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RUSH: On January 1st, California enacted the so-called California Values Act. It’s now illegal for California state government employees to fully cooperate with federal immigration agents. There are limits on where federal agents can go while enforcing federal law. If they’re attempting to detain illegal immigrants, federal agents are not allowed in California schools, churches, hospitals, or courthouses.

Last week, California also declared itself above national drug laws by legalizing recreational pot in the state.

California Democrats are also trying to circumvent the new federal tax reform law, which no longer allows deductions for state and local taxes over $10,000. A proposal by state senate leader would let rich Californians pay state and local taxes as  “charitable contributions,” which makes them fully deductible.

In other words, Democrats want to make federal tax evasion legal i California, and it’s all being greeted with glee and admiration by liberals. They view California Democrats as leading “the resistance” against Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of arrogant, brazen lawlessness from the Democrat Party. Decades ago, Democrat segregationists also declared they were above federal law. Eventually, they lost; the rule of law prevailed.

Did California Democrats clear all of this with Oprah?

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