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RUSH: The junior senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, sent shock waves through the Democrat Party last week, when she said that Bill Clinton should have resigned over his sexual transgressions with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Orifice.

Over the weekend, she told PMSNBC that things were different then. “The tolerance that we had 25 years ago, what was allowed 25 years ago, will not be tolerated today, is not allowed today,” she said.

Ms. Gillibrand, “we” didn’t tolerate it 25 years ago. You and your fellow Democrats in the Drive-By media and the feminazis did.

Now, back when Bill Clinton was playing with cigars and the intern, you liberals raised no objections as the women were trashed who told their stories about what Bill Clinton did to them. You all looked the other way as Hillary ran the “bimbo eruptions” unit to discredit them and destroy them and as the media dutifully carried the Clintons’ water.

You Democrats made every excuse possible for Bill Clinton. You said that his sexual activity was a private matter, that it didn’t affect his job. You all said lying about sex was okay because “everybody does it.” You went along with the smear job on Independent Counsel Ken Starr and turned him into a pervert.

And today, you liberals still put partisanship first. Nothing about that has changed.

It’s a nice try, Ms. Gillibrand, but no cigar — thankfully, for you. The question is: Would you like one… from Bill Clinton?

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