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RUSH: You know, folks, I realize I’m America’s Real Anchorman and America’s Truth Detector, but I gotta tell you, I’m starting to feel like I work for Peephole magazine. Not People, Peephole, Peephole, Tattle, or whatever. What a bunch of absolute perverts! By their own definition, these guys are, and the vast majority of them happen to be liberal Democrats.

You know, folks, by the way greetings and welcome. It’s great to have you here, Thanksgiving week and the EIB Network. 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program.

Let’s take a look at this, Charlie Rose, eight women. Have you read that? That Washington Post story is about 5,300 words. It’s got graphic detail. It’s recent. The guy is 75 years old. The only thing they didn’t explain is where he stashes the Viagra, 75 years old, which I guess is not that big a deal. So 5,300 words, the detail in this story, eight women.

I mean, Roy Moore is not even in the same league, folks, as these guys. Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton, Louis C.K., John Conyers, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor — have you seen? Oh, man, that is just… here’s this guy Jeffrey Tambor, he’s a favorite of the Hollywood left. He’s an actor, he’s a bald-headed guy, and he’s been playing a transgender woman on some Amazon show called, what, Transient, Transistor, Trans something or other. And of course he’s been found guilty of sexual harassment. (imitating Tambor), “I’m sorry. (crying) This has been the most rewarding role of my career.”

You talk about transparent. This has been the most rewarding role of your career, to play a woman? These people are shameless and they’ll do anything to extricate themselves out of these jams. But here’s the thing about this, folks, go through names here again. Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Louis C.K., John Conyers, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, not a conservative among them.

Okay, we’ll put Roy Moore on the list, but I’m telling you Roy Moore can’t compete with these people. Roy Moore has got no business being on the same page or in the same league with these people, particularly Clinton, Louis C.K., Spacey, Weinstein, and Charlie Rose. And Al Franken with one more name is gonna be tied with Roy Moore.

Now, you take a look at these guys, their public statements — and this is pretty much universally true of a lot of left-wingers. Their public statements do not match their private behaviors. They are hypocrites of the first order. These are the same kind of people who attend anti-gun rallies with their heavily armed bodyguards. These are the people who are blasting man-made global warming while owning many homes, multiple mansions, and flying around on private jets. These are the same people who support open borders but then build gates around their own homes to keep the undesirables out.

You know, pointing out the endless hypocrisies of the left is tiresome. But I’ll tell you what, it’s these hypocrisies that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s defeat, because people have begun to see through this utter and totally contrived phoniness. You know, it’s nothing new. These guys and these people have been getting away with this phony behavior, you know, saying one thing in public for public consumption but never living a shred of it in their own lives.

These are the people that publicly proclaim their love and respect for women and their support for women’s and feminist causes and issues, and yet look at how they treat women. And these are the people who run around and accuse everybody else, like us, of engaging in a War on Women. And you won’t find any of us on this list. And, believe me, if there were people to be on this list, they would be there by now. The Drive-Bys would have ferreted them out.

You know, it’s another interesting thing too. All of these sexual harassment allegations coming out Congress, it raises a very important question. Well, it’s not an important question, but it’s an interesting question. How come it took Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood to break the dam? Why did it take what’s going on in Hollywood in this area to break the dam?

Why didn’t the dam break with Anthony Weiner, with Carlos Danger? Multiples times this guy is engaging in absolutely reprobate behavior. And the Democrats and the media circle the wagons to make sure that nobody else gets linked to it, and they do what they do to Carlos Danger, making him fall on a bunch of swords — he-he-he — his own — and try to limit it to that.

And I think the reason is that the Drive-By Media is more protective of the Democrats, especially the Clintons, than they are of Hollywood people. Even Hollywood people that are major donors, even Hollywood people that are major bundlers and fundraisers, at all costs it was protect the Democrats.

Now you got John Conyers out there, and he’s denying the fact that any settlement was paid to anybody to keep them quiet. But every day it’s a new name. And there’s a couple names here I haven’t mentioned that I put here in the Stack as well, which we’ll get to. But the Charlie Rose incident is the latest, and it is the most detailed.

