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RUSH: That’s right. So I’ll take your yearbook and I’ll double down on an actual photo. You can take your forged yearbook and put it wherever you want. I got an actual photo here. What are the Democrats gonna do? Seriously. What are the Democrats gonna do? They’re trying to get rid of two Republicans, and here comes this big hypocrite, Al Franken, totally gumming up the works, totally screwing up the plan!

I mean, they want to get rid of Roy Moore, and they want to use that to get rid of Donald Trump, and here comes Franken, and there’s an actual picture of Franken doing it. The woman is sleeping and she’s wearing, you know, camo gear on a C-17 on the way back from a USO tour.

Greetings, folks. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative, Anti-Leftist, Anti-Media Studies. Telephone number, 800-282-2882.

This is a genuine dilemma for the Democrat Party, and I think I know what they’re gonna do, but I will withhold that prediction for a moment. In case you haven’t heard about this, Al Franken, the esteemed senator from Minnesota has been accused of massive sexual harassment and abuse by a woman who works on the radio in Los Angeles. She has been a model. She’s a sports broadcaster as well.

Her name is Leeann Tweeden. She was on a USO tour with Franken back in 2006, and on this tour she describes a circumstance where Franken demanded to rehearse a kiss that was gonna be in the show, part of the show. He kept telling her (paraphrasing), “Yeah, we actors, you know, we rehearse everything.” She said, “I’m not gonna kiss you.” “Well, we gotta rehearse it,” and he kept forcing himself on her and forcing himself and finally jammed his tongue halfway down her throat in the rehearsal. She refused to let it happen on stage in the actual show.

She has now gone public with this on the website for the radio station where she works in the morning, KABC in Los Angeles. And there is a photo on the flight home on Christmas Eve of 2006, there is a photo of Al Franken cupping her breasts. Well, I wouldn’t call it cupping. But he’s either pretending to or it’s the real thing. And she’s dead asleep. He’s got this big “look at what I’m getting away with” grin on his face.

Now, this guy has been all over the place. When the Weinstein story breaks there’s our old buddy Al making a big show of giving all the money Weinstein gave to women’s abuse centers. He has sponsored legislation that would penalize all kinds of bad activity against women. And you know what they say? A guy that gets caught doing it once doesn’t just do it once.

But here’s the problem for the Democrats. The Democrats are going to town disqualifying, trying to get rid of Roy Moore, and the Republicans have joined them in this. Everybody in Washington wants Roy Moore nowhere near that town. They are going into every weapons depot they’ve got for every weapon they’ve got against this guy. Republicans and Democrats alike.

Now, the Democrats are doing this because they want the seat in Alabama. They don’t want Roy Moore there. And they’re using this as a pretext to get rid of Trump in future impeachment proceedings, not Russia, not collusion, but this stuff. And that’s another reason why so many of these journalists who gave Bill Clinton a pass are now turning tail and basically saying, “You know, we blew it. We were too young, we didn’t know what was going on, we do now, and what Bill Clinton did was terrible and horrible.”

They’ve got to do that if they’re gonna go after Trump. Now, one of the things that you’re not seeing as they go after Bill Clinton is going after Hillary, but that’s gonna have to happen too because they’ve gotta get rid of her. They don’t want her any longer being the face of the Democrat Party. So in the midst of this, in the midst of creating this picture that this Republican is a pervert, a creep, a scumbag, human debris, here comes old reliable Al Franken with an actual photo of the abuse.

With Roy Moore we have allegations and a possibly forged high school yearbook. With Trump we have the Access Hollywood video where he’s talking to Billy Bush about things, but there is no photographic evidence. With Al Franken there is. Mitch McConnell has already said that there needs to be a serious Ethics Committee investigation into Franken. The Democrats, what are they gonna do here? They can’t defend this. Although I wouldn’t put it past them to try, given their close association, friendship with the Drive-By Media.

But it really presents a problem, because this is something you can’t ignore, because there’s a photo of it. And everything that we’ve heard now in this effort to get rid of Moore, what is it? We’ve got to believe the women. Everybody under the sun is saying the women don’t lie. The women have to be believed. Everybody’s saying it about the women involved with Roy Moore.

