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RUSH: I was not making this up. This is PJ Media. Megan Fox has the story, and it’s about teachers who have attended recently a new sensitivity training seminar, and I’ve got a screenshot of the program that these teachers were given at the seminar, and it used to just be the acronym was LGBT — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender — and then “WTF?” was added after that to include everybody else. But the WTF, I guess, offended the everybody else. They wanted to be specified. So there is now a new acronym.

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP” is the acronym. Lesbian. Gay. Genderqueer. Bisexual. Demisexual. Transgender. Transexual. Two-Spirit. Intersex. Queer. Questioning. Asexual. Allies. Pansexual. Polyamorous. Those are now all of the sexual victim groups to whom we all must express sensitivity, compassion, and understanding. Our previous caller said he only cares about two genders: Male and female. Well! (snorts) That doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Again, “Lesbian.” We know what that is. “Gay.” We know what that is. “Genderqueer.” That means… Genderqueer means that you’re… (interruption) I don’t know what it means, either. Hell with it. Let me try again. “Bisexual.” We know what that means. “Demisexual.” D-E-M-I. Trans… (interruption) Demisexual? (interruption) Bi? Well, it means you can go three or four ways. Demi is 10… No deci would be 10. Demi… Well, it’s obviously more than bisexual. Let’s see. “Demisexual. They all didn’t print here. Let me just keep going. “Transsexual.” You know what that means. It means you go beyond sex.

“Two-Spirit.” I don’t know what that is. “Intersex.” I think I can figure that out, but I don’t know why it’s specified. “Queer.” We know what that is. “Quest…” Wait, no! “Queer” is separate. “Questioning” means, “I don’t know what my sex is. I’m still questioning it and who I am.” “Asexual” means you don’t care. “Allies” pretty much explains itself. These people are all buddy-buddy. “Pansexual” means you’ll s— anything. “Pansexual,” Pan-American, pan-anything. “Polyamorous.” You know what that is, don’t you? That’s many spouses. So these are all… That’s the new acronym for all of the aggrieved, victimized sexual groups.

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