And I’ll tell you, Charlie Rose is quintessential establishment, he is quintessentially protected, he is almost the definition of what a real man is in liberalism, faux intellectual, as many of these people are. They pass themselves off as highly educated, very deep intellectuals, and they’re nothing more than surface scammers. They’re elites, by their own definition, by their own proclamation. They live in their beautiful bubbles here segregated from the reality of life for everybody else, full of beautiful people who think they are wonderful. They give each other tons of awards, especially when they get in trouble. When they get in trouble, they create new awards to start handing out to each other.

It’s a combination circle the wagons and self-protection. They have beautiful, multiple homes that get featured in things like Architectural Digest. The fan magazines, the gossip rags are constantly fawning all over them. They never get pad press. They never get investigative press. They never get judgmental press. The gossip media, the straight news and Drive-By Media idolize these people and want to consider themselves in the same circle of elitehood. But they are not normal.

And this is why Donald Trump, another one of the many reasons Trump was elected and remains on track to be reelected. These are not normal people, and they know they’re not normal, and they revel in being not normal. They’re not normal in the sense that they’re better, they’re smarter, they’re prettier, they’re richer. And they all hang together. They all hire each other and they protect each other. Which is fine, don’t misunderstand. But all of this is going on while they attempt to portray the way they think and the way they live and their own behavior as normal, as reflective of the hip culture of America. And it isn’t, and they are not.

It’s just an amazing thing to watch. You have to ask, what broke the dam? What caused this now? Was it, in fact, Weinstein? Because these stories have been going on for a long time. These behaviors have been going on for a long time. The witnesses, the testimony, the details provided by Charlie Rose in the Washington Post today have been known even by his executive producer, some woman whose last name is Vega. A number of women went to her and complained, she said (doing impression), “Ah, that’s just Charlie. Aw, that’s just Joe. That’s just Joe Biden. That’s just who Joe is. That’s just who X is. That’s just who Al is. Isn’t it kind of funny? He’s a funny guy, right? It’s just who he is.”

Meanwhile, while all of this has been going on for all of these years, look at the energy and the time and the effort put into destroying Donald Trump and Roy Moore and Mitt Romney and pick any other Republican you want to throw into the list. And yet based on the left and the media’s definitions of proper behavior, upscale behavior, whatever, these are the primary violators of their own code. They are ignored. They’re given a pass.

Today on the CBS early morning show, whatever they call it, Today show competitor, they had Gayle King on. Got audio coming. They had Gayle King in there and Norah O’Donnell and they’re crying and they’re wringing their hands. “It’s so terrible. Oh, my God,” and they’re apologizing everybody. You’re telling me they didn’t know? They claim they didn’t know. How can that be? They’re journalists. They’re supposed to be curious. How can they not know? If they didn’t, fine. If they did know and decided, “You know, we can’t do anything with this ’cause Charlie’s our guy, he’s on our show here, he’s one of us, gotta protect us and so forth.”

If they did know, what does it say about the phony tears today? If they knew the tears are phony. Well, they may not be. Maybe tears are because everyone got caught. Well, there’s a lot we don’t know about Charlie Rose. We got that bite coming up. We got Charlie Rose and Brokaw talking about Obama. That’s funny. I’ll tell you what I asked the guys to do. Cookie is on Thanksgiving break and vacation today along with Koko, so I called the guys up there, I said, “Late notice here, but scour our archives and see if you can find any sound of Charlie Rose criticizing Roy Moore or being judgmental about Roy Moore.”

So they put together a montage of things, and it’s really not what I was looking for. I just read the transcript. We’ll listen to it together when the time comes. It’s coming pretty soon. But it was just acknowledging the news of the day with Roy Moore. I mean, here’s Charlie Rose reporting, knowing full well what he’s already done himself! And he’s introducing these segments, and he’s talking about the latest with Roy Moore.

What goes through a guy’s mind when you’re out there reporting all this bogus BS about Roy Moore and you’re amplifying it and you’re trying to make it look like the end of the world, and you know what you have done? Are you sitting there thinking, “Someday it’s gonna blow. The lid’s gonna blow and I’m gonna get caught”? Remember Hillary Clinton called the people who make the country work deplorable? She said they were irredeemable. You know, Hillary Clinton, she holds a special place for people in this country who have contempt for the establishment or the elites. Here she is a credentialed elitist, a hypocritical bully.

