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RUSH: I have made a big deal out of the fact that I don’t like fruit. In fact, it has become a signature thing. At golf every Saturday morning we get together early and have breakfast at the club prior to going on out. And I’m always razzed, you know, I order bacon and eggs or just some bacon. And everybody says, “Hey, Rush, I got some extra fruit, you want some fruit?” It’s not even funny anymore because it’s so well known.

So I have a story here. “Just 12% of Americans Eat Enough Fruit and Vegetables, According to a Study by the Centers for Disease Control — Only 5.8% of West Virginians eat the recommended daily amount. Women and wealthier people are more likely to consume enough fruit and vegetables.” Even this! Even this now has an economic delineator. The rich and women are the only people eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Well, what does being rich have to do with it? Fruit’s not that expensive, is it? No, because the rich are supposedly smarter. I have never liked it. The problem with fruit for me is psychological. It’s like soup! I don’t eat soup because I don’t feel like I’ve eaten anything after having soup. Soup served as an appetizer, sometimes as a meal, I don’t psychologically feel like I’ve had a thing if I’ve been served a bowl of soup. Even if I like it, there’s no psychological satisfaction or feeling that I have actually consumed anything.

Same thing with fruit. And it’s all sugar. I’m not crazy about it. But I am continually amazed. I mentioned the golf course. A couple weeks ago we’re all lined up in our golf carts, there’s about 50 golf carts and we’re waiting for the signal to head to the holes on which we’re starting. And some poor waiter, some poor guy has this large bowl of fruit that he has to transport from one area of the club to the next, and he has to walk past all of these guys in the golf carts.

He’s got his white jacket on and he is holding the tray up with his hand like professional waiters do. And this guy was swarmed! The fruit was not even for the golfers, but the golfers swarmed this guy. They got out of the golf carts and they just converged on this poor guy, and he’s just an employee. He can’t look at ’em and say, “This is not for you. I have to take this over to the –” whatever.

And I sat there and watched this in amazement. It’s about 8:45 in the morning and these guys just swarmed this thing like it was money, like it was whatever your favorite thing to eat is, they just swarmed like they hadn’t eaten in two days. I just cannot relate to people who like fruit that much. I just sat there and watched this in stunned amazement, bananas in there, there were grapes, apples and whatever. I just was totally taken aback by the scene.

These are people that could have anything they want any time they want it, but they got out of their golf carts — they just had breakfast — and swarmed this poor guy. I don’t know, it just took me aback. And I sat there in stunned amazement watching this.

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