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RUSH: But, boy, the numbers on the NFL ratings are continuing to — do you know what Kaepernick did on Thanksgiving? You didn’t hear about this?

Kaepernick, who the sports media is still hell-bent on having a team hire, Kaepernick went to Alcatraz with the Native Americans to protest the un-Thanksgiving. It’s what’s called the un-Thanksgiving, ’cause the Native Americans once commandeered the place and took it over, you know, after they had closed it as a prison, Native Americans rode out — I don’t know what they did, but they took over Alcatraz.

Anyway they have an annual un-Thanksgiving celebration, and Kaepernick was out there headlining this, and the sports Drive-Bys are still suggesting that an NFL team hire the guy. Anyway, the ratings — I hate saying it. You know, I don’t say this with any pleasure. Don’t misunderstand the tone in my voice. I’m sad about this. The NFL and watching football, I mean, you who have been listening here a long time know how much I loved it. But it’s not possible to love it the same now because of — (interruption) what was that? The Raiders are not gonna — oh, the ratings.

Snerdley is saying the ratings — the reason I can’t understand you is because microphone… You sound like the guy at the drive-in restaurant you can’t understand what the guy in the car’s saying. You say Goodell is the reason the ratings are not gonna come back ’til Goodell is gone. Well, they’re not gonna get rid of Goodell. They’re getting ready to renew him. Four years at $40 million per. That’s the salary number. I don’t know what some of the perks are.

At any rate, I did watch a quarter of the game last night. I watched the fourth quarter. And then I started getting busy with show prep. Yeah, they won, last second field goal, 53 yards, tied a record for the longest field goal in Heinz Field. And they beat the Packers. But they should have creamed the Packers. They were 14 point favored. The Steelers played down to their opponent. They ought to be wiping the board with 5-6 teams but they barely eke out five- and three-point wins over these teams.

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