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RUSH: Dana in Dublin, Ohio. How are you doing, sir? I have about a minute and a half here but I wanted to get to you.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. An honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: My question’s on this tax bill that’s working its way through Congress. Looks like it’s gonna get to the president and be signed. At least I hope so. Do you think it will really boost the economy to the extent they’re forecasting, and will the corporations bring back a lot of this money to help create a lot of new, high-paying jobs?

RUSH: I think it will stimulate economic growth, but not nearly as much as it could. I do think the corporate rate reduction — and there’s some malcontents trying to keep it at 22% instead of 20%. But if it happens like it’s planned, it’ll be an overall net positive. The thing that is gonna hold it back is no marginal rate reductions for the top 5%: The people that hire, the people who invest. There’s no reason to leave them out, other than for class envy politics. They’re being left out. In fact, their taxes may even go up. Don’t believe people who tell you the rich are getting a break. That’s just the way the left is talking about the corporate tax rate reduction, which is good, but it could be so much better in terms of economic growth.

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