Here comes Leeann Tweeden. Are they gonna say, “Well, we need further investigation. We can’t just take the woman’s word for it.” Are they gonna that? They can’t do that. Well, I say they can’t do that, but these people are capable of anything.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’ll start here with Leeann Tweeden herself this morning, KTTV, Los Angeles, Good Day LA. The cohost Steve — is this the bunch that’s always ragging on me, Cookie? There’s a TV station out there that rags on me all the time. It doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant to this. I’m just wondering if it’s this bunch. I love ’em, you know, I mean, they’re so infantile and off the mark when they rag on me.

Oh, and I’ve gotta tell you, folks, I actually called a company’s customer service line today and I can’t wait to tell you this story. I called customer service ’cause I got an email from the company after I bought something from their website yesterday. I got an email, they demanded to hear from me, or asked to hear from me about it. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. But obviously that’s for later on.

Here is Leeann Tweeden talking with Steve Edwards of KTTV in Los Angeles. “Take us through what happened on your USO tour with Al Franken in 2006.”

TWEEDEN: He said we really need to rehearse this scene. And I said, “Okay. I don’t think we really need to rehearse this.” And I sort of blew him off. And he said, “No, we really need to rehearse the scene.” And he really was very insistent and persistent. You know, in my mind I was never gonna kiss him on stage. I mean, it was just sort of a like a gag thing. I said, “Okay. We’ll just — we’ll practice the kiss, for goodness’ sakes,” just to sort of shut him up. And he came at me and before I even knew it he put his hand on the back of my head and came towards me and mashed his face against my mouth and — and stuck his tongue in my mouth. And, you know, I sort of pushed him back and I said, “Don’t ever do that to me again.” And I was so angry.

RUSH: Ew. Yuk. Just imagining that. Yuk. Oh, my goodness. Well, her story wasn’t finished. She continued. After saying that Franken grabbed the back of her head and forcibly kissed her against her will, she filled in some of the other blanks.

TWEEDEN: I made sure I was never alone with him again and on our way home we’re on a C-17 for the 36 hour trip for myself back home to LA. I’m asleep on the plane and the photographer of the trip was, you know, taking behind the scenes photos or whatever. I was given a photo that I didn’t look at until I was home, and I’m asleep literally on the plane, and there’s a picture Al Franken sort of doing this, grabbing my boobs, you know, over my flak vest and sort of looking at the camera and doing the smile so that I would see that when I got home. And, you know, it was just this sort of combination of, you know, sticking his tongue down my throat and then the photo that I would see after I got home and just sort of how he treated me on the entire trip.

RUSH: If you want to see the photo it’s the lead item at the Drudge Report right now. And it is a leering Al Franken with a very confident “look what I’m getting away with” almost a childish Stuart Smalley kind of grin on his face. And he is clearly, well, I don’t know, either pretending to or for real — well, it’s not cupping. Fingertips are, shall we say, surrounding both. That’s right. That’s what it looks like. And so now there’s photographic evidence. Franken has apologized after saying he groped her.

Mitch McConnell’s called for an Ethics Committee investigation after these allegations. “As with all credible allegations of sexual harassment –” this is clearly credible. There’s a photo. “I believe the Ethics Committee should review the matter. I hope the Democratic leader will join me on this. Regardless of party, harassment and assault are completely unacceptable — in the workplace or anywhere else.”

I should have pointed out Al Franken is a Democrat. Well, these stories don’t mention that, folks. I’m sorry. They don’t mention that he’s a Democrat. Corrine Brown, Democrat congresswoman who’s gonna be sentenced today or this week or something for the crime she committed, and the story does not mention she’s a Democrat. The media leaves that out.

Meanwhile, Franken apologized Thursday after Tweeden said that he groped and kissed her without her consent. “According to Tweeden, Franken crafted a performance skit during the trip to make the anchor kiss him against her will. ‘I felt disgusted and violated,’ she said of the incident. ‘I tried to let it go, but I was angry.’ Franken said, ‘I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann. As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it.’

“Before Franken’s statement came out, fellow Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar told reporters Thursday, ‘I have just read them and I’m sure he will have a comment and will wait for that.’ Tweeden wrote today that, “I’ve decided it’s time to tell my story.”

The incidents here are just way to widespread and prevalent, so she’s coming forward. And as we all know, it will be interesting to see if now there will be additional women coming forward, because that’s what’s happened. One came forward with Weinstein and the floodgates opened. And with Roy Moore we had one or two from 38, 40 years ago, and now it seems like you can find a woman a day with Roy Moore.

But again, Roy Moore gotta go. No latitude, no leeway, not gonna wait, not gonna wait to find out if any of this is actually true. The allegations alone are enough. And everybody thinks that, by the way. It is an amazing thing.

