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RUSH:  Well, it may be sunny, but it is 60 degrees here, and I’m telling you, for us… (laughing) I shouldn’t even mention it, not with people sitting there a minus-zero wind chill.  It’s cold to us.  It’s relative.  It is very cold to us.  I mean, there are people that are gonna laugh. Like tomorrow the weather forecast here has a high of 64, which will happen about two or three in the afternoon, but the wind is gonna be out of the north-northwest at about 15 to 20.  It’s gonna make it feel like 55 or less.

There will be guys who will not play golf ’cause it’s too cold.  Now, at the AT&T Pro-Am every year you tee off every day when it’s 38, and it warms up to 65, and that’s in Northern California.  When that happens, it feels hot.  Sixty-five here? I’m telling you, folks: To us who are never in winter anymore, 65 feels like 25 or 30.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I went to Missouri for Christmas. (laughing) I said, “I can’t believe I ever lived eight years in New York.” It’s amazing how you adapt to different circumstances.

Have you heard Algore says that all of this freezing cold is because of the warming?  It would be a mistake to say that Algore is stupid because he really believes that.  He thinks he can make his acolytes believe it.  He doesn’t really believe it.  See, that’s the difference.  Gore doesn’t believe half of the stuff that he’s saying.  But he knows that his acolytes do.  I mean, you know, every one of these global warming clowns are actually saying that this cold that we’re experiencing is because of climate change.

Even though every other day climate change affects won’t be known for 30 years, 40 years.  I mean, that’s a key part of it, that it’s gonna happen way down the road.  We can’t afford to wait to find out if we’re wrong.  We’ve got to assume we’re right.  Okay, so here you got a massive cold front, which they know blows holes through every theory they’ve got of global warming, so they have to say something.  And they have to say, “Well, yeah, this is exactly it! Climate change is causing this.”

Climate change causes everything in weather now that’s “extreme.” Do you know what I heard earlier today?  Yeah, some tech blogger was making fun of people who are using this massive cold wave to disprove climate change.  You know why?  Somebody said to him, “Where do you think this cold air comes from?”  He said, “The North Pole,” and that’s exactly right.  The cold air has left the North Pole because of climate change and has moved way too far south.  We’re now getting polar air because of climate change.

He really wanted people to believe that this cold air has left the North Pole and that this is why the ice in the North Pole is melting.  So I just checked the temperature at the North Pole, and it’s zero.  It’s actually minus zero.  We have an EIB thermometer up there (it’s called Siri) and I checked it.  But the idea that the polar ice caps are melting right now because the cold air that’s normally up there has left and moved south ’cause of the jet stream, they literally say this.  And they say Trump is stupid.

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