You want to talk about hypocrisy. Here’s Hillary Clinton paying the Russians to create phony dossiers to take down a presidential nominee and lecturing us about respecting the election process! Here is Hillary Clinton wringing her hands and worried when Trump at the final debate would not claim, not acknowledge that he would accept the final election results, Hillary had a cow. And the Drive-By Media picked it up and they all started saying in unison, “Trump is bad for democracy. Trump threatens the sacred sanctity of American elections.”

And here once again public statements that are in no way close to private personal behavior. Hillary Clinton paying Russians to create phony opposition research data on a presidential nominee and then qualifying it, classifying it as American intelligence, a total scam, while lecturing us and Trump about respecting the election process.

Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, these are the people working with the media to rig debates, to rig their own primary process. These are the people weaponizing the IRS and the intelligence communities and the deep state, and they preach to us about respecting the American electoral process. Hillary Clinton and her husband and who knows who else, people getting rich selling off natural resources to the Russians, Uranium One.

Meanwhile, in the Trump-Russia collusion story, you don’t find any Russians. Where you find the Russians is with the Clintons. Where you find the Russians is with the Democrats. These are people with servers and email programs off the grid that hold national security secrets, and she traffics in them like it’s nothing unusual. These are people sexually abusing and smearing innocent women and then accusing those who dare to oppose them politically of engaging in a War on Women.

And these are the people who fund and protect Planned Parenthood, who butcher and sell off the organs of the unborn for a profit. And they are the elites. They are a cut above. They are the special people. They preach to us about the danger we pose, the threat we constitute. And to cover these people anymore, you do, you have to feel like you’re working at Peephole magazine in addition to everything else.


RUSH: Yes, yes, yes. We’re back here. You know, I erred, ladies and gentlemen. I left off two important names in the list of prominent sexual abusers. Glenn Thrush and Mark Halperin. I mean, the list is getting so long, you can’t recite it from memory. (interruption) What are you laughing at in there? It does. The list keeps going on. It’s to the point you can’t memorize the list. The list has gotten so big and so long, and every day I’ve got a couple other names to add to it. But Glenn Thrush and Halperin, let’s not forget — and I’ve given the audio sound bite crew a new task since I didn’t really get what I hoped to find. This is not a criticism of them.

I was looking for the gold: Charlie Rose ripping into Judge Moore. So far, I haven’t found it. But I’ve got a new request that I just sent up the pipeline. Now, who knows what they’ll act on it. They probably have a lot of other priorities like lunch and who knows whatever else. I’m just hired help here. But we’ll try to get this as quickly as we can. But I told them, “Go back to the archives around the time the Washington Post released the details of Trump and the Access Hollywood video, and I want you to find Halperin, and I want you to find Rose and any of these other guys who were just jumping all over Trump and saying, ‘That’s it.

“‘Trump needs to resign the campaign. Trump’s a reprobate! Trump’s unfit. You need to go out,’ because that’s where we’re gonna find the comments, because that’s where a golden amount of hypocrisy’s gonna be.” You remember when Trump came out, he was walking out of the trailer with Billy Bush, and they’re doing locker room guy talk, according to Melania, and Trump’s talking about what celebrities can get away with because of the magnetism they possess and the power. And there’s yuk yuks. And the Drive-By Media went berserk over this. This is where Trump talked about, you know, what you can grab, like the stuff Franken does.

I guarantee you we’re gonna find some comments from some of these guys around that era. Now, it may take the sound bite crew awhile to go through the archives and dig up what I’m looking for, but that’s the new assignment that I gave them. But I’ll guarantee. Probably… I don’t remember it specifically but what are the odds that guys like Thrush at the New York Times or Politico maybe back then and Halperin were just all over Trump over that comment demanding that he resign, demanding unfit for office and so forth. So we’ll see what we get. Hang on. Much more, as you know.


RUSH: Pat Buchanan has a good column now running at WorldNetDaily.com and it’s about how unserious a nation we have become. And it’s his take on the differences in America, say, well, in the fifties and sixties, to even some during the seventies up ’til now.