Mr. Newt yesterday talked about how rapidly they’ve been able to do this lynch mob. It is very, very encompassing. People across the political spectrum are not even interested in waiting to see if there’s any truth to this. They just accept the word of the allegations made by the accusers, because it’s so many of them. So nobody’s even waiting.

So what are the Democrats going to do? Okay, let me approach this this way. If you’re the Democrat Party and you’re the leader of that party, whoever that is, who is more valuable to you: Donald Trump or Al Franken? Now, wait. I throw Donald Trump in there because what is the objective? The real objective of the Democrat Party is to get rid of the guy. If the Democrats give Al Franken a pass, how in the world do they keep doubling down on Roy Moore and then amplify that against Donald Trump?

In other words, would the Democrat Party be willing to throw Franken overboard in order to maintain the chance and the opportunity to get rid of Trump? There’s a Democrat governor that could appoint a Democrat replacement for Franken. They would not lose a seat if they send him packing.

The one thing that can’t happen anymore that used to, remember when they tried to get rid of Bob Torricelli in New Jersey, they had Bill Clinton call him. When they wanted get rid of Andrew Cuomo the first time, they had Bill Clinton call these guys. (Clinton impression) “Hey, Bob, how you doing, bud? You know, they got that video of you, pal, and I just don’t think you can hang on. And I think if you try, do you like walking, Bob? So I think, Bob, it’d be better for everybody if you just kind of quit.”

Same thing with Andrew Cuomo. They can’t go to Clinton now. They can’t have Clinton call Franken. (Clinton impression) “Hey, hey, Al, how was it? I didn’t know you and I had this in common. Actually I did Al, I’ve known you for a long time.” But they can’t use Clinton to get rid of these guys now, so what are they gonna do? If they go to the mat to protect and save Franken, that has to have a negative impact on their utmost effort, their immediate effort to get rid of Judge Moore and then down the road, Donald Trump.

Just ask yourself this: Here we’ve got evidence from a woman who we must believe now. That’s the new rule. “Women don’t make up allegations like this, and they shouldn’t and they didn’t and they wouldn’t and we have to believe them. This is outrageous.” You can’t look at this without imagining everything else that’s happened with all the others. Kevin Spacey, Weinstein.

What is it about Franken that would get him a pass? Well, look, Weinstein tried that. “That’s not who I really am.” They didn’t let Weinstein get away with that. They didn’t let Kevin Spacey get away with that. They’re not letting any of these guys get away with the usual, “Hey, it’s just sex. It’s nobody’s business. It didn’t affect my job, and in fact she liked it.” They’re not letting any of that work for any of these guys.

My point here is if they give Franken a pass, how do they continue to go after Roy Moore? Not that they couldn’t do it. Hypocrisy has a tough time attaching itself to these people, but they’ve got a problem, because they’ve got many, many eggs in this sexual harassment basket that they are using to get rid of people they don’t want. Judge Moore at the top of the list currently on the Republican side, but there’s one Republican versus all of these other people that are big-time liberal Democrat fundraisers, donors, bundlers, and now elected officials. Ponder that.

And there’s even more to this, folks, when you start comparing some of the things that are happening, all of these journalists this past week who have been writing what a mistake they made giving Bill Clinton a pass 20 years ago, it was one of the biggest journalistic mistakes and they’re coming up with these excuses, “Well, we were young then. We didn’t realize the importance of this and we really thought we were defending Clinton against a right-wing conspiracy,” and all of this yada yada yada. So after three or four days of throwing Bill Clinton overboard, how do they then try to save Al Franken and maintain the effort to get rid of Moore and maintain the effort to get rid of Trump later on down the road?


RUSH: Now, if you look at that picture of Al Franken groping the breasts of Leeann Tweeden, you’ll note that she’s asleep. She has her eyes closed, it’s the return flight from a USO tour in I think Afghanistan or some other place in 2006. It’s aboard a C-17 and she’s asleep, therefore she could not have consented and she didn’t and she’s made it clear she didn’t even know this was happening, and the photo was taken.

Now, you have to juxtapose this against all week long these reporters, male and female, who were reporting and defending and trying to cover up Bill Clinton back during the Lewinsky days, primarily 1998, 1999. And one of these — and we didn’t mention this aspect of it yesterday. Matthew Yglesias is one of these people who has been writing, and his piece, I forget where it appeared, doesn’t really matter.

