? You mean he was elected president despite every effort you people made to destroy him? So you have the NBC Access Hollywood video.

You’ve got some of these other women that have popped up, and you have to admit that when women popped up about Bill Clinton, you attacked the women. You called ’em trailer trash or you put people on the air from the Democrat Party who did. You facilitated the destruction of the Clinton accusers. But now, all of a sudden, it is Donald Trump who’s been “shucking and jiving and getting away with stuff”?

No, no. Donald Trump hasn’t gotten away with anything. Donald Trump has overcome some of this stuff. He got away with nothing. Bill Clinton got away with it. Am I making too fine a point here? How did Trump get away with it? What do they mean, he got elected? In other words, Trump was able to snooker them, Trump was able to withstand all of their assaults and got elected, that means he got away with it?

Bill Clinton got away with it. Harvey Weinstein got away with it for all of those years until something happened, and every one of these other Hollywood people got away with it for decades. So you see how this is manifesting itself. This is all being done so that they can change the focus of improper sexual behavior to Donald Trump. And they think they have to dump on Clinton in a way in order to have credibility when they get Trump.

Now, I want to take you back October 9th in 2016 CNN Debate Night in America. This is predebate coverage. Jake Tapper speaking with Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany about Trump’s press conference with Juanita Broaddrick. Remember what Trump did at one of the press conferences he had Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones and he was threatening to invite them to one of the debates to sit in the front row to irritate Hillary. And you remember how we all loved that and thought that was a smart move, a slick move, a very creative move?

That’s what this sound bite is about. Jake Tapper says to Kayleigh McEnany, “How many voters does this add to Trump’s voters? I mean, I believe that all the people who know these stories, who feel passionately about these stories are already solidly in Donald Trump’s camp. He doesn’t need to bring up Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones.” So even back in 2016, CNN’s position here was you don’t need to embarrass Bill Clinton, for crying out loud, Donald Trump’s already got these people, what are you trying to do here. And here is how Kayleigh McEnany answered that.

MCENANY: You know who doesn’t know these stories? It’s Millennials. It’s Millennial women. One in five women on a college campus are the victims of sexual assault. And Hillary Clinton tweeted out a year ago, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” For her to put out a statement right now calling it a stunt when three women have the courage to take the national stage and before all of this country share their stories of sexual assault, that is sick, Hillary Clinton. Did they not think through — this isn’t a stunt. Ask Juanita Broaddrick if this is a stunt. Ask these women if it is a stunt. It is courage. These women are courageous and we need to recognize that.

RUSH: Okay. So the answer there is just a home run, ’cause Hillary was tweeting out “every women deserves to be believed.” And by the way, that’s what everybody’s saying about Roy Moore now, “Every woman deserves to be believed.” But for Hillary Clinton to say it when she destroyed the women that came forward. Kayleigh McEnany reminding CNN, well, these Millennial women don’t know it, and they didn’t. They didn’t know about Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky situation.

They weren’t taught it! And if it was mentioned, it was all taught as what a great President Clinton was, how he was able to withstand these cheap-shot attacks from the Republicans, he was such a great guy, beloved. That’s what they were taught about Bill Clinton. August 17th, 1998, Washington, White House, Bill Clinton. This is his testimony before the grand jury in the Ken Starr investigation. During the Q&A, an attorney for the prosecution, Solomon Wisenberg and Clinton have this little back and forth.

WISENBERG: Monica Lewinsky says that you used a cigar as a sexual aid with her in the Oval Office area. Would she be lying? Yes, no, or won’t answer?

CLINTON: I will revert to my former statement.

RUSH: “I will revert to my former statement.” Clinton’s eyes kind of got a little buggy there at that question. (doing Clinton impression) “Uh, Monica said I — (laughing) cigar for a sex aide? (laughing) Was that before or after the tubes? I don’t remember. Uh, I tell you what, I’ll revert to my former statement.” So this is what is being done now in order to take all the Weinstein news and all of the news of all these other guys and shift it to being about Donald Trump. Roy Moore helps do that ’cause he’s a Republican about whom this stuff’s being said.

And the media gets to wipe their hands clean. “Yeah, we admit, we admit we didn’t really listen closely to the women. We’ve learned our lesson. And now every woman saying whatever she’s saying about Trump we are listening now.” And that’s what they’re hoping to accomplish now, is tie Trump to Roy Moore.

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