And the things that were on the top of people’s minds then as opposed to today. And today the thing that’s at the top of people’s minds prurient, tabloid type gossip things versus long ago he talked about a majority of the people in the country were much more serious, much more involved, much more aware of America’s place in the world. And he may have a point.

But I wanted to acknowledge this ’cause I think probably a lot of you in this audience have mixed emotions about all this. I mean, you don’t mind hearing the news about the hypocrisy finally coming home to roost for these people on the left. But at the same time, you know this is not the kind of stuff that determines, in a direct fashion, the status of our country. That there really are some serious things in the world going on right now, and the people we’re talking about do not have the fitness to deal with it. And interestingly, I think Donald Trump does.


RUSH: CBS has fired Charlie Rose? That’s according to PMSNBC. Are you surprised they fired Charlie Rose? By the way, Charlie Rose owned — he literally did — he owned the Charlie Rose show on PBS. And you know what’s interesting about that? Fifteen employees, he literally owned the show. He didn’t have a human resources director, so none of these women could officially complain to anybody other than to his executive — he’s a tightwad. He literally owned the show that airs on PBS.

Well, you know, I say that, but with these people, I wouldn’t be surprised, you know, if Goldman Sachs really owned it or Kohlberg Kravis Robert. You never know the tangled web that keeps all these establishment types connected. Who the heck really knows. But the word is that Charlie owns it.


RUSH: I don’t know why the fact that CBS has fired Charlie Rose is such big news. I mean, what choice did they have? I know maybe some of you thought they’d try to delay it, maybe bring him back like they’re trying to do with Franken over in the Senate, but this was… No, no, no. There was no chance for Charlie here.


RUSH: The payments to victims of sexual harassment by members of Congress now up to $17 million and those payouts have been made over the last 20 years. Now, why do they get to keep all of it private? Why do they get to benefit? That’s gonna blow sometime too. It’s gonna blow up. You put Roy Moore, you look at the attention that has been devoted to Roy Moore while all of these other Democrat names pop up and you find out Roy Moore is an outlier! Roy Moore is really not even in these guys’ league. Roy Moore’s in the minor leagues of this stuff now compared to what we are hearing about the top drawer abusers from the Democrat Party and the media.

I was not gonna play this, but I read the transcript and I’ve got the last line or two of it, so it’s worth it. We’ve put together a montage of Charlie Rose reporting on Moore, introducing segments about Moore. I was hoping to find segments where Charlie Rose was ripping Judge Moore, being critical, but we’re still looking for those, and we’ll find ’em. But that’s not what this is. This is simply Charlie Rose between November 10th and 16th either seguing between or introducing segments on CBS and PBS about the candidacy of Roy Moore.

Now, keep in mind while he says everything you’re gonna hear him say here, he knows full well that Roy Moore is a piker compared to what’s been going on in his own homes and his own studio. Here it is.

CHARLIE ROSE MONTAGE: Sexual misconduct allegations rock GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. Alabama’s Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is under pressure to drop out over sexual misconduct claims. Four women tell The Washington Post that Moore pursued them when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore denies the newest claim of sexual misconduct against him. But this morning, more Republicans are calling on the former judge to drop out of the race. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore denies the newest claim of sexual misconduct against him. But this morning more Republicans are calling on the former judge to drop out of the race. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore remains defiant after new allegations of unwelcome advances towards women and teenaged girls. A woman tells The Washington Post that Moore called her out of a high school math class 40 years ago to ask her on a date. The wave of accusations of sexual harassment and assault that began weeks with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have now grown to include dozens of powerful men in all walks of life. Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama may be the most recent example, but it is unlikely he will be the last.

RUSH: It’s exactly right. It was unlikely he was gonna be the last, because it wasn’t long after that that we got the news in 5,200 words in the Washington Post about none other than Charlie Rose. “It’s unlikely that he’ll be the last.”

Did you hear the usual apologies? I mean, Charlie talked to the Washington Post (paraphrasing), “You know, it’s essential these women understand that it’s not who I am, I’m sorry, and I really thought in a lot of these circumstances that it was mutual and that feelings were returned. I realize now that they weren’t, but I at the time, I really thought –” what bogus. And the sanctimony. The guy is still preaching even in his apology.

