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RUSH: I want to start on the phones in Highland Park, New Jersey, with Levi. Great to have you. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Just to your point yesterday in terms of what Trump did with that meeting, I think there’s a pattern over here. What Trump does is, you know, in public, in front of the TV, he says one thing, “Yeah, I’m fine with whatever you send me.” And then he goes to Twitter feed, and he says, “No deal without the wall.” Now, he’s not just throwing red meat to his supporters. He’s actually confusing the opposition. That’s precisely what he’s doing.

Every great negotiator knows that if you have two voices, the opposition doesn’t really know what he’s doing. And it’s just to confuse the opposition, and the left won’t realize that. But it’s clear what he’s doing. This Twitter feed is a phenomenal weapon that Trump has to confuse the opposition. I think that’s more what he’s using it for than just to throw red meat to his supporters.

RUSH: I think that’s exactly right, and I think there’s something else that happened. By the way, can we all agree now, we’re two days removed, can we agree that I was right? Can we agree that that whole thing had nothing to do with immigration now? I mean, you’ve seen what Trump’s tweeted, as the caller points out, you’ve seen what members of Congress, the Democrats are saying. They know they didn’t get a deal and they know they didn’t get an agreement from Trump for a clean DACA bill. They know that. That thing was exactly what I said it was.

But there’s something else that happened in that besides Trump saying nothing or one thing or three things and then tweeting the opposite. He got those Democrats in that room on the record, if they want to use it, in future TV ads or negotiation. He got Steny and he got Durbin and he got DiFi and a bunch of other Democrats agreeing with the concept of border security. They don’t want any part of border security in any final deal. They will give it lip service, and they will say that they of course support border security. But Trump got them to commit to it.

Now, you could say, “Well, that doesn’t matter, Rush, because nobody’s gonna be able to hold Trump so what he said.” That’s the point, Trump didn’t say anything, and yet there are all kinds of people that thought Trump was ready to sell ’em out. CNN’s still running that story, by the way. I just saw it. CNN is still running the story: Conservatives holding on tight, very, very worried Trump’s getting ready to sell them out on Iran and immigration. And that meeting was for nothing more than what I said.

And, by the way, it was to refute the Wolff book. And now, you know, the number of, quote, unquote, journalists in the, quote, unquote, journalism community abandoning Wolff, that number keeps growing. This guy is really being hammered. (interruption) Too late for what? But now they’re doing stories that Wolff is lying, that he hasn’t sold a million, that it’s not possible for Wolff to have sold a million.

There’s a company called BookScan that actually monitors sales and they found the biggest day so far for that book’s been 29,000. The biggest day. There haven’t been enough days here for that book to sell a million. They’re guessing 250,000 e-version, Kindle, iBooks, that kind of thing. But the point is, his buddies in the media are the ones throwing shade at them.

Look, he’s a tabloid gossip reporter from the get-go. And I’ll tell you, Meghan McCain on The View yesterday — he was over there on that show, and he’s going through his rigmarole of how he did and what he did and why and come up with some stupid answer to some claim, and she looked at him, she said, “You are why people hate journalists.” And it stopped the show. John McCain’s daughter. “You are why people hate journalists.”

Now, you may say the book’s out there and the damage is done, but who is it damaging? It may be damaging Trump with some people, but, frankly, I’m not in the camp that think this is damaging Trump, as time goes on. But this is damaging journalism. The greatest, biggest, most exciting, biggest selling example of journalism is basically a pack of lies, and the journalist community is very aware of this.

Now, when Dan Rather did it, they called a meeting and they decided to have an awards dinner and create a new award to give to Dan Rather to save him in the business. But they’re not gonna create an award and circle the wagons to save Wolff. If they have to to save, quote, unquote, journalism, they’ll throw Wolff overboard. But this is damaging journalism to boot. And Meghan McCain, “You are why people hate journalists.” I mean, even that gigantic mouth known as Joy Behar had nothing but gurgling, choking sounds after that.

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