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RUSH: There’s a link up here at Drudge. I didn’t get a chance to print it out. Remind me to read this to you.  “Senators want criminal investigation of Trump dossier author…” “First known referral in congressional probes…” This is Christopher Steele who was bought and paid for by Fusion GPS, which was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign.  Christopher Steele is who wrote the now famous Trump dossier, which nobody’s been able to confirm anything, and the Republicans are now going pedal-to-the-metal against all of this.

I told you like yesterday, most of last year the Republicans really believed there was something to this, and they thought Trump wasn’t gonna survive, and that’s why many of them were positioning themselves as not supportive of Trump, ’cause they really thought there was something to this.  I mean, they believe the media.  We’re talking about inside-the-Beltway Republicans.  They believed it, like most everybody else did.  They believe their deep state.  They believe their bureaucracies.  That’s where they live and work.

They believe the government. So if the government says there are deep state sources that Trump colluded with the Russians? Well, they couldn’t take the chance that it was bogus.  But it’s always been bogus, and now that whole thing is beginning to unravel.  So now they’re changing the entire focus away from the dossier to this guy Papadopoulos, who was a volunteer in the Trump campaign.  He never met Trump or maybe one time in a peripheral way.  Anyway, Devin Nunes is gonna get to the bottom.

Fusion GPS has being forced by a judge. The transcripts of their testimony have been now force released.  They will be.  This whole thing is about to implode on the entire collusion community, which is why they are now transferring away from the dossier and to this Papadopoulos guy and which is why after that they’re gonna go to obstruction.  They’re gonna try to get Trump on obstructing all of this.  Folks, they literally have nothing, and they have never had anything.  All of this, as I have been maintaining for a year, has been made up.

It has been made up in the midst of panic and an inability to accept what happened to them in a duly constituted election.  These people are in a fit.  They’re projecting all of the childlike immaturity they’re experiencing onto Donald Trump.

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