Just say, “Yeah, I did it, I’m sorry. You know what? I got caught. I like women. So nail me somewhere. I like women. I’m sorry. Put me in jail. I like women! I’m sorry. I know it’s a crime in America today, so do with me what you will. I like women. I thought they liked me, then I saw myself in the mirror and realized it couldn’t be true.” Something like that.


RUSH: Anyway. That’s why I say Charlie should just, “Hey, I like women. I went too far with ’em. I like women, though. I know in New York, that’s not cool, but I do!” No, instead we get, “I really thought they liked me too. I thought it was mutual. Everything I’ve done has been to help women working for me advance their careers.” What caca.

But you say this stuff ’cause the crisis PR people get hold of you and they write your statement for you. Anyway, we go to the audio sound bites. Here’s Norah O’Donnell on CBS This Morning from which Charlie Rose has now been canned.

O’DONNELL: Good morning, it is Tuesday, November 21st, 2017. Welcome to CBS This Morning. CBS News and PBS take Charlie Rose off the air after at least eight women accuse him of sexual harassment. He apologizes, saying he thought he was pursuing shared feelings.

RUSH: Charlie, what gave you the idea? You’re 75 and wrinkled and crinkly, and you look half asleep. What makes you think a 24-, 25-year-old woman wants to watch you walk out of the shower nude? What in the world is it that made you think that you were pursuing shared feelings? Charlie, how many of those women, when they saw you walking wet, dripping wet, butt naked coming out of the shower, ran into your arms? Versus how many who ran for the nearest door? Come on, Charlie. Own up to it!


RUSH: Audio sound bite time. Grab sound bites number 21 and 22. What we have here, CBS News’ 60 Minutes, September 10th of this year, Charlie Rose interviewing former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. During a discussion about the impact of the Access Hollywood tape on then Republican nominee Trump’s campaign, here is sound bite number 1.

ROSE: Okay, let me bring you to Billy Bush. Take us inside the dilemma that he faced.

BANNON: Look, this is locker room talk. This is two guys on a bus or a dressing room years ago and years and years ago. This is not the guy that people know, and people know Donald Trump. So we dismiss that out of hand as over the top. We thought the reaction would be so over the top from the mainstream media and from the left.

ROSE: The American people don’t care about how you talk about women that way?

BANNON: They don’t care about locker room talk —

ROSE: But they do care about values, and they do care about respect for women. They do know that. And it’s not just locker room talk.

BANNON: That’s locker room talk. The Billy Bush thing is locker room talk.

RUSH: So here’s Rose, he’s getting on Bannon’s case about Trump and the Access Hollywood video. He’s trying to make a big deal out of what Trump said! And all the while Charlie Rose knows what he’s been doing! And here he is trying to castigate Bannon by association and getting Bannon to castigate Trump. But that wasn’t it. There was a little bit more.

ROSE: Are you trying to destroy someone when you simply describe what they have said?

BANNON: They’re not describing what he said. It was much more than that.

ROSE: You look at what — if you run the tape, which is a news item —


ROSE: It’s not trying to destroy somebody. It’s simply trying to report —

BANNON: No, no, no. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie, give me a break. The famous debate where we brought the women, the Clinton accusers.

ROSE: That was your deal.

BANNON: A hundred percent.

ROSE: You’ve wanted to do that for a while.

BANNON: A hundred percent.

ROSE: Why?

BANNON: Because I thought if you’re gonna go after Donald Trump for his words, let’s have the Clintons defend Clinton’s actions.

RUSH: You remember that? Trump invited the abused women of Bill Clinton to have a front-row seat at one of the debates. But here’s Charlie Rose badgering Steve Bannon over the Trump Access Hollywood video, and especially over what Trump said. “You can’t just say it’s nothing ’cause all he did was say it. You can’t let him get away with that.” And Bannon, “Locker room talk, Charlie, it’s all it was.”

If Bannon had known then what he knows today, can you imagine how that interview might have gone? (interruption) Yeah. Everybody knew it! Again with Charlie Rose, everybody knew it, including the exec producer of his program, which is a woman, and that is to whom the women employees complained. And she said (paraphrasing), “That’s just Charlie. You just gotta accept that, that’s just Charlie. Just Charlie. It’s harmless. Just Charlie.”

