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RUSH: Frazier Park, California. Marianne, great to have you here. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you. I’m fine. I enjoy speaking to you. It’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Anyway, I just love Trump, and I’m just your normal American citizen. When he comes out with like Pocahontas, we love it. I mean, we understand what he’s saying, why he’s saying it, and it brings a smile on your face when you hear him talk like that, because it’s a certain humor that you have to understand. And we do. And we might be the silent people, but we are behind him 100 percent.

RUSH: And you are not offended by that, right?

CALLER: Oh, I love it. I love it. I even call her that myself, so, you know, we understand what he’s doing.

RUSH: I do too. In fact, I wish he’d use the right word, actually, Fauxcahontas, f-a-u-x-cahontas, f-a-u-x.

CALLER: She’s the one that did something wrong, not him.

RUSH: Exactly! Exactly! She’s the phony. Harvard, all of these law schools willing to accept one thirty-second Cherokee as evidence that they’re not hiring white people. But I tell you, this is interesting too, that the media gets all offended and they think everybody is. And then they cover the story as though everybody’s offended, that Trump is alone on this once again, isolated in humiliation and embarrassment. And they miss the boat on this with every such instance. I’m glad you called. I appreciate it, Marianne.

Joel in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I’m very excited about it.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that I just thanked my dad by getting him a subscription to Rush 24/7.

RUSH: Oh, wow.

CALLER: Yeah, as a thanks to him for raising me on you, so it’s again an honor. I just actually am calling today about representative Gutierrez’s retirement story and a skeptic I am, I thought about why he’s retiring now. And I think the reason why is because the Democrat Party, the liberals, being the schemers that they are and the planners that they are, they’re going to try have the people retire in Congress in the Senate that have been part of the settlements for sexual harassment. And he’s up for reelection in a year, and there’s no reason for him to retire. He’s an Illinois politician —

RUSH: You may have a point. Let me give you the factual details here. Luis Gutierrez is a Democrat congressman from Illinois, and he’s a firebrand, and he hates Trump. He’s one of the biggest pro-illegal immigration advocates in all of the U.S. Congress and has been for a long time. There is no reason for this guy to be resigning Congress when they all think they’re on the verge of retaking the House in 2018, because Luis Gutierrez would find himself elevated into a senior leadership position because he checks off all the boxes that you have to check off on the Democrat card that makes you an approved commodity.

He is for as much illegal immigration. He is for Colin Kaepernick and all these NFL protests. He is for every stinking left-wing haywire liberal idea there is times two. And he’s very vocal about it. He’s very public about it. And, as such, he is at the top of the list of loyal and prominent Democrats in the media articulating the liberal Democrat position. And out of the blue, Luis Gutierrez, it says here in The Politico, “a leading national voice on immigration reform.” Ha! There’s no reform in his idea. He just wants the borders open for anybody from anywhere to come into this country and then register as Democrat.

Luis Gutierrez will not seek reelection. He is expected to announce his decision today, according to three Democrat sources with knowledge of the decision. All of this reported in The Politico. Gutierrez is expected to announce that he’s withdrawing his nominating petitions today. Now, he only filed his paperwork for reelection on Monday. So he files paperwork for reelection, ’cause there’s a time limit, and then changes his mind.

“The sources say that former Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus Garcia will begin circulating petitions for Gutierrez’s post. Gutierrez’s spokesman, Douglas Rivlin, said he couldn’t comment. ‘I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything,’ he said late yesterday. The news will create a frenzy for a seat Gutierrez has held since 1993.”

So why? I mean, for us this is excellent news. But his reason for dropping out isn’t mentioned anywhere. Not in this article, not in any other article. Now, you have to think, you have to think that sexual harassment is taking another scalp. Wait. Maybe I want to rephrase that. See, that could be racist, couldn’t it? That could be insensitive, couldn’t it? Gee, did I intend to say that or not?