One of the things that he admitted was that attacking Bill Clinton back then would have also been an attack on Hillary, and he admits that most people in American progressive politics have no desire to attack Hillary Clinton. So why are they throwing Clinton overboard now? Who were they protecting Clinton from? The Republicans. They were protecting Clinton from the Republicans, and in the process they were condemning and fostering and facilitating the bimbo eruptions team to destroy these women that Hillary Clinton was leading.

But now there’s no need. They don’t have any need to protect Bill Clinton from the Republicans anymore because there’s no need, really, to protect Hillary Clinton from the Republicans anymore. And so now to clear the decks and to say, “You know what, we goofed up. We were wrong.” They have to do this in order to be able to drop the hammer with credibility every day on Roy Moore. But now Al Franken worms his way into this.


RUSH: Folks, we’re gonna see how serious these journalists are in their mea culpas this week about “time to get rid of Bill Clinton.” Matthew Yglesias was writing for Vox: “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned – What he did to Monica Lewinsky was wrong, and he should have paid the price.” Okay, Matthew, are you serious? Did you mean it? Because let’s remember one year ago these very same people were salivating at the prospect of Bill Clinton becoming the first first gentleman.

They couldn’t wait. They couldn’t wait for Hillary to be elected president, and they were doing all kinds of stories on what would it mean to have the first male first lady, first gentleman, what would it be? And they were all excited, and they just thought it was gonna be the coolest, the first female president and the first first gentleman. There wasn’t anything a year ago, nine months ago, six months ago, there wasn’t anything about Bill Clinton needs to pay the price. So what’s changed? And arguably in the last month, maybe in the last two weeks, what has changed and how serious are they?

Do they really mean it or is it just another phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller exercise to get their hypocrisy out of the way so that they can continue to hammer Roy Moore and whatever or whoever other Republicans are brought up on similar allegations. They’re all out there saying, “This Clinton guy, we should have seen it then, and we didn’t.” And like I say, many of them are saying, “Well, we were so young. And we had stars in our eyes. And we really believed the Clintons were good for America. We really believed the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

What they’re admitting is that they had to defend Bill Clinton against the enemy. The enemy was not the women. The enemy was the Republican Party. So apparently we’ve reached a point in time where that’s no longer a top drawer concern, defending Bill Clinton against Republicans. There must have been something, there must be some things that have happened that have required them to do these mea culpas.

Now we find out if they really mean it. One of the reasons they didn’t go after Bill, of course, is they would have to go after Hillary. And even now as they’re going after Bill Clinton they’re not going after Hillary, but that shoe has to drop because Bill and Hillary were the blue plate special, buy one get one free. They promoted themselves that way and that’s how the Drive-Bys presented them. And they were all excited about it.

I want to read to you Al Franken’s statement, his strong condemnation of Harvey Weinstein when Weinstein’s sexual predatory nature was revealed. Quote, ” The women who have shared their stories about Harvey Weinstein over the last few days are incredibly brave. It takes a lot of courage to come forward, and we owe them our thanks. And as we hear more and more about Mr. Weinstein, it’s important to remember that while his behavior was appalling, it’s far too common.”

Franken added that the way women are treated “when they go public both embolden harassers and encourage victims to stay silent. We must do something to address this all-too-common problem.”

Well, his problem is that there’s a picture. His problem is there is a perfectly fine, high resolution photo of Al Franken enjoying the groping with a sneaky smile on his face. And now Leeann Tweeden has come forward and provided the details of what happened. Franken says he doesn’t remember the rehearsal, but is very sorry for what happened, just trying to have fun in that picture, and realizes it doesn’t look like that, I shouldn’t have done it, I was just trying to have fun.

October 6th, 2017, TwinCities.com. “Al Franken, Other Dems, Shed Contributions From Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein — ‘The Democratic Party condemns all forms of sexual harassment and assault,'” said the DNC Communications Director in an emailed statement. “Al Franken, Other Dems, Shed Contributions From Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein.” In Franken’s case he sent the money over to women’s crisis centers, women’s abuse centers.

Now, should those who donated money to Senator Franken demand their contributions back? If they don’t are they condoning sexual harassment and assault?


RUSH: Al Franken has joined the call for an ethics investigation into himself. I tell you what I think they’re gonna try to do here. I think they’re gonna try to skate. I think they are gonna rely on the media dropping this and not covering this and they’re gonna try to make it as though this didn’t even happen. Mark my words.

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