And now she’s of course saying, “I wish I’d a done so much more. I wish I would have taken it much more seriously.” Her job depended on saying in Rose’s good graces as well. Back to CBS This Morning. More Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King as they deal with the reality that the guy sharing a chair on their set is a sexual abuser and pervert.

O’DONNELL: This is a moment that demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women. Let me be very clear. There is no excuse for this alleged behavior. It is systematic and pervasive. And I’ve been doing a lot of listening, and I’m gonna continue to do that. This I know is true: Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning and a taking of responsibility. This will be investigated. This has to end. This behavior is wrong, period.

RUSH: So they’re throwing Charlie Rose overboard on the CBS This Morning show today with Norah O’Donnell making it clear that this unacceptable, will not be tolerated. She’s sending the message there’s no way this guy’s coming back here, I don’t care what happens, I don’t care where he goes to rehab, I don’t care how many apologies, I don’t care how many admissions, he’s not coming back here. She is making it abundantly clear that she didn’t know. Right. Up next is Gayle King. This is the BFF of The Oprah. And she was especially pained at the revelations.

KING: I got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night, both my son and my daughter called me, Oprah called me and said, “Are you okay?” I am not okay. After reading that article in the Post, it was deeply disturbing, troubling, and painful for me to read. That said, I think we have to make this matter to women, the women that have spoken up, the women who have not spoken up because they’re afraid. I’m hoping that now they will take the step to speak out, too, that this becomes a moment of truth. To be very honest with you, I’m still trying to process all of this. I’m still trying to sort it out, because this is not the man I know, but I’m also clearly on the side of the women who have been very hurt and very damaged by this.

RUSH: You know, if they didn’t know, this had to be shocking. And I think they’re telling the truth too. I don’t think they knew. I think they were blindsided by this. I’ll tell you, folks, I totally understand both of these women, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King. I can understand Gayle King being so upset she only got an hour and a half sleep. I can totally understand it. You have to realize that all of these people are in the same club, and there are rivalries and jealousies, but it’s them against us and they’re unified in that regard. And they hold each other in the highest of esteem ideologically, being on that same team, the left-wing, liberalism, same team.

And to have this surface, there is no question this totally shocked them and undid them. This is not the kind of thing that they think goes on in their immediate circles. I think it was very brave of these women to tackle this today as openly and as up front and as courageously as they did. They had all kinds of choices. They could have ignored it. Yes, they could have. Doesn’t matter. Get somebody else to sit in the chair. They could have ignored it. The suits at CBS could have said, “We’re not making this any worse. We not gonna acknowledge Charlie Rose being –” that would have been the old-fashioned way of dealing with this.

He’s not here. You don’t address it. Every day we look forward. We don’t talk about what happened last night to our own people. There are any number of ways to have ignored this but they tackled it head on. And not only that, they made it abundantly clear he’s not coming back. He is not welcome back.


RUSH: By the way, one thing that’s not been mentioned in the Washington Post story, I haven’t read them all, but Charlie Rose had a live-in girlfriend. Her name was Amanda Burden, and she is the granddaughter of William Paley, the founder of CBS. She has Standard Oil money in her family. She has railroad money in her family. She is a very wealthy doyenne. I’ve met her. I’ve met she and Charlie at social soirees back when I didn’t know what I was doing by showing up to them.

She’s always been his girlfriend, always been there, never married. She’s 73 now. Charlie is 75. You have to wonder, I mean, all this stuff’s going on, does she know about it or not know about it, now the Washington Post story’s out there. If she knew about it, I guarantee you her in her circle this is doubly embarrassing. Amanda, did you know? Not a pretty picture out there. This establishment stuff, folks, I’ll tell you, they’re so protected, so insulated, that they’re seldom held to account on anything. And then something like this happens, you talk about rocking their world.


RUSH: Melissa Gilbert is the second woman to accuse Oliver Stone of sexual harassment. That’s a name I was trying to remember early on. And the Florida Democratic Party chairman has resigned over allegations of sexual harassment. Stephen Bittel (or Bittel, I don’t know how he pronounces it), “tendered his resignation Friday after a report alleging that he sexually harassed women and created a hostile work environment.”

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