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RUSH: A little time here, let me tell you my customer service phone call story. I never do this because of my problems using the telephone. But there are exceptions to everything. A company called Belkin, which makes chargers and charger cables, just yesterday released a car charger that is high speed, 36 watts, the same fast charging of your iPhone that you can buy, or your iPad that you can buy from Apple, they’ve got it now in a car charger, 36 watts instead of 12.

So I went onto their website and I ordered five of ’em. I entered all the address information and the credit card information, and I submitted it, and I got here today and I find out in the spam folder I had an email from ’em saying, “Please call us. We need to double-check your address information.” So I got ’em on the phone, and I’ve never had this happen.

“What is your shipping address?” It was somebody from India. I gave them the shipping address.

“What is the billing address?” I gave them the billing address.

“Why are they different?”

I said, “What do you mean, why are they different?”

“Why are you having them delivered to someplace other than your billing address?”

I said, “Because the billing address is a post office box, and I’ve selected overnight FedEx.”

“But why are they different? And why is it going to somebody’s name who is not you?”

I said, “Because I am a powerful, influential person, and I don’t want the delivery people to know I am where they’re delivering this.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Yes. What did you think I was doing?”

“Well, we have to guard against fraud.”

“What possible fraud can there be?”

“Well, we just never see this, a different billing address from a shipping address.”

“Really? You don’t?”

“No.” And then they said, “Why did you order five of them?”

I said, “What?”

“Yes. Why did you order five?” They’re like 49 bucks, I don’t remember. “Why did you order five?”

So I’m thinking, “What can I tell ’em now?” ‘Cause I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking I’m gonna sell ’em, because most people only order one. I said, “Because I have five cars, and I want one of these in every car.”

And there was a pause. “Oh. Five cars?”

“Yeah. Do you want to know the make and model and year? Do you want the registration numbers? What else do you need?”

“We’re just trying to guard against fraud.” And then they made me read back the addresses again, and then they made me read the credit card from memory. I could not read it. I had to recite it from memory before they would fulfill the order. And I still don’t know if they’re gonna fulfill it. I have never had an experience like that with customer service, and of course I had to have them repeat sometimes what they were saying ’cause I couldn’t understand it. All of what I just told you took about 20 minutes to happen.

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