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RUSH: Do you remember the story we had yesterday? The story from the London subway. They were doing a survey about people on the London subway, and some socialist got hold of the data and turned it into something else. They were trying to determine what women on the London subway looked at or were moved by or were affected by because they wanted to affect advertising to them. And what they found was — these are professional University sociologists — they found that women on the London subway tend to gravitate toward men who are wealthy, who are attractive, and who wear coats and ties.

Now, this was news to so many. It was disappointing, shocking news. Now, the thing about that, that hasn’t changed since the Garden of Eden. I mean, I know Adam didn’t wear a coat and tie, but the point is what women find attractive is an evolutionary aspect of our creation, and human nature is what it is. And the feminists and the left can come around and they can try to erase it, reprogram it, change it all they want, which is what feminism has really been. When you get down to its bare essence, feminism has been an attack on basic human nature because certain women don’t like it.

So everybody expressed shock and outrage or disappointment that women tend to like good-looking guys who have a lot of money. Tell me when that has not been the case. Tell me when it has never been the case. Tell me when that has been unusual. It’s never been unusual. It’s quintessential, pure normalcy, that women like good-looking guys who have money and power. That’s universal.

The feminists have come around, they have tried to change that. And so now these sociologists that reported on that were aghast, and they thought it was very bad news. After all the efforts to stop judging people by their appearance or their economic circumstances and to try to get to the real person, abject failure. What they didn’t tell you, what they haven’t talked about is the exact opposite.

Let’s say they put some cameras on the London subway and study men, what do you think they’re gonna find? I guarantee you, I can tell you right now what they’re gonna find. They’re gonna find that men are attracted to 36-24-36, good-looking, vibrant, whatever. It’s just the way it is! Now, most guys are not gonna score with what they see, so they’ll settle. It’s the name of the game. But what they find attractive? There’s nothing the feminists can do it about it, there’s nothing the left can do it about it.

Now, that’s the half of the story that doesn’t run. The story that’s run has been what women find attractive in men, and it let everybody down. It let everybody on the left down because of the last 30 years of focused effort to change what women find attractive about men. Wait ’til they do the other. Undeniable Truth of Life number 24 is undeniable. It becomes more of a profound undeniable truth with the passage of each year.

Imagine the shock and outrage if sociologists ever learn that men are attracted to attractive women. (gasping) Oh! Women they think are attractive. By the way, that changes from guy to guy. If you don’t believe me, go to a bowling alley. Well, go anywhere. You can see evidence. What men think is good-looking, some of it’s universal, but it’s not universal. The evidence is clear as a bell out there. But the point is, the dream, the perfect 10 — even talking like that is considered now to be, what, sexist. That’s right. Sexist, judgmental. But it’s just what is.

It’s basic, ordinary, everyday human nature that makes the world go round that the feminists have been doing their best to erase and change. And then you couple that with 77% of four-year college educated Democrats think sex is not determined at birth, your gender is not determined by your birth. They’re so screwed up. The left is so screwed up on this stuff, trying to alter basic human nature, trying to alter basic evolutionary human behavior. And they have just messed it up for everybody, ’cause now everybody’s playing roles.

Nobody knows what they’re supposed to be, who they’re supposed to be, how they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be, what they’re supposed to be, when to turn it on, when to turn it off. Everybody’s now role-playing according to the tenets of quite punitive liberal political correctness.


RUSH: Newsweek magazine, headline: “How Can We Make Progress On Gender Roles When Women Still Prefer Rich, Muscular Dudes?” Did I not tell you? They’re ticked off by human nature. Details and other exciting stuff coming right up.


RUSH: Newsweek magazine, did I not call this? “How Can We Make Progress On Gender Roles When Women Still Prefer Rich, Muscular Dudes?” This is a reaction to the London subway survey of women and the men they were ogling while nobody knew they were watching, or nobody knew they were being observed.

You remember what TIME magazine did that cover, when they learned that men and women are born different? In 1996 or 1997, TIME magazine actually had a cover story, “Men and women are born different.” As though it wasn’t news to them. I love to point this out. Imagine you’re the editor at TIME magazine and you come across news that boys and girls are different at birth. That is such shocking news to you that it deserves cover story status.

Who in the world thinks that that’s news? Well, if you have been steeped in liberalism from the time you were born ’til the time you got out of J school ’til the time you started working in journalism, where we had couples raising their little girls with GI Joes and deep blue painted bedrooms and their little boys were in pink bedrooms and playing with Barbie. And they were shocked to learn that their little girls were trying to find new wardrobes for GI Joe rather than pulling the trigger.

These leftists are just stunningly, stunningly obtuse to me. “How Can We Make Progress On Gender Roles –” Why do you people on the left want to so deny human nature? I have the answer. I think it’s amazing. I know exactly why. Undeniable Truth of Life number 24: Feminism was created so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream. Bingo. That thought earned me lifetime status as a great thinker. And to this day, women, leftists, feminists, and feminazis are still outraged by Undeniable Truth of Life number 24.

But again, this is just half the story. I just have to remind you, this story is women ogling men on the subway, and these leftists are all upset that these women are eyeing rich, attractive, muscular guys who wear suits, by the way. Can you imagine their reaction if they find out what men are looking at on the subway? Can you imagine the shock and the anger that’s gonna accompany that realization? Hee-hee-hee.

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