Trail of Lumps had nothing to do with the Indians. Trail of Lumps had everything to do with the feelings of the guys who struck out there on Friday night. It had nothing to do with the Indians. You’re just gonna keep hammering this Trail of Lumps thing, aren’t you? Well, anyway, you know why it’s hysterical? ‘Cause it’s true. It’s exactly what we called it.

At any rate, so Luis Gutierrez leaving when all these Democrats think they’re on the verge of retaking the House one year from now. Why quit? Why quit? With no reason given. So it’s logical to assume that there might be a sexual harassment or abuse story percolating out there that might reach the surface, and if it did, it might be almost impossible to deal with.

With Al Franken hanging on, with John Conyers hanging on, with Pelosi walking the plank to keep Conyers hanging on, with the Democrats doing everything they can to keep that oddball, Al Franken, in the Senate. Whatever is bubbling up here with Luis Gutierrez, it must be of sufficient danger that there wouldn’t be anybody risking sticking their neck out to keep him in the Senate, or in the House, rather. Now, it could be something totally unrelated, but no reason given, you would naturally gravitate to this since there is so much of this on the Democrat side.

You know, I asked you to think about this on Wednesday of last week. Really, stop and think about this for a second. You know, we’re talking about it in the abstract here — sexual harassment, groping — as it applies to Franken. They’re trying to tell us whatever. But stop and think about this. This is really the essence of bullying. It is the active use of power by liberal men over women they consider nothing more than objects. They bully them, they frighten them, and they intimidate them in addition to whatever physical abuse occurs.

It happens in the place of employment. It happens where employment and income are at stake. Now, who’s doing this? Why, by what we’ve been led to believe are the most sensitive, modern men in America today: American, male liberals. They’re feminists. They respect women. They’re all pro-choice. They love Planned Parenthood. They love abortion more than the women themselves do. As we’ve been told, they are the epitome of what women want in men today — and who are they really?

Well, they’re not who they say they are. They’re not princes. They’re not sensitive. They’re not caring. They’re not feeling. They’re not well intentioned. They’re nothing but a bunch of bullies and brutes who happen to physically act out all those characteristics on women who are powerless. This is taking place inside the political party which claims to have the epitome of proper behavior between men and women as part of its bylaws, as part of its very existence — and that the real anti-women barbarians are where? Why, they’re in the Republican Party and the conservative movement!

“Yeah! That’s where the real brutes are. That’s where the guys who don’t respect women are. That’s where the guys who have no respect for women’s issues and women’s rights and women’s bodies are. That’s where they are.” No, they’re not. They are at home and running Hollywood. They are at home and running the Democrat Party. They are at home and prominent in the Drive-By Media. Stop and think who they are. Do not think about this in the abstract but in reality: What these guys are doing.

So Gutierrez is announcing his intention not to seek the next seat, and there’s another. “Raul Grijalva’s Secret Deal Exposes Second ‘Hush Fund’ on Capitol Hill — Rep. Raul M. Grijalva quietly arranged a ‘severance package’ in 2015 for one of his top staffers who threatened a lawsuit claiming the Arizona Democrat was frequently drunk and created a hostile workplace environment, revealing yet another way that lawmakers can use taxpayer dollars to hide their misbehavior on Capitol Hill.

“[T]he Grijalva payout points to another office that lawmakers can use to sweep accusations under the rug with taxpayer-funded settlements negotiated by the House Employment Counsel, which acts as the attorney for all House offices.” Did you know that? Yeah. They even have their own in-house lawyers that they don’t have to hire. “The employment counsel negotiated a deal for taxpayers to give $48,395 … to the female aide [of Raul Grijalva], who left her job after three months. She didn’t pursue the hostile workplace complaint further.”

That sum, $48,395, was five additional months’ salary. So that’s basically half a year’s worth of work. They gave her five months’ severance. She went away; didn’t say a word. That’s Raul Grijalva’s secret deal. Now, folks, this is the House banking scandal times 10. That was easy to understand. That was where guys could just walk down to the House bank and write a check for $10,000 and get cash. They could write a check for $10,000 to their account whether they had the money or not and were given the cash. It’s one of the reasons the Republicans won the place in the 1